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Name: Vivace Adagio
Age: 32, Appears 20ish
Birthday: February 23
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn/Nightmare
Category: Citizen
Career: Bartender/Former Pastor

Appearance Description:

Made with Artbreeder (Artist: Joel Simon)

At 5'4", Vivace's human form is shorter than average, but he makes up for it with a lean, slender build and good posture. He generally seems relaxed and confident with his body. His eyes, though usually deep blue, occasionally flash silver, especially when he's amused or excited. He has curly, medium-length, nearly black hair, high cheekbones, and fair skin. His blood is like liquid silver in either form, though he still blushes red.

Viv dresses simply, preferring to wear all black, usually buttoned shirts and jeans. During the day he'll always be wearing sunglasses, even indoors, and often at night as well. He has a natural grace, especially when walking - he's the kind of person who saunters and manages to look elegant even when sprawled across a bench. Wears an aura warning bracelet for his unicorn and corrupt him auras.


The Virgin with the Unicorn by Domenichino, Public Domain, edited by me

Vivace's unicorn form appears to have been made from a liquid pale gray paint that swirls when he walks. This form also seems somewhat out of focus even when looking straight at it, and will often flicker or appear to melt when seen from the corner of the eye. If the discorn were an actual horse he would be on the taller side of average for a medium-sized breed of horse, standing at 15 hands (5' at the withers). He weighs approximately 1/4 of the expected weight for a horse his size (266 lbs). Even as a unicorn he will wear sunglasses. Viv's voice as a unicorn takes on a melodic quality and his laughter sounds like chimes.

Personality Description:
Vivace has a devious, adaptable, chameleon-like personality and prefers to be subtle and indirect. He handles other people and tasks with delicacy and a light-touch, patiently, carefully experimenting to find which of their buttons to press, preferably accomplishing this without leaving a trace. The discorn spends a lot of time in fantasy - a dreamer, an artist, with a streak of curiousity and a creative imagination.

Once Viv sets a personal goal, he will follow through, launching himself at challenges whole-heartedly. Yet with people, he is fickle and easily bored. Tends to jump into activities and adventures and new things without hesitation, but will be observant of others, tread carefully, and research as much as possible once he has made up in his mind to do something.

The man is casually, platonically seductive. He does not resist temptation and tends to encourage others not to either. Voyeuristic - enjoys watching from the sidelines - Likes being an observer of chaos and noise and corruption while apart from it. Especially if he knows he's helped cause whatever he sees. About the only time he'll jump in and participate is when there's dancing and music involved. He loves music, anything upbeat, genre doesn't matter. Vivace dances wildly and exuberantly and unashamedly, often forgetting other people are there.

The discorn has a bit of an oral fixation. He really enjoys kissing anyone and everyone who wants to kiss him but not much more than that. He has a terrible sweet tooth, likes lollipops and is the kind of person who chews on pens.

Active Abilities:
Human Shape - Can shift between human and unicorn form at will. During the day, can only maintain human form for 2 hours at a time with a half hour rest in between. His human form may seem to flicker if seen from the corner of the eye, especially during the day.

Unicorn Horn -
Numbs pain when touched to an injury. Numbing effect lasts for as long as wound is touched minus the amount of time it takes to reach full strength. Minor injuries need only a couple minutes. Life threatening injuries need a couple hours. Does not heal.
- When placed in a container of non-magical liquid renders it within a minute into purified water containing a sedative similar in effect to nitrous oxide (sedated, stuporous and dreamy, analgesic effect). The sedative only lasts for 30 minutes before it just becomes water. The effects of the sedative last about 15 minutes when drunk (and only when drunk) and are not physically addictive. Can only affect up to 4 cups of liquid at a time, more than that would have no effect.

