Wynnestri von Eivantol

Primary Wynnestri von Eivantol

Name: Wynnestri von Eivantol

Age: 15

Birthday: June 4

Gender: He/Him

Species: God

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: 10th

Appearance Description: Wynnestri stands at 5’8, with a lean frame but very firm muscle tone. His hair is a deep crimson and is almost always tied into a very tight braid. His eyes are a deep green and seem to twinkle with excitement at the prospect of a new opportunity to do something. His body is covered in various scars, both large and smile and each carries a story that he seems also proud of.

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Art by Pomekun on ArtistsNClients

When in his God Trance, Wynnestri seems to have a faint ethereal off-white glow surrounding his body. Streaks of his hair glow with golden energy and his eyes spark with very concentrated magic that almost seems to crackle with each passing moment.

Personality Description: Wynnestri (or Wynne, as he prefers) is an excitable doofus. Some might see an easily distracted teenager who can’t seem to settle down, which would be a correct assessment on the surface. Despite his overeagerness, he is very quick to pick up most concepts and is a studious student when he needs to be. Of course, he’s just as quick to ignore them for something else entirely but that doesn’t stop his antics. He’s just a fifteen year old who wants to experience life and take on new challenges.

However, despite his carefree nature, Wynne is also very based in faith of a higher power. Despite being the result of a union with a god, he will often go to pray at the rising and setting of the sun to give thanks to any and all deities for their work over their respective pantheons. He finds that the gods’ jobs are important and expects that in time, even he will have to take on the role and do his job with diligence regardless of the fact that he is only a demigod.

However, a very particular sore spot with Wynnestri is the topic of his mother. He idolized his mom as a hero who sacrificed herself to save the world but always believed she would come back home. That she was undefeatable in every way. But then she didn’t. Wynne believes that she is still alive somewhere and is going to do everything in his power to track her down. But any negative comments or critiques about his lineage will easily spark a fire in the godling and he will unashamedly throw a punch to defend her honor.

Active Abilities:

Dance of Divine Judgement: As the inheritor of the aspect of divine judgement, Wynnestri is able to channel this power to greatly increase his physical and magical abilities. However, to utilize the full power of these abilities, Wynne must ascend into a mental trance state of sorts to invoke the power. Often this is done through a ‘dance’ of sorts, involving various stances to bring the power out in a way that causes minimum damage to the body. Wynnestri can also use a quick incantation to bring forth the power much faster, but it is far more taxing on the body. He can maintain the form for about five minutes if he does the dance, but if he uses the incantation, it only lasts about a minute. Going over the limit starts to damage the body, and if he forces it, it can cause serious health concerns.

Judgement - Ye Not Guilty: Wynne is able to manifest a rejuvenating energy to someone he can touch. The energy is divine in nature, but not holy magic. Anyone Wynne touches with this will slowly but surely begin to rejuvenate and regenerate their health and stamina. Minor wounds will begin to heal and minor exhaustion will fade away. If Wynne is channelling the Dance, this power increases dramatically, and he is able to heal moderate wounds (at most a single broken bone) and moderate levels of exhaustion disappear into nothing. If not in the trance, Wynne can use this ability quite a few times a day depending on how much he channels into the wound. While in the trance, Wynne can only do the major heal twice before becoming exhausted physically.

Judgement - Ye Guilty: The inverse to Ye Not Guilty, Wynne is able to channel divine energy into offensive magic to smite “those who would do evil”. This offensive magic is malleable in nature and Wynne is able to use it in multiple ways. Oftentimes, it is channeled as a layer around his hands or feet (or a weapon of some kind) to deal damage or shot as an energy attack for distance attacks. When under the trance, these powers become significantly stronger and much more destructive. Wynne can damage or even destroy a wall while under the trance but can only release a few blasts of energy before it damages his body. If channeling it into a limb or weapon, it can be maintained for about a minute before fatigue sets in. If not in the trance, the effects are much weaker but Wynne is able to use it significantly more. This ability also does extra damage to divine beings (gods, demigods, celestial/infernal beings, etc .)

Hammerspace Ring: A parting gift from his mother, Wynne wears a thick silver ring on his right middle finger that carries a thinner blue-green gem lining the middle. When activated, the ring allows Wynnestri access to a pocket dimension where items can be stored and removed as needed. However, there are limitations to how much can be held within. The dimension within can hold up to 800 cubic feet (or about a 10 ft x 10 ft storage space). In order to store an item within, Wynne must be able to physically touch the object in question, and the object cannot be larger than three feet by three feet in size as the portal will not open wide enough.

