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Primary The Index

Name: The Index
Age: Too old to count
Birthday: January 1st
Gender: Genderless
Species: Eldritch
Category: Citizen
Career: Aspect of Knowledge

Appearance Description:
According to others, Index looks serpentine in appearance. They have a long slender body that at full size reaches just slightly more than 50 feet (15.24 meters) in length and a width of 10 feet (3 meters). All across the sides of the Index are ‘legs’ of roughly 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length with eagle like talons at the end. These legs are used to properly orient itself when turning, help with climbing, and help with digging. The head of the Index is flat and shaped like an arrowhead, the most similar comparison being that of a viper. Index has ten snakelike eyes, five on each side of the head, most of which constantly dart around to analyze others or the environment. Like a snake Index’s body is covered in sleek dark green scales. While not usually visible on first glance, Index does have a mouth. The front half of Index is actually split in two parts, with the inside of these two parts being the top and bottom parts of its mouth.

The most unique part of the Index is at the center of its head. Half exposed on the top of its head is a large metallic orb with four long slender appendages on either side of the head that will constantly move and tap on the ball. This ball is brass in color and is segmented much like a rubiks cube. While the entire ball can be rotated at once, these segmented ‘discs’ can be rotated independently either vertically or horizontally depending on which way the disc is oriented. Each disc has runes inscribed across the entirety of it and while most are just suck to the disc, a few runes are further segmented into small squares. The rune squares can be removed and replaced for other rune squares, with each one designating a special ‘function’.

Personality Description:
The Index is a physical representation of knowledge, and it’s interests primarily begin and end there. Index will do whatever it can to gain and then catalogue information. Any relationships they have are purely scientific in Index’s eyes, they are just more means to gain information. However, despite lack of true relationships, Index does enjoy being around people but for rather strange reasons. Despite Index’s immense knowledge, people never cease to surprise him with their personalities and actions. Each person is a unique well of information to Index and each are appreciated to be near. Because of its desire for knowledge, Index has been known to be rather manipulative, blatantly withholding the truth to people or making situations just so it can get the info it wants. Obviously, the people Index blatantly dislikes are those that destroy knowledge (knowingly or unknowingly) as while Index may not need what little knowledge the book contained, others could have used such information. It’s extremely easy to tell how Index is feeling based on how the appendages tap on their brain ball. If they are tapping at a normal and stead pace then Index is calm, when they tap roughly on the ball (enough to make a loud click every time it they hit the ball) Index is furious, when they tap at a very rapid pace but very lightly Index is cautious or afraid, and if they tap rapidly but the strength of the taps are like normal then Index is excited.

Active Abilities:
Sound Mimicry: Index is capable of mimicking the sounds of non-sapient things or people almost exactly. Index can mimic the sounds of non-sapient things (Examples: Animals, doors closing/opening, water falling, etc.) whenever they please. However, Index can only mimic the sounds/voices of people after listening to them for a moderate amount of time (5-10 minutes). After 24 hours of not hearing the mimicked person makes Index once again unable to mimic their sounds.

Size Shift: Index can shift between his full form or a smaller, more manageable form at will. Index's size goes from 50 feet (15.24 meters) in length and 10 feet (3 meters) in width to 20 feet (6 meters) in length and roughly 2 feet (.6 meters) in width.

Spiny Scales: If Index feels threatened, they can have scales on their body shift to face upwards, making them appear somewhat like a reptilian porcupine. These scales are razor sharp and can easily cut up an attacker attempting to land a physical attack on Index. These scales are around the same sharpness as metal blades, being able to cut through flesh with relative ease.

Mending Vibrations: Index is able to subtly vibrate their entire body, letting off a soft humming sound. Anything organic (Both living and previously living) within a 10 feet radius of Index will slowly mend any damage done to it, this also applies to Index themself. Minor wounds such as cuts or scrapes take only a minute or two to heal, meanwhile more serious damage (deep cuts, serious burns, broken bones) take 20-30 minutes to heal. If someone has already died from their wounds, the healing will not bring them back to life, it will just heal the wound. Index must be stationary for the entire process.

Passive Abilities:
Constricting Strength: Much like the boa constrictor, Index is able to wrap around prey and use immense force to crush prey. In their full-size Index can wrap around and crush things such as school buses or oil tankers. In their smaller size, Index has the same constricting capabilities as a green anaconda.

Immense Knowledge: Index carries an incredible amount of knowledge in his brain orb and is able to easily understand many concepts given to him in a matter of minutes. Index can recall most major events in reality with extreme detail and knows most species by name. Index's knowledge on specific individuals only extends to those figures who play a major part in a religion or otherwise are very well known.

