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Primary Umiko Mikadzuki

Ocean Spirit Form
Fox Form
Kitsune form
Human form

Appearance Description:
  • Apparent Age:
    • Fox: Adult (precise age impossible to estimate)
    • Human or Kitsune: 21
  • Eyes: Golden Yellow
  • Skin:
    • Kitsune: Pale
    • Human: Light
  • Clothing Style:
    • Kitsune: Traditional Japanese (Haori, Yukata, Kimono, Sandals...)
    • Human: Casual Urban
    • Specifics: White Clothes with some Blue or Red are dominant in his Kitsune form, which favors his Kitsune form. His fox form wears a golden "scarf" that seems to be made of sweet-smelling liquid. Human clothes however are very much "anything goes".
  • Hair/Fur:
    • Kitsune and Fox: White
    • Human: Blonde
    • Short Length in Kitsune and Human forms
  • Height:
    • Fox: 52 cm (1'8") (ground to shoulder height)
    • Adult: 175 cm (5'9")
  • Weight:
    • Fox: 10 kg (22 lbs)
    • Adult: 57 kg (125.6 lbs)
Personality Description:
Friendly, a bit of a romantic, kind of cunning, serious when needed, and protective are basic traits of his personality, but at times he may show a more playful side, but overall he's an adult in mind. However under that pure white coat lies a bloodthirsty beast that can be awakened when angered enough, and fear of heights, perhaps some naughtiness as well (but what would you expect of a fox, really?!).

Active Abilities:
  • Transformation - On par with any kitsune, Umiko is well capable of transformation going as far as (in relation to his kitsune adult form) quadruple in size and weight, or small and light enough to fit in an adult's hands, taking on any form he pleases with any feature.

  • Mutual Transformation - Just like Umiko can do to himself, he can temporarily transform someone else within the same limitations. The difference is that both parties must agree with the transformation for it to happen, and it will last no longer than a day unless reapplied.

  • Steel Devourer - Umiko's most interesting ability from his time as an Yoko. This allows his body to be tougher than steel and for him to consume steel for nourishment, becoming a force to be reckoned. However he no longer uses it for extended periods of time, as his soul can not bear it over five minutes and leads hallucination and unconsciousness, with the only way to recovering after use being a long two hours soak in water.

  • Shizukon Art of the Five Elements - A plethora of spells that allows the user to bring forth the powers of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Heaven (Or Void, or Spirit, depending on how one views it). An unrivaled master can perform feats that can almost compare to Gods, however... Umiko isn't unrivaled yet, and is still learning himself most of the spells in the manuscript, but specializes in Water Spells. These requires preparation and can take from 30 seconds chanting to one hour of preparing spell circles and the like. To give it some perspective, his quickest spell gives a short burst of water equal to a fire hose, and the slowest allows the creation of a 10m wide water barrier.

  • Sea Spirit Form - An unique spell he developed himself to dissolve and merge with any body of water, becoming a water elemental. During this form, Umiko is nigh invulnerable except for extreme temperatures (high heat can force him to return to his original self, freezing temperatures can freeze him over), and electricity (hurts a lot, enough to force him out of it). On top of all, his eyes are visible as glowing spots in the water.

  • Ocean Spirit Form - An improvement over Sea Spirit Form that Umiko has made after gaining the knowledge from the ocean, grants him the ability to merge with the open sea to achieve a much larger water elemental form, peaking at 60 meters (almost 200 feet) from toe to shoulders, and even carrying live ocean creatures within himself. This form has way greater tolerance to electricity and extreme temperatures, capable of unleashing a strong spray of water capable of cutting through steel or a spray of water comparable to a typhoon, but is slower, can only use a fox-like structure, and can't communicate (except for producing a howl-like sound). Extended use can cause Umiko to revert to a wild mental state which can range from agitated (during full moon) to calm (during new moon).

Passive Abilities:
  • Water Recovery - All his ability to recover from wounds, illnesses, and loss of limb is tied to water. If he soaks for long enough, as long as he is still alive, he can regain blood lost, reform a lost limb or organ, close wounds and rid of illnesses, in what can take from a few minutes to hours depending on the intensity of the damage. Impurities in the water slows the process, however...

  • Water Purification - Through mere contact with water he is capable to remove impurities, but it is something that takes time and doesn't work well while he's recovering from harm he suffered, as that takes priority over purification.