Bringing Nightmares to Life - At night, can generate small auditory and/or visual illusions that can only be seen/heard within 10' of him. Can spare enough concentration to keep up a conversation. Can keep up indefinitely, until he loses concentration, moves, or voluntarily ends it. The illusion's total area can not be more than a one-foot sphere but can be split into multiple smaller illusions within the area of effect. Seeing/hearing the illusions causes a scaling fear effect only while they're being seen/heard - People that are not naturally afraid of the illusions will simply feel very mild disgust, people who are afraid would be terrified.

Passive Abilities:
That's a Unicorn - To holy beings/virgins he mentally glows like a beacon and they are always aware of his presence in the room and vice versa. Within 5' of him, both him and them would feel calmer and content, quietly happy.

Corrupt Him - Within 5' people have the urge to expose him to their less socially acceptable side.

Poetry in Motion - He moves with fluid grace. Could dodge a bullet and look good doing it.

Dream Vision - Sees flickers of images, even with eyes closed, around certain peoples' heads, their hopes and fears. The pictures are highly symbolic and generally too quick to interpret, becoming clearer with more time spent with that person. Can see even around invisible people, but only works with people who have the capacity to dream.

Dark Vision - Does not need light to see.

Immortal - Unaffected by age or illness. Will live until killed.

Dream Navigator - Has an innate ability to navigate the wilds of the Dream Worlds attached to the Subliminal. Can look at chaos and eldritch beings without losing his mind.

Horn Removal - If his horn is removed, strength and speed is halved, and more than 5 minutes exposure to direct sunlight will cause him to lose chunks of flesh.

Taming a Unicorn - Making skin contact with a virgin/holy being renders him completely docile, unable to attack or defend himself as long as they are touching.

The Wrong Map - In Reality his navigation sense works against him, making him a bit of a klutz, tripping over things that aren't there and running into things that are.

Dream Creature - The real world is out of focus for him. His sight and hearing are distorted at times, as if he is in a waking dream.

Emotional Chaos - Intensely affected by emotion manipulating magic, no resistance, and any generated emotions are doubled. There is a 50/50 chance the emotion produced will be opposite what's intended (ex: calm to anger, fear to attraction).

Light Sensitivity - Sunlight gives him headaches. Sudden bright lights leave him dazed for a few minutes.

The Subliminal is a sealed off dimension/domain of perpetual twilight beyond the edge of a Dream Realm. The only way into and out of the Subliminal is through a Dream-gate. Vivace's mother was a nightmare from the Subliminal who became fascinated by a unicorn and decided to seduce him by taking on the form of an actual night mare. The discorn appeared magically fully adult, but still needing to be taught like a child.

He was immediately whisked by his mother into the Subliminal and its wilds where he stayed and was raised/taught by her for 25 years, never once stepping out into Reality or meeting his father, only learning about people through their dreams.

After these 25 years, Viv was shown how to leave the Subliminal, somewhere in the US, and taught to blend in and mingle with humans from time to time by another nightmare creature who spent time among them.

With help from that creature and liberal use of the internet, Vivace earned his Bachelor's degree in theology while working parttime as a barback. After earning his degree, he was able to find a job as a nondenominational pastor in the inner city. Becoming a bartender as a second job.

From his nightmare teacher, he learned about Manta Carlos and was intrigued. Feeling it was time to move on before his lack of aging was noticed, Viv traveled there, getting another bartender job. Though he hopes to return to his career as a pastor on the island. Not because he's a believer, he just finds it entertaining.

Resources: Working as bartender. Living in a small apartment with a roommate. Bit of money saved up from previous jobs.

Additional Information:
Aura Warning Bracelet - While not actually magical, Manta Carlos distributes customized bracelets for those with auras. Depending on the shape and color, people can tell at a glance the approximate range and nature of the aura of the wearer.

The Subliminal used with permission from @Etlaayz

Viv calls himself a discorn because it's easier than saying his full species all the time, but he thinks it gets the point across.
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32, Appears 20ish
February 23rd
Bartender/Former Pastor
Image Credits
Human Form - Made with Artbreeder (Artist: Joel Simon), Unicorn Form - The Virgin with the Unicorn by Domenichino, Public Domain, edited by me

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