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Valli Image Reference, art by Niladhevan

Unlike so many on the island, Valli looks his age, even if he looks unusually well kept for it. He has a wide, bright smile, with short hair so blond it's best described as golden. His eyes are light blue, and he stands at 6'2", without any excess fat. He looks healthy and fit, and always looks his best thanks to his power. No matter the situation, he always looks his best.

Valli dresses professionally when at work, and has a tendency to wear comfortable oversized sweaters when he's trying to be more casual.


Valli is a very pleasant person, the kind of person who almost no one has issues with. He's not the life of the party by any means, but he gets along with most people and is good at keeping up conversation.

He's an empathetic man who often struggles with the knowledge that he can't help everyone. He considers it his purpose in life to help others, and coming to terms with his own limitations is still something he struggles with. He's a workaholic, taking more patients than he probably should, and has a poor work-life balance as a result. He has very few people he'd consider true friends, in part because most of the people he sees on a regular basis are actually his patients, and he's very firm on drawing clear professional lines. His patients are his patients, not his friends, and he needs it to stay that way.

Valli seems like a family man to most people, but he isn't actually close to any member of his family. He sees his younger sister only on holidays, and his mother only once a month at most, even though both live nearby. Considering his mother looks the same age as him, most would be more likely to assume she's his friend than his mother.

Valli is fiercely independent, preferring to handle things himself wherever possible. He cooks his own meals, does his own shopping, and takes care of his apartment himself. He likes being able to do things himself, and he's struggling to accommodate having a roommate who also is fiercely independent and wants to handle things himself. To him, his ability to do things for himself is a step forward in his life, and a sign of success he isn't eager to give up.

Valli does have one particular trigger which he struggles with despite all the therapy he's gotten for it. Anything to do with older women with younger men makes him deeply uncomfortable, although obviously it depends on exactly what he's seeing or hearing about. The closer it is to his own situation, the more disturbed by it he is, and he's careful with his media consumption to avoid it.


Valli's maternal grandfather is the god Baldr. While his mother's godly heritage is obvious, Valli passes for human the overwhelming majority of the time. He still ages normally, and is still physically human with a few exceptions.

Supernaturally Presentable: Baldr was the most beautiful of the Norse gods, and all of his line have been blessed to varying extents. While Valli's mother still looks like a super model in her twenties, Valli instead always looks like he's at the peak of health. His skin is clear, his hair is soft and shiny, and he's perpetually fit with only the tiniest bit of effort. It takes active effort for him to look anything other than presentable.

Blessing of Protection: Baldr was so beloved that all the creatures of the world swore not to harm him, and that blessing has passed to his children as well. Valli cannot be harmed by others, and reality twists itself to accommodate that fact. Bullets will miss. Someone trying to punch him will slip. This doens't make people not want to harm him, but instead just makes it impossible to successfully hurt him. People who persist tend to find themselves injured by their own actions.

Even when it comes to accidents, Valli comes out ahead. He'll walk away from a serious car accident with some light bruising. An explosion might knock him over, but all the shrapnel would miss him.

To those who can sense death, Valli would feel like the opposite of someone who was undead. Not just alive, but exceptionally alive, glowing with life. Someone who can predict death would find nothing for Valli, even though he isn't actually immortal.

Immortality: Valli does not age, and will not die of old age.


Mistletoe: Just like his grandfather, Valli's blessing of protection does not apply to mistletoe. Even being in the same room as mistletoe will make Valli have difficulty breathing, and even a brief brush of mistletoe will put Valli in the hospital. His symptoms are similar to an extreme allergy, and Valli has an epipen in his desk (or on his person during the holidays). It won't safe his life if Mistletoe is used as a weapon against him, but it might save him if someone happens to try and hang some up around the school.


Content Warnings for Underage Noncon
  • Valli was born in Iceland, the son of a daughter of Baldr and a father she refused to identify. They moved to Manta Carlos when Valli was four, his mothers inability to age making living in Iceland any longer impossible.
  • Valli's mother was present but detached, uninterested in her son (or even the daughter she had not long after arriving on Manta Carlos). When Valli had the opportunity, he moved into the dorms at Starlight Academy.
  • When Valli was sixteen, he was kidnapped and kept drugged under the effects of a love potion by an older woman.
  • Almost a year later, he was accidentally released from the effects of the potion and fled back into the city, being picked up by the MCPD. His captor was arrested, Valli was taken home, and he began years of intensive therapy.
  • Valli struggled with resuming his normal life, graduating high school several years late. He eventually took up the cause that had so severely damaged his life, campaigning for 'true love' potions to be entirely banned.
  • Valli went public with his case, becoming a public spectacle that drew a great deal of attention. Within a year, true love potions were banned on Manta Carlos, and even weaker ones couldn't be used indefinitely.
  • At twenty-one, Valli had completed what he thought would be his life's work. He returned to school, aiming to become a therapist, and took five years to graduate with his master's degree.
  • He originally joined the practice where he'd had his own therapy, and at the age of thirty-five he went back for his PhD and then started a practice of his own.
  • When one of Starlight Academy's long term therapist's retired, Valli accepted a position at Starlight Academy, expanding his practice to include more students and making therapy a bit more accessible for those who needed it.
Valli's early years were not happy ones by any real estimate. He was born in Iceland, the son of an extremely attractive daughter of Baldr and a father she couldn't--or perhaps wouldn't--identify. The pair moved to Manta Carlos when Valli was four, spirited away to the strange island because of a grandfather Valli would never meet. While Valli's mother was there, she was far from the best parent, closer to an older friend than a mother. Valli was raised largely by his teachers, and when given the option, he moved into the dorms at Starlight Academy. He was friendly but generally quiet, and had a small circle of friends.

