Tom "Om" Harper

Primary Tom "Om" Harper

Name: Tom Harper, Om
Age: 18
Birthday: August 2nd
Gender: Genderfluid (prefer they/them)
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: Remedial
Appearance Description:


Art (Trade) by llizsch

Om is short for their age, only 4'11", with a petite but lightly masculine build. Their small features are androgynously pretty, and they have dark eyes and shortish black hair. Their skin is naturally tan, though slightly paler than it would be because of living mostly underground. They look aesthetically pleasing to living beings though not necessarily attractive.

Om by Sayutb.png

Commission by Sayutb

So used to wearing a mishmash of whatever clothes the goblins got off people or made themselves, Om tends not to care about their style much. Fidgety, yet with a graceful walk, Om is a distracted, fast talker with a tendency to stutter. They are used to close quarters and dark spaces, and they still walk with a bit of a crouch, blinking a lot in the light. Even though they do know English they've been speaking the goblin language for so long they've developed an accent. They speak more "properly" when they're trying to get things from people.

Personality Description:
Om is an extrovert and will seek out people's company, but much prefers one-on-one or a small group to crowds. They hate being alone with their thoughts. When dealing with other goblins or people they consider friends they want to take the direct route, and they don't like people who waste time or talk in circles. Yet when convincing outsiders to give them supplies they can be quite deceitful, using their good looks and innocent act to get what they want. One of Om's favourite activities is sculpting; They're not very good at it, but they like the feeling of clay under their hands and the idea of creating something, even if it's usually lopsided bowls.

They know they're not actually a goblin but that does not matter. To other people that's what they'd call themself. The goblins are their tribe and family. The tribe are scavengers, hunters, and storytellers, and so is Om. They are used to being a pretty face and have a limited understanding of personal property. They've also gotten fairly crafty, good at using limited materials to amuse themself.

The continued use of goblin magic has had some effects on their mental state. They are easily distracted, overwhelmed by large crowds, and have trouble focusing for long periods of times. Jumpy, twitchy, and easily startled.

Active Abilities:
Fascinating - If concentrating can stun a single living being within 5' who can see them. This effect lasts about 5 minutes with non-sapient creatures, a few seconds for sapient, or until Om is out of range. Once the stun has ended the same being cannot be stunned again until it has left and reentered the range. And the effect is weaker each time.

Passive Abilities:
Supernatural Beauty - Aesthetically pretty to anyone living who sees them.

Dulled Pain - While under effects of the goblin ritual pain is delayed and distant. They have to pay close attention to avoid injury.

Side Effects - Must go through the goblin magic ritual every week or the pain caused by their disorder returns even stronger. Also experiences withdrawallike symptoms, not fatal but enough to make them very sick. The magic is not exactly meant for humans and makes them twitchy and agitated, especially on the day of the ritual.

Biography: Born fragile, with a physical disorder that left them weak and in constant pain, Tom was also strangely beautiful. In their large family their medical problems were a strain, requiring a lot of medication from a very young age. They were practically forced into being a child model, told that they owed it to their family. The high pressure modeling, drugs, and being taken advantage of by many people left their marks. At 10 Tom finally ran away from home.

They ended up camping out in a forest near their home, and probably wouldn't have lasted more than a couple days before going back, but they lucked into being found by a couple of goblins in the woods, who fascinated by their beauty, brought them back to the tribe. Scared and alone, Tom went with these strange creatures. The goblin healer, sensing the child's pain, did a ritual to heal him. It was not a permanent fix, but Tom was hooked. They decided to stay with the goblins, and the goblins, excited by the pretty human jewel, raised them as their own. Even if Tom had wanted to go home, they were also quickly lost in the enclave's magical tunnel system, which connected to forests that were cities away via portals. The child was listed as missing, but they were hidden too well to be found, and they adapted well to this almost childlike society of underground dwelling scavengers.

As a goblin, Om was well loved and cared for. They were the face of the goblins, able to coax food and supplies out of people much easier. They could have stayed this way for a long time. Even though Om did sometimes wish for the company of their own species, and even occasionally missed their human family.

Unfortunately, there came a time when some of the magic in the goblin tunnels failed, splitting the already small tribe in half. A group of the goblins traveling overland to reconnect were caught by hunters and unable to escape. Not long after that scouts arrived. After rescuing the split off group the oncoming death of magic was explained to everyone, and the tribe decided to relocate to Manta Carlos and hopefully avoid another tunnel collapse incident or worse.

Now able to be a part of a larger society without having to hide, the few goblin children and some of the younger adults, including Om, were enrolled into Starlight Academy.

Resources: Living in the goblin tunnels with the other goblins. And provided for by the tribe. They still mostly hunt for food and scavenge.

Additional Information:
Officially, their name is still Tom Harper, but Om is what they use most often.
First release
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August 2nd
Image Credits
(halfbody) Art (Trade) by llizsch, (headshot) Commission by Sayutb

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