Wardrobe Ring: Another trinket, Wynne wears this gold band on his right pinky finger. It allows him to quickly change into a different attire at the tap of a finger. Mainly designed for quick-changing into combat appropriate armor during a surprise encounter, Wynne still carries it as a habit but has very little use for it on Manta Carlos. Currently in the ring is his combat training gear.

Passive Abilities:

Mana Battery: Wynnestri has a ridiculous amount of magical energy, even for a demi-god. He is unaware of exactly how much energy he contains, but he is aware that it is part of the reason he cannot fully control his power.

Demi-god Physicality: Wynnestri is much more powerful physically than the average human, being five times as strong, fast, and durable. When in the trance, this multiplies up to twenty times.

Ascended Mortality: Due to his intense training (and unbeknownst to him, his heritage), Wynne needs very little sleep or food to survive. He can rest for two hours and it would be enough to suffice as eight hours of sleep. Wynne also needs very little to eat, finding that he can sustain himself on bread and water for months.

Blessing of the God of Entertainment: As a blessing given during his birth, Wynne was granted a unique ability from the God of Entertainment known as Reverie. He is able to pick up and understand just about any instrument and play it successfully as an experienced player might. Instruments closer to ones from his dimension are easily understood while ones that might be extremely different (such as one from an alien planet or requiring complex movements to play) take longer.

Invocation: Now that Wynnestri has a shrine on the island, he can appear to those who pray to him. If someone prays at his shrine, he is able to appear there to converse and interact with them however is needed. However, if someone invokes his god name (which he is very protective of), Wynne can teleport directly to them.


Belief: Wynne's powers are based in his faith that what he's doing is right in the aspect of divine judgment. Those who are kind and do good are blessed while those who commit evil are punished. Especially those who are deities and step out of line. If convinced (or tricked) that he is wrong, Wynne's powers can become ineffective to the point of complete uselessness.

Bound by Prayer: If someone invokes Wynnestri in a prayer to assist them, it creates a compelling urge to investigate the prayer. This urge amplifies drastically when invoked when more people have the same prayer or when the prayer involves specific judgement against another deity. The stronger the urge, the more likely Wynne is to comply to the point it can physically and emotionally ravage him if he doesn’t at least assess the cause of the prayer.

Biography: Wynnestri was a child born in a time of strife and challenges. His mother, a powerful witch and innovator of magic, fell in love with a powerful yet dying god whose necessity in the world was becoming more and more needed. In hopes of keeping the god alive through an ancient ritual, Wynnestri was conceived. Sadly, the God of Judgment, Falnavi, would not survive long after. Wynne’s mother would receive the power of the god to carry on his duties, but the power would eventually fade and disappear from her entirely when the young boy was born. His mother would continue her magical works despite not having god powers and Wynne would grow up a mostly normal child in a time of constant monster attacks

Then, his mother sacrificed herself to save the kingdoms, leaving Wynne alone at the age of five. He had his first brush with his magical abilities in the ensuing meltdown, ravaging his body to where he had to take weeks to recover fully. So, his training started early in order to help him focus his power and magical strength into something manageable. When he turned fifteen, Wynne began his research. He believed his mother didn’t die and was out there somewhere. So, taking one of the spellbooks from one of the more powerful wizard tutors he had, Wynne attempted to summon his mother back from wherever she was lost.

Being inexperienced in summoning magic, however, led Wynnestri to vanish through a portal and arrive on the planet. He was quickly swept away by the Scouts and taken to the island. He was less than thrilled at being taken away suddenly and lashed out in anger at his supposed abduction. He earned himself time on the islets in order to understand the current world and the importance of magic’s secrecy. He would eventually calm himself to the point of ‘graduation’ before settling into the dorms properly.

Resources: Wynnestri is currently living in the dorms and receives a small stipend from the school. He’s eager to work to “pay off the kindness given” by the school but due to his age, is unable to currently hold a job.

Additional Information:

-Wynne tries to be social but tends to wallflower quickly. He believes it is best to be aware of social events but not be directly involved due to the nature of his power and position he would eventually take on when he reached adulthood.

-He likes his powers but is afraid of them due to the damage they can cause him physically.
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