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Vito is a tall, broad, and heavily muscled man. Despite his history as an academic, an excess of free time has given him plenty of time and energy to pursue his own physical fitness, both for practical and vanity reasons. Standing at 6'1", Vito has short, messy blue-grey hair and bright blue eyes. Vito is Gallic, and while physically healthy has a fair number of scars, mostly on his arms and shoulders. He has two large black tattoos on each of his forearms, which glow and change color when he uses his magic.

Depending on how formal he wants to be, his attire changes quite a bit. More casually he has a lip piercing and enjoys lose fitting clothes. When trying to be serious, he opts to dress more finely, forgo the piercing, and opt to wear the reading glasses he probably should be wearing all the time.


Many people could be considered a product of their time, but Vince is instead a product of his world. He's used to seeing the big picture, thinking about things on a grand scale. He isn't really used to dealing with the minutia of daily life, or to giving it much thought. He was raised (but not born) with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he's used to a level of privilege that his life on Manta Carlos no longer affords him.

Adjusting to day to day life is a serious challenge, but thankfully one he's prepared to meet. Vito is a very driven and dedicated man, and one with a vast pool of knowledge he can freely pull from. Even if he isn't used to things as mundane as buying his own groceries, it's not like he's ill prepared to figure out how it all works.

While Vito tends to be friendly (as most people are), he can be unintentionally condescending by virtue of living on an island surrounded by people he'd have considered underprivileged second class citizens in his home world. He's very entrenched in his world's culture, and is very much of the opinion that it's the correct way of living.


Familiars: The Savoia are perhaps most well known for their familiars. In order to better help children identify, control, and integrate their different magical knowledge, Savoia children are taught to create familiars and associate each one with a past life. In simple terms, Vito manifests a small intangible creature either on his body or within immediate reach of him each time he uses the magic of his past lives. These don't provide any real benefit, but help him mentally keep things in order. Similarly, the tattoos on his forearms shift color and glow faintly to match his familiars.

The sole exception to this is his own personal familiar: the one that represents himself and his own magic. This familiar is always present and remains within five feet of him. While physical, it is not a truly living creature, and is instead a manifestation of his magic. If it would be injured, it simply despawns and reforms, and is too small and light to do any actual damage to anyone.

Vito does not name the familiars representing his past lives, who are less present in his life. His own is named Sapere.

Current Life Magic: Vito's magic is, generally speaking, fairly narrow in its applications. He lacks the sort of quality of life magic that is common on the island, but does, due to his past lives, have a very diverse skill set, even if those skills are narrow.

Enduring: By preparing himself ahead of time for at least an hour, Vito is capable of surviving for an extended period (more than two weeks) in almost any sort of extreme condition. This includes extreme temperatures (the freezing cold of space, a volcano), weather, going without food or water, etc. Primarily used for exploration, this has minimal day to day use.

Past Life Magic: Each of his past lives specialized in a different kind of magic, giving him five narrow but powerful fields of magic.

Visual Link: By touching an animal, object, place or willing person and concentrating for a minute, Vito can establish a visual link with the person, allowing him to see through their eyes at any point in the next two weeks. He must be in the same realm or dimension, and this ability is used primarily for scouting long distances.

Medic: By laying his hands on an injury, Vito is capable of healing it within five minutes. This only counts actual injuries, not disease or other illnesses, and is intended to be used to be used on the battlefield.

Pathway: Given a few minutes to prepare, Vito is capable of turning any doorway into a temporary (lasting only five minutes) portal to any place he can see with his visual link.

Magic Cancel: The most advanced of all his magic, Vito is capable of disabling (or outright cancelling) other people's magic spells and enchantments. Generally speaking, the more complicated a magical effect and the longer it took to set it up, the harder for him to counter it. If someone flings instant-cast fireballs, he can snuff them with a wave of his hand. if someone spends an hour preparing a trap spell, he's probably going to have to spend an hour to undo it. This requires line of sight on the effect and uses hand gestures for him to cast.

Duplicate: Vito can produce a magical duplicate of himself. While physically identical to him in every way, it will fade within an hour of creation. Unfortunately, this magic type was never properly mastered, so the duplicate doesn't actually do anything.


Past Lives: Vito has all the knowledge his five past lives had, and can remember their own lives as if they were a movie he watched or a book he read. He's fluent in multiple languages as a result, and has a large knowledge base and skillset.


From the world of Averroes.

Vito was born a no one in a small village in Gaul, connected to no great house and no great lineage. He spent his early years living with his birth parents, and considers that a normal enough life. Around the time he turned five he started displaying signs of his previous lives, and when it became apparent that he had a high number of past lives he was adopted by the Savoia.

The Savoia were nothing but loving, and put Vito on the path to a bright and successful future. After quite a bit of study, it was determined that Vito had five past lives, four of which were quite successful, and one of which was particularly prominent. He was given a regular (and brief) traditional catch-up education, instructed in the Savoia ways, and allowed to select his own particular magical interests for further study.

With everything handed to him on a silver platter, Vito of course excelled. He chose his magical interest, advancing faster than most would have expected, even for someone of his pedigree, and ended up taking a comfortable position as a magical researcher at a prestigious university.

Expanding out from past shielding knowledge, he explored survival in extreme conditions, and was eventually selected for Averroes's space program. With an extremely complicated series of magical defenses and a sturdy construction, Vito was eventually set to be the first person to land on Mars... right until he missed.

Missing was not the plan, and while Vito has no way of knowing if it was an accident or sabotage, he spent several days coming to terms with his fate, his reserves running lower and lower, when his ship, hurtling through the far reaches of space, happened to pass a boundary and wound up tossing him into Manta Carlos's own pocket dimension.


Vito is living off public assistance in a small apartment. He really only has what he brought with him and nothing else. While he's taken a job as a librarian, he's new and his funds are still limited.


Vito is from Gaul, the country that consisted largely of parts of France, Northern Italy, and Switzerland. It was created after the second Great European War when Northern Italy succeeded over the existence of bounded fields.

Vito's first life was a military scout, born in the late 1600s. His second life was a field medic, while his third was a much more withdrawn housewife. His fourth life was the most prominent: the French Prime Minister at the time. His fifth life was the shortest, dying midway through their twenties during their education.

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Vito's design is by Pixel-Latte, and his familiars are all designs by Feravyre.

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