Primary Vindivir

Name: Vindivir
Age: Around 20,000
Birthday: Late summer, around 18,000 BCE
Gender: Male (he/him)
Species: Dragon
Category: Staff
Subject/Work: Head Librarian

Appearance Description:
  • Dragon Form:
    • Length of 40 yards from end to end. Wingspan slightly longer. 10 yards at the shoulder.
    • Long, serpentine neck and tail. Doglike legs with sharp claws on each digit. Head like a komodo dragon, featuring two long, pointed ears.
    • Massive, bat-like wings.
    • Pitch black scales all over, save for two glowing, orange eyes that dance with fire.
  • Human Form:
    • Elderly man in his late 60's. Stands just shy of 6' with a weathered face and an average build. Retains dragon eyes in this form. Gray, swept back hair and clean-shaven face. Dresses formally at all times.

Faceclaim: Ian McShane (IMDB)

Personality Description: Vindivir is old. Very old. As such, very little surprises him, and he has long learned to control his emotions. Though his tranquil exterior may first indicate a lack of sociability, this is far from the case. Vindivir regularly uses his sharp wit and sarcastic humor in conversation, and even manages to smile every once in a while. As a life-long seeker of knowledge, he especially enjoys intellectually-stimulating topics such as history, philosophy, and technology. An especially easy way to get on the ancient dragon's good side is to present some new piece of knowledge or wisdom that he has never experienced before, either in the form of a trinket, book, or verbal communication. Where other dragons hoard gold, Vindivir hoards knowledge. So much so that in order to gain knowledge from him, one must usually do something in exchange.

Due to past trauma, Vindivir also has a soft spot for children. Children are exempt from his price of knowledge, and considering how curious children tend to be, the dragon is ungodly patient, willing to sit for hours and answer any benign question they may have. Vindivir will protect children under his care at any cost, including his precious hoard of artifacts and books. His aged appearance and gravelly voice give off the impression of a kindly grandfather-figure, willing to listen to any troubles one may be having, and offer sage advice in return.

But the wise-old-man visage goes out the window when Vindivir feels he has been lied to, cheated, or someone is attempting to intimidate him. That's when he reminds the aggressor that he is a dragon: Indomitable, proud, and violent. He will never be intimidated, nor made a fool. While the sword hanging behind his desk may look well-polished and unused, there are still spots of dried blood in the hard-to-reach areas. As an ancient being, he tends to hold grudges for a long time, and his trust is near impossible to gain back once lost. Because he is so old and powerful, Vindivir doesn't tend to bother mincing words or sugarcoating, regardless of to whom he speaks, which often comes off as rude or disrespectful.

Active Abilities:
  • Pyrokinesis
    • Can shoot blasts of fire up to 50 yards, wide streams up to 15 yards, can also do small tasks such as light candles.
    • Fire still acts like fire. water will put it out if there's enough. A lack of oxygen will nullify the powers, and strong winds will affect the trajectory of projectiles.
    • Using pyrokinesis not recommended in crowded spaces, dry forests, fireworks shops, etc.
  • Flight
    • Flight capabilities same as all winged dragons.
    • After takeoff, can push to speeds up to 200 mph. Faster in a straight vertical dive.
    • Massive size means massive takeoff/landing zones required. Takeoffs are agonizingly slow, as well as acceleration once in the air.
  • Firebreath
    • Can eject a 4' wide cone of flame up to 75 yards.
    • Highly destructive. Never useful outside of massive, open battles.
    • At max breath, can be used for 7 seconds.
    • If used too much, the fire-making organ will overheat and burn/injure the dragon.
  • Shapeshifting
    • Can shift into a human form for nearly three days straight.
    • Human form ages depending on dragon's mental age.
    • Dragon form, while stronger and more durable, is much more cumbersome and easier to evade both on ground and in air.

Passive Abilities:
  • Armored Hide
    • Thick hide made of a layer of overlapping scales. Impervious to small arms and blades. Heavy blades and munitions will pierce.
    • Once pierced, a layer of skin will eventually reform beneath the scale layer, but the scales themselves will not grow back.
  • Strength
    • In dragon-form, can lift and pull several tons.
    • In human form, can still manage up to 400 lbs.
  • Sharp Mind
    • Vindivir has a mind like a steel trap, and he is very clever. He can remember events from several millennia in the past as if they'd just occurred. He is also capable of solving highly complex riddles and puzzles. Protection against all but the most experienced mind-benders.

