Primary Tribdan

Tribdan now has a new power due to gaining more followers after saving some fishermen in the recent Coastal Rescue Event:

Free as the Air: Tribdan can manipulate air for offensive and defensive measures. Offensively, they can blow wind so hard to accelerate the erosion of rocks, cut through boulders, and push people over. Defensively, they can create shields around people to knock back blunt attacks. Controlling air allows Tribdan to fly at the speed of an average human male running and to lift up other people, as long as they are within eyesight.

Removing this part of Hot Spot:
Due to having barely any worshippers, Tribdan can only control and create molten rock.

Also increasing their height to 9'5", as their size increases as they gain more power/followers.
Forgot to mention that Tribdan is omnilingual in Go(d)lem Physiology. Would be an issue since they've, uh, been out of commission for many, many years while language kept developing.

"Is omnilingual for any language that is still in use by a group of people. Voice can only mimic accents that a human can."
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