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Name: Symlink
Age: 0 (apparent: 10years)
Birthday: 01/01/2020
Gender: One. I jest, he's a boy.
Species: Half Yokai (Kitsune), Half Data
Category: Student
Class: Elementary
Grade: 4

Appearance Description:

Height: 1.29 meters (4'3")
Weight: 30 kg (around 66lbs)
Fox Height: 71 centimeters (2'4") (all four, ground to shoulder), a little over double that if standing on hind legs (can't balance very well).
Physical Build: Slim
Hair: Phosphorescent Green
Fur: White with Phosphorescent Green ends (paws, tail, ears)
Eyes: Light Green
Clothing Preferences:

  • Has a robot-like earpiece shaped like fox ears. He can't remove it
  • At the end of his spine there's a round shaped robotic piece that projects his tail as a sort of solid holographic projection. Can't remove the projector, but can power it down though.
  • Usually dark pants, white shoes and light colored shirts are among his favorite.
  • Nothing (as a fox, that is)
  • Anything with green accents
  • Never picky about clothing

Personality Description: Symlink is a new existence, he may have some knowledge hard coded in him but is still that of a child that is still growing, and of course this leads him to being a naive being. A good child at that: does not aim to commit mischief, is willing to listen and obey those older than him, has a curiosity that doesn't stretch into getting himself in trouble in any way, always eager to study... He has yet to figure out what he likes, dislikes, and fears, however.

Active Abilities:
  • Data Phase
    Because of his origins, Symlink has developed the ability to turn to and from data, as well as whatever is in his possession provided it is in a bag, on his body, or within his pockets. When turned to data, he glows partially or whole green and becomes translucent, turning into pixels, and being able to traverse streams of data inside electronic devices or outside it. When he enters an electronic device, his data is compressed, allowing for a quicker transfer but limiting his routes based on the connections. Meanwhile, traversing data fields (like wifi signals) pretty much involves him floating in a speed no higher than he'd achieve running on foot, with the added advantage of traversing obstacles as if he were a ghost. Inside computers he may sometimes be witnessed by his pixel avatar.

  • Digital Reconstruction
    This is his ability to reshape himself as fast as his father can, copy one appearance, create his own, turn into animals (preferring an arctic fox's form)... And just like his father, he is as limited in how he can copy a form since one's strength, powers or weight doesn't carry over, and while he could copy something like a motorcycle or a six meter (19'9") long snake, he could not crush or ram someone.
    Additionally, due to the nature of Digital Reconstruction, he can recreate areas of himself that were damaged by using "stray data" as long as his head is intact to replace the damaged one in a matter of minutes, the more intense the damage, the longer it takes. However for internal problems such as internal bleeding he needs external intervention, preferably from people who can interact with his coding.

  • Dreamer's SHEEP
    Through desire to create his own world or bring people into his, Symlink has started to subconsciously do both during his sleep. While sleeping, Simulatory Host-Embedding Electronic Ports (AKA. SHEEP) will manifest in the real world as varied electronic devices, like game systems, computers, monitors, phones, etc., all wired to nothing and perpetually fully powered. Those who attempt to use a SHEEP by any means will be converted into data and transported into Symlink's dream, where they will stay until Symlink wakes up or they find a replica of the SHEEP in there and turn it off, and once out of Symlink's dream they will find themselves exactly where they first used a SHEEP but the device will be no longer there. No more than 5 SHEEP can exist at once, and they all appear within an area of 9 meters from where Symlink sleeps at different intervals. There are a number of safety protocols in his dreams to protect Symlink and the guests from actual harm.

Passive Abilities:
  • Data Seer
    Symlink is capable of seeing the flow of all data streams that flows wirelessly as a thin glowing blue fog, and that comes in handy when using Data Phase to move around. However no matter what he cannot tell what flies about in the streams of data.

  • Bio Immunity
    Given he is half made of data, Symlink's