  • Slow healing compared to humans. While armor is hard to pierce, once pierced it will take about twice as long to heal than a human with a similar injury.
  • If a well-placed shot pierces the fire-making organ, the the entire dragon goes up in flames, resulting in swift death.
  • Intolerance for cold- Will succumb to hypothermia in half as much time as a human in similar circumstances.
  • No defense against magic.

Biography: As there were no written languages, and thus no records at the time of Vindivir's birth, nor were there actual permanent settlements, it is impossible to know exactly when or where he was born. Best estimates place his birth anywhere between July and September, 18,200-17,600 BCE, in what is now known as Norway. Vindivir grew up during the end of the last major ice age, his family unit spending much time below ground in cave systems heated by geothermal vents, only going out to hunt woolly mammoth. Vindivir was a curious young hatchling, and found himself drawn
to the primitive little apes that followed the mammoth herds with their pointy sticks.

As the years passed, Vindivir literally watched humanity grow from a species of hunter-gatherers to complex city-states to empires. He spent much of his time traveling the world in human form, learning all he could about these strange beings who were beginning to overtake the dragons in population. Whenever word would reach him of some big event, Vindivir would rush to that part of the world to observe. When some new writing became popular, Vindivir always made sure to get a copy. Such as one time, in South Asia, when Vindivir acquired several spiritual texts that would eventually become the Bhagavad Gita. Some of his favorite memories include laughing like a fool as a Spartan hoplite heel-kicked a Persian soldier off the cliffs of Thermopylae, and cheering alongside the Mayans in the stands as two teams played for their lives in pitz.

Sometime around the Third Crusade, Vindivir met his mate, and the pair settled in Wales. They birthed a son, and lived as a happy family for several years. Things began to go wrong when Vindivir's child began showing draconian ability, bringing down the wrath of local villagers and the church. This also drew the attention of a secretive order of dragon slayers. Rather than fighting, the family relocated. It didn't stop the slayers, who were known for their persistence. Every once in a while, Vindivir and his mate would have to defend their home against raids from these slayers, eager to take their treasure and have their heads for glory. This went on for centuries...

...Then one time, they were successful.

In the 1700's, a legion of slayers fell upon Vindivir's secluded homestead while he was away. His mate put up a good fight, but ultimately as outnumbered. His young son was taken as an oddity, never to be seen again, and Vindivir was left with nothing but the clothes on his back, a sword, and eternity stretching in an endless void ahead of him. Thirsting for their blood, Vindivir spent the next twenty years hunting down each and every last one of the survivors of the raid. Once they were all dead, Vindivir was left a broken, empty dragon. Finding a nice hole in the ground, Vindivir crawled inside and slept.

Centuries later, Vindivir was awoken by the cacophony of modern mining equipment. The world had changed. Humans had changed. They soared through the air as he did, and spoke to each other from across the world. Still shaken by grief, Vindivir decided to finally retire somewhere sunny and calm. The supernatural community was abuzz with talk of a secluded island paradise where all sorts of creatures lived without fear of being hunted. Upon landing on the Islands' shores, the elderly dragon found it to be adequate, and set about finding a means of sustenance. He found that in Starlight Academy, who were in need of a librarian. Sit around all day collecting and cataloging books and knowledge? He was born for that!

Despite his past pains, Vindivir finds peace in his new island home. On weekdays, he works diligently in the academy's library, and is always available to students in need. In the northern regions of the island, he has claimed a mountain as his home, with a den within the stone, and a perch at the peak on which to bask in the sun and ponder life's great mysteries. Those who seek knowledge may journey into the mountains and come before the wise, old dragon and ask him anything they desire, provided they offer something in return. Only on weekends, though, and only if he feels like it. His priority is the students, and the students alone.

Resources: Ancient books and artifacts - 20,000 years of travelling and collecting memorabilia.

A massive cave/den in the northern mountains- Includes furnishings for non-draconian guests such as kitchen/living room/guest beds/etc. Purchased with leftover funds saved during Vindivir's hibernation.

Additional Information: your dragon grandpa
Yung Draco
First release
Last update
18,200-17,600 BCE

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