  • Telepathic Communication - Something he developed in order to communicate while in Sea Spirit Form, but he may use that outside of it. Basically allows him to project his voice in the mind of anyone within 20 meters, he can't be selective about it either, and the intensity is no different than a normal person talking or shouting (as in: the farther someone is, the more distant his voice will sound).

  • Animal Senses - His hearing, sense of smell, and sight are fairly sharp, and the later allows him to see really well in environment with zero visibility or close to that point.

  • Immortal - No matter how many centuries passes, he won't age a day. Although he believes his "judgement hour" will arrive after he has lived 1000 years.

  • Oversensitive - Loud noises, strong light, strong scents, all can and will hurt him. And worse: turning into water won't stop that at all.

  • The Tail of a Power - If Umiko's tail is severed he will become completely human until the next New Moon. Yep, all his powers goes away for what can be a day or, if he is unlucky, four weeks.

  • Vulnerable Mind - Illusions and mind reading can get through him very easily.

  • Servant of Gods - Once they know of his full name, they can issue him any order and he must obey... Well, within SOME restrictions. Killing, for one, is a big no-no, every order must be in a command form, like "Mikadzuki Umiko, I command you to (...)", and he can't be bossed around within his own territories (House, Dojo).


Three names, three phases, three stories...

Shiraha - White Feather
Over 4 centuries ago an albino fox, Shiraha, wandered the coasts of Japan, constantly hunted for his pure white pelt. Those who weren't hunting Shiraha could swear he was a demon in disguise, but in truth was just an ordinary fox... Until his very death. All the resentment he had made him unable to go on, and his spirit became vengeful, plaguing every hunter and their family for years to follow.

Kenkashi - Sword Biter
Vengeance consumed his very self, the soul corrupted by evil gave him a demonic form, black like the night, skin and teeth harder than steel, he consumed swords and arrows, as well as the corpse of all who crossed his path, eyes comparable pools of blood.

This was the birth of the Demon Fox Yoko Kenkashi.

For decades, undefeated... Until an onmyoji named Tenkai has managed to defeat Kenkashi and bind his powers. Amused by someone who was able to defeat him but without wanting him dead or hurt, Kenkashi started to show interest in his daily life and the school of Onmyodo he founded: Shizukon, the "Quiet Soul". Slowly but surely, his hatred calmed, and he found himself loving the very person who defeated him.

Umiko - Sea Fox
Through the years, he started to forget his desire for revenge, his fur regaining its purity that was once lost, the seals upon him undone, and numerous lessons on the path of Shizukon being learned. Putting his past behind, the now turned Tenko, Celestial Fox, pursued a new name as a gift from Tenkai: Umiko Mikadzuki.

For the next 4 centuries, Umiko devoted himself to watch over the school of his master, and every successor, loyally, lovingly, treasuring every day and night... Until, eventually, he was the last one left, in the 9th generation. The world no longer had eyes for the mystic arts, and he knew some out there yearned for it, a scout coming to inform him of a place that could value the art that would otherwise be lost: Manta Carlos.

Resources: Medium-Small Dojo in the Residential Areas with a small single person residence linked to it in the back, mainly makes money through mundane tasks done in the neighborhood (such as mowing the lawn, house cleaning, babysiting, etc.) and some donetion. Only notable possession is the Scroll Of The Five Seals, containing the secrets of the Shizukon School.

Additional Information:
  • The Shizukon School uses the Buddhist Godai element system rather than Wuxing, as it is what Tenkai was most familiar with at the time.
海狐 - can be read "Umigitsune" or "Umiko", means "Sea fox"
三日月 - can be read "Mikadzuki" or "Mikatsuki", it's an irregular reading, means "Crescent Moon" or "New Moon"
静魂 - In this is read as "Shizukon", means "Quiet Soul"
白羽 - In this is read as "Shiraha", means "White Feather"
剣噛 - in this is read as "Kenkashi", means "Sword Biter"
天界 - In this is read as "Tenkai", means "Celestial Sphere"
First release
Last update
Kitsune Yokai - Tenko
Over 400
Lost track of it.
Identifies male, can change at will.
He, rarely she
Current Master of the Shizukon Onmyodo School
Image Credits
Ocean Spirit Form was done by me, GrimRPer
The following images used and edited slightly (eye color) are from official source, with Fox form being from an episode screenshot:
Casual Gilgamesh from Type Moon Wikia
Yahiko from Fukigen na Mononokean Wikia
Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss Wikia

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