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Name: Vespa
Age: Seventeen
Birthday: April 26th
Gender: Female
Species: Reaper
Category: Students
Class: High School
Grade: Junior


Stands at 5'6 with a rather average build, pale skin, black hair and orange eyes. When not in school uniform her clothing is very dark and goth, black torn jeans, black skirts, black shirts and a pair of black combat boots, she's always seen wearing her prized skull ornament hanging from her belt.

Vespa is complicated to say the least. She comes off as spooky and a little bit morbid, loves most dark humor. She tends to keep a distance from most fully "living" beings, preferring the company of those related to death in one way or another. Despite being half reaper, and coming off as loving death, she actually has a complicated relationship with it. She has a shortened lifespan, and being an unusual hybrid theres an uncertainty of what will happen to her soul when her time comes. So she has a fear of death that she hides from everyone, even trying to lie to herself about it.

She can summon an enchanted scythe. This scythe can float about under the wielder's control and so allows them to fly via riding on it. Using it they can help undead pass onto the afterlife with a slash, if said undead is ready and willing, if not the slash will harmlessly pass through them. This scythe is an extension of her soul, it's as strong as fine steel, and self repairs when damaged as well as reforms when destroyed.
•Flute: She can summon an enchanted flute. While it can be played normally, when its magic is activated to releases an affect. So when activated the magic causes any undead who hears it feel a sense of belonging and comfort until the song ends. If mortals here the enchanted music the volume they hear will depend on how close death is for them, if death won't come for years it'll be very quiet, if it's coming soon it'll be louder. This flute is an extension of her soul, it's as strong as fine steel, and self repairs when damaged as well as reforms when destroyed.

She's completely immortal. Injuries heal quickly without scars and limbs grow back. She'll stop aging in her twenties. If killed she'll spend a week in limbo before reforming.
•Death Sense: She can sense the presence of death based beings and the undead withing ten feet as well as know what kind they are. They're also able to see ghosts even when they're invisibility ability is active. If she sees a being who's dying soon she'll get a general sense of when it will be.

•Life Magic:
She has an extreme weakness to all life based magics. Exposure to any form of life magic causes great pain and other negative affects depending on the type. For example, healing magic causes any injuries to instantly grow worse and random injuries will start to appear. Physical contact with life based beings, as in beings that have life magics attached to their essense like an angel of healing, causes her to break out in a rash.

•She lives the school dorms, supported by a school scholarship. Her mother lived in the city, giving Vespa a small allowance, but doesn't currently have the resources to support her.

•Vespa started life as one of the many eggs laid by the demon Nasci. Shortly after being laid the eggs were moved to a medical facility to be monitored and to be protected from their mother. Upon hatching she, like most of her siblings, were feral, and killed many of the others before her mind cleared.
•Shortly after this she was transferred to the academy, shortly after one of her siblings attacked her in the woods. Vespa killed them in self defense, turning their skull into the headdress, this however was quickly confiscated, so she made a copy to wear.
•Since then she's been living relatively peacefully, gaining a reputation as the weird death girl. She's recently met her death horseman mother and they've been building a relationship.

•Secretly reads manga.
•Art is by Sayutb.
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April 26th
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Art is by Sayutb

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