Eldritch Anatomy: Index does not need to breath, eat/drink, or sleep and works perfectly fine without them. However, he is capable of doing these actions if asked.

Temperature Resistance: Index has high resistance to very low and very high temperatures. The resistance is strong enough for Index to exist in the subzero temperature of space and only feel slightly chilly or be only short distance from a star and barely sweat. However this resistance only applies to the temperature, and not any actual resistant to fire or ice. If Index is engulfed in flames his body will burn up or if are frozen they will remain frozen.

Outside the Laws of Life and Death: The orb in Index’s head is effectively indestructible and does not seem to take even the slightest hint of damage from any source. If Index ‘dies’, their physical form will quickly flake away until only the orb is left. The orb will then transport itself back to Index’s home (An intricate system of tunnels made by Index) to try and revive Index. The reviving process can’t be stopped but the orb can be moved while the process is happening. After three days, Index will revive, forming a new body with the orb now embedded into it.

Do. Not. Press. Buttons.: The many segments on Index’s orb act like buttons. They are rather firm in positioning and cannot be pressed without a decent amount of force, however if something besides Index’s appendages presses down these segments Index will then suffer from extreme vertigo. This vertigo can last up to three hours depending on how hard the button(s) is/are pushed. The amount of force needed is about what is needed for an average human to put all their strength into a punch.

The Elder Sign: The elder sign, while not a serious threat to Index, is still extremely annoying to them. While in the presence of the elder sign Index will frequently 'freeze up'. When this happens they stop any movement, abilities, and talking and simply remain still for 5-10 seconds. This freezing occurs randomly and without warning.

The truth will set you free: Lies go against everything that Index embodies and because of that they are incapable of lying. They can however state things in a way that is the truth while still also withholding information.

Common Magical Items: None

It was all so fast. One second it was the endless void of non-existence, then the next Index floated aimlessly across the then barren wasteland that was the cosmos. As Index first opened its eyes and experienced its surroundings, the first glyph was engraved onto the ball Index had lodged in its head. Soft clacking soon filled the noiseless void as Index learned slowly about the universe. Index swam through the black void it called its home as they tried to figure out why they were here and what they were supposed to do. As Index explored and tested itself, the orb in their head slowly became more and more engraved with glyphs. As this happened Index began to realize their purpose, to learn and catalogue. Thus began the unending cycle of Index doing everything they could to learn, as soon as something new appeared Index was one of the first to investigate. Over the process of millennia every inch of Index’s orb was covered in runes, each of which deeper and more prominent as they began storing multiple types of information each.

Index secluded itself even among other Eldritch as it truly became immersed in information. Across universes and realities Index had an immense web of information from designated ‘wells’ (People who had mad a contract with Index) but even these wells were forgettable to Index. As they had such an immense scale of knowledge, individuals were usually not deemed memorable enough despite how entertaining they were. Only those that had truly unique powers or character were on Index’s radar, Selkiris was one such individual. Selkiris's desperation to bring back his wife caught Index's eye, and they made a deal with the archmage. They watched Selkiris's adventure earnestly until Selkiris forcefully summoned Index with the intent to kill them. Index could have escaped at any time, the summoning only forced him here, not keep him. However as the elemental armageddon raged on Index thought about death and how they could possibly learn a lot from the experience. So, when Selkiris unleashed a killing blow to Index, they did not escape it. Rather they embraced it with open arms as the key to an entirely new pool of information, quickly disabling any reviving protocols the orb currently had. Index watched as Selkiris consumed a piece of their flesh and ascended into an eldritch being, and soon after their own body flake away, leaving only their orb as the remnant of what they were. Index’s orb would move from place to place for the next millennium, towing the spiritual essence of Index with it. While never kept in any narrow reality antique shop or museum, the orb found its home among many collectors of the supernatural who only knew of a fraction of what the orb truly contained. Eventually the orb fell into the hands of relic thieves who would stow it away on a boat to Manta Carlos. The orb resided partially buried in the forest, still and motionless. While the orb was currently inactive, Index itself was still very much learning. The spirit of Index was able to possess one of the butterflies of the child Ebviony, using them as their current conduit of knowledge.

Eventually, the revive protocols the orb had were somehow reactivated, allowing Index to once again enter physical plane and do what it did best, learn.

None, relies completely on Ebviony currently.

Additional Information: Lorge Snek
First release
Last update
January 1
Aspect of Knowledge
Image Credits
Image is Y’Shaarj from Hearthstone

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