Primary Tribdan

  • Full Body
  • Height: 9'5
  • Body: AFAB. Broad shoulders. Medium bust for their size that is hidden under their robes. Moles scattered all over their body. Tattoos on their body representing different elements.
  • Face: Triangular head and nose. Thick brows. Large ear holes. Default expression is serious or neutral.
  • Eyes: Magenta.
  • Hair: Thick hair shaved into rows.
  • Voice: Deep and feminine.
  • Clothing: Generally wears the heavy robes they were activated in. If those aren't available, they wear similar heavy clothing. Has a preference for dresses in general.

Blank Slate: Tribdan hasn't been a person long enough to develop a defined identity. What they do have brings them confusion. They question why they know so much about the world, yet so little about themself. Why they're drawn to certain activities and people when they were never given a chance to develop preferences in the first place. These little inconsistencies cause fear in Tribdan, making them conflicted about whether they want to go out and explore themself or hide.

Helpful: Tribdan's first experience with humans was kindness for kindness. Tribdan was taken in by a family and they helped the family by taking care of the younger kids and moving around heavy stuff. That lesson stuck to them, and so Tribdan tries to be friendly and helpful where they can.

Attention-Seeker: Tribdan doesn't completely understand this part of themself. A small part of Tribdan enjoyed the simple, quiet life that the Porter family gave them, yet they could never be content with it. A much louder part told them to be the center of attention. For someone who was ignorant of... most things in general, they knew this was a weird trait to have. When they arrived at Manta Carlos and had what they are explained, it became clear why they were like this. That gave them no comfort. There were still parts of themself they didn't understand. Something in their nature was dictating who they are. The best way they can describe the feeling is like being a puppet.

The story goes that the eldest sister of the Porter family traveled the woods on a walk when she discovered a large statue tangled within nature. Her eyes sparkled with the possibility that she had found the money her family needed. Nearing the body, the soft up-and-down movements of the chest and twitching of the eyelids were a sign of life that should have been impossible.

She rushed back to her family and brought them over to confirm what she saw. From the sheer size of the stranger, their tattoos, and their clothing, and the family knew they weren't dealing with a human. The first day involved moving the boulder of a stranger to the house and getting them settled into bed. The second day gave the family time to clean their clothes and let the women clean their body. The third day, their eyes snap open.

And that's where the story ended. Tribdan was all caught up on how they arrived in the house of kindly strangers. In exchange for being cared for and caught up with modern times, Tribdan did menial tasks and became a part of the family. The Porters honestly weren't sure what to do with Tribdan. Their memory only covered their name, and while they could communicate just fine, they seemed amazed by the modern-day. If they could pass for human, they would be a strange human and not one that could easily be explained. Call it cruel, but the best they could think of doing was keeping Tribdan hidden.

What was already a difficult task became harder as memories leaked into Tribdan's mind, followed by the discovery of their abilities.

The Porters may have not gotten a statue to sell to a museum and make their faces on the news, but they had something better: a protector of the family.

Tribdan saw themself as more of an enigma. The elemental powers they wielded felt like extra limbs. It was natural and muscle memory taught them what to do. And with those powers came a need to be known. That need had always been there, but it was stronger than ever now. The Porters couldn't give them everything they needed. When the family slept or was busy, Tribdan would slip away and "reveal" themselves to other islanders. Nothing that would connect them to the Porters, but rumors of a large human wearing regal clothing spread. And spread. And spread all the way to the scouts of Manta Carlos.

The scouts were quick to find Tribdan with the Porters. Seeing no signs of danger with the golem and their family, the scouts explained the situation and how Tribdan would be better off coming to Manta Carlos. The Porters were disappointed to have lost their protector, but though they stayed in Jamaica, Tribdan was allowed to keep in contact with them.

Settling in on Manta Carlos wasn't so hard. The Porters gave Tribdan a heart start on catching up with modern life, but they still had some remedial schooling to get through. The best part of the change was learning they're a god. Everything began to make sense. The memories, the need to be known, the powers.

It was invigorating.

It was nauseating.

Active Abilities
Hot Spot: Tribdan can cause magma to rise from the ground and spurt out like a volcano, resulting in earthquakes proportionate to how much magma they're controlling. They can also create lava from their hands. Their control is fine enough to ride on lava as a method of flight. They can only fly as fast as the average human male can run. The minerals in the ash from Triban's lava are more beneficial to the Earth than regular ash.

Free as the Air: Tribdan can manipulate air for offensive and defensive measures. Offensively, they can blow wind so hard to accelerate the erosion of rocks, cut through boulders, and push people over. Defensively, they can create shields around people to knock back blunt attacks. Controlling air allows Tribdan to fly at the speed of an average human male running and to lift up other people, as long as they are within eyesight.

God of Islands: Tribdan requires the acknowledgment of people to stay alive and worshippers to grow in power. Tribdan can telepathically communicate with one of their worshippers at a time. When a worshipper thinks about them in a positive light, they feel energized and will have an idea of what was being thought about them. If a worshipper is in need and calls out to Tribdan, Tribdan can allow themself to be summoned, then return when they have completed their task.

Passive Abilities
Two Souls: To anyone who can read minds or souls will notice that Tribdan is two people. Tribdan the golem and Tribdan the god. Tribdan the golem's memories only extend as far back as to when they became activated in Jamaica in late January. Tribdan the god's memories extend thousands of years back.

Go(d)lem Physiology:
  • Immortal and will not age. Will only truly die if forgotten by all; otherwise, they regenerate quickly. Heavy damage sends them into a frozen, sleep-like state for a week until they're done regenerating. If completely destroyed, they'll reappear a week later on the nearest island. When they wake up, their memories will be distorted for a day or so.
  • Is made out of a clay-like substance and powered by magic. Has no need for bodily necessities, from eating to finding shelter. No matter how extreme the temperature, they feel nothing, nor do they need to breathe. They do, however, experience the effects of social isolation much faster than the average human.
  • Can easily lift a large truck.
  • Their rough and coarse skin gives them the durability to survive contact a speeding truck without moving much.
  • Is omnilingual for any language that is still in use by a group of people. Voice can only mimic accents that a human can.

Slow Moving: Tribdan's large size and weight of a boulder make them an easy target. Their running is more of a slow jog and they find it easier to walk where they need to get. When they jump, they don't jump high, and the impact they make with the ground can cause small vibrations in the ground, indentation, and damage.

Lives at Starlight Academy as a remedial student. Has access to the school's commodities and is given an allowance until they can find a job.
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Unkown; 20s mentally/physically
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Art/design by IWHBYDAdoptables.

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