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Primary Umiko Mikadzuki

Ocean Spirit Form - An improvement over Sea Spirit Form that Umiko has made after gaining the knowledge from the ocean, grants him the ability to merge with the open sea to achieve a much larger water elemental form, peaking at 60 meters (almost 200 feet) from toe to shoulders, and even carrying live ocean creatures within himself. This form has way greater tolerance to electricity and extreme temperatures, capable of unleashing a strong spray of water capable of cutting through steel or a spray of water comparable to a typhoon, but is slower, can only use a fox-like structure, and can't communicate (except for producing a howl-like sound). Extended use can cause Umiko to revert to a wild mental state which can range from agitated (during full moon) to calm (during new moon).
Got an idea to make the boy into an apprentice of his as a NPC, so decided to split that into an NPC and keep Umiko as a grown man fox.

Basically writing off his child-like form and child-like personality from his profile
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