And then, when they were sixteen, Valli simply vanished. His mother reported him missing, as did the school, but with several people reporting having seen him walk out of school with his things, it was decided that, barring other evidence, Valli had simply run away. While the school was eager to have Valli back, a runaway was near the absolute bottom of the Manta Carlos Police Department's priorities, and no real investigation was conducted until more than a year later.

More than a year after Valli first disappeared he walked into a small restaurant on the edge of Manta Carlos City, barefoot and terrified. He was spirited away to the police station, launching an investigation into just what had happened and where he had gone.

The truth of Valli's missing year was alarming to the police who dealt with the case. While his initial claims were considered to be so out there that they couldn't possibly be true, when the police investigated, they discovered that if anything, he'd understated what had happened to him.

Valli had been the victim of an unusual kidnapping, drugged with a love potion and lead to believe that he was truly in love with the woman who had drugged him. Desperate to be with her, she convinced him to run away from the academy, living with her in secret. He didn't leave the house, and was kept under the effects of love potion for the duration of his time there. By sheer accident, he had accidentally dropped his 'medicine' the morning before, and when the potion wore off he'd fled from her home back to town, barefoot and terrified.

Mercifully, the woman confessed in full when confronted, and the entire case began to unravel bit by bit. Valli was returned to his childhood home, the perpetrator was arrested, and things should have gone back to normal.

Recovering from a year of abuse wasn't easy. It took years of therapy before Valli was able to return to school and complete his degree, and even the fact that he was spared a full trial did little to help him. Even with a proper therapist, Valli found himself low on support. Most people simply didn't understand what he'd been through, and considering that his captor was an attractive older woman, he got even less sympathy.

Valli doesn't consider his kidnapping to be the turning point in his life. Instead, he considers the point when he was nineteen years old and took control of his life again to be the real turning point. It's the moment where he shifted from thinking of himself as a victim to thinking of himself as a person, the point where he got angry rather than just being sad.

Love potions, after all, still existed. Nothing had changed from when he'd first vanished, beyond one single woman being behind bars. Everything that had happened to him could still happen, and Valli decided he would dedicate his life to stopping it.

Love potions had always been a part of life on Manta Carlos, not unlike alcohol or cigarettes. Valli had never been publically identified, and most of the details of his case had been sealed to protect his identity. Rather than burying that part of himself, Valli opted to go public. He found a lawyer who would hear his story, and then he pushed for change--real change. Love potions were dangerous, he insisted, far worse even than alcohol and yet not restricted at all.

The case cause a minor scandal on Manta Carlos, with all the horrible lurid details pushed into the light. The Police Department came under fire for not having searched for Valli earlier, even though he was quick to point out that they could not have known, and less than a year after Valli first went public, Manta Carlos passed a law banning the production, sale, and use of love potions.

It wasn't quite what Valli had hoped, even if it was a victory. Minor love potions--ones that had effects closer to being drunk--still existed, and after another six months of fighting, Manta Carlos relented once again, limiting even those. Love potions could exist, but they couldn't be used in the long term. Anyone under the effects of more than one potion would become sick and resistant, preventing what had happened to Valli from ever happening again in any capacity.

At twenty-one years old, Valli had fulfilled his life's ambition. He felt strangely empty, and it was then that he realized he couldn't spend the rest of his life fixated on what had happened.

Instead, he moved on.

He decided to help where he could, going back to school and studying mental health. He took his time with it, taking a solid five years before graduating, and then joined the same practice where he'd received therapy years before.

Valli took to it like a duck to water. He excelled at the work, collecting his own stable of clients, and when he turned thirty five he started a practice of his own.

When one of Starlight Academy's therapists retired, Manta Carlos reached out to him to fill in, and as a result Valli splits his time between the academy and his own patients. With a whole new batch of patients to see, Valli threw himself into his work even harder than before. His social life dwindled down to almost nothing, but he still made an effort to participate in community events and make himself a familiar face.


Valli has been working hard for the duration of his life, and has spent very little of his money. Combined with the money he received as part of the settlement in his twenties, Valli has a hefty chunk of change, even after purchasing Gask's AI and robotic body. He lives in a modest apartment on the top floor of a small apartment building.


Vallir's practice focuses primarily on trauma, although he also deals with mental illness with the assistance of a licensed psychiatrist.

Valli started practicing in 2001, after achieving his Masters Degree. He's since gone back to school and gotten his PHD in Psychology, although he prefers not to handle medication himself.

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Valli's original design is by me. His main reference image is commissioned art by Niladhevan.

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