Vivian Renault

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Vivian Renault
Formerly "Heath" or "Heathcliff"
AMAB / nonbinary | Human
15 | Born Feb 19, 2006
  • 5 ft, 4 inches tall
  • Light blonde hair, fairly long for a boy
  • blue eyes, usually with dark circles under them
  • Fairly scrawny
  • Lots of scars on her chest from all the surgeries
  • Typically wears dark and/or baggy clothing

  • Frequently jokes around, sometimes insensitively, which they can get defensive about
  • Often lacks the emotional energy to properly take care of themself
  • Contrarian
  • Craves affection, but pushes people away or blows them off
  • Remarkably considerate at times

Active Abilities
Telepathy They can open a telepathic link with another person in the same room. This allows the two to send thoughts to each other, as long as they don't get too far away (somewhere between a quarter mile and a half mile). Either person can, through force of will, shut this link down at any time. They can have about five telepathic links open at a given time.

They can also speak telepathically, without forming any kind of link, to every mind within a certain distance. The distance depends on how 'loudly' they're thinking at everyone. Heathcliff can make their telepathic 'voice' sound however they want.

This ability, as with all of Heathcliff's telepathic or mind-reading abilities, do not work on most types of artificial intelligences.
Mind Reading By focusing on someone, they can listen in on someone's internal monologue or see what that person is dreaming or daydreaming. Doing this effectively tunes out their awareness of almost anything except for the person whose mind they're reading. They generally have to be in the same room as their target for this to work.
Psychic Scream They can emit telepathic screams capable of causing severe discomfort, unconsciousness, and memory blackouts - more or less in that order. Screams can vary in intensity, with stronger screams causing more severe effects faster. Typically, people have varying amounts of susceptibility to these screams, which can change almost from minute to minute, seemingly at random.

They can aim these screams in a given general direction, but this is very imprecise. They are likely to hit unintended targets.

People who remember experiencing these screams report full-body aches, and an unbearable screaming sound that seems to come from within their own mind.

Passive Abilities
Detect Minds Vivian can sense how many other minds are near them at a given time, and can get a general sense of each one's mental or emotional state at a glance.
Telepathic Eavesdropping Vivian sometimes hears, sees, or pick sup on stray thoughts from other people without trying to. This happens most often with surprised, intense, or otherwise "loud" thoughts or daydreams.

Vivian was born with a terrible problem: their parents had decided to name their baby boy Heathcliff. What an awful name - they could riff and complain about it for hours before telling you about their congenital heart defect that nearly killed them a few times. This was in the midwestern United States, so their parents have also been saddled with a lot of medical debt - heart surgeries and cardiologist visits can get expensive, and they didn't have insurance at the time.

Aside from that, and a bit of privately questioning their gender identity, their life has been pretty typical until early 2020. Every unhappy family is unhappy in their own unique ways, but it didn't become all that interesting until Heathcliff started being able to read minds. This came at a time when Heathcliff, and almost everyone they knew, had to spend most of their time at home. Their newfound mind-reading helped to avoid friction with their family sometimes, but on occasion it could cause friction or start arguments.

One day, Heathcliff was having a panic attack. They locked themself in their room and screamed into a pillow. Unknown to Heathcliff, they were also emitting telepathic screams that were affecting people all over their neighborhood. They only realized something was wrong when they found the rest of their family doubled over and unconscious throughout the house.

That incident put Heathcliff on the scouts' radar. Not long after, Heathcliff packed their bags and moved to Manta Carlos.

It was on the island that they took on the name Vivian and began taking HRT, entirely behind their parents' backs.

Lives at the school and receives a stipend. Gets periodic gifts, care packages, and a small supplemental allowance from the family. Has a few nice things from home.

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19 February 2006
They aren't sure anymore??? AMAB
She/her/hers OR They/them/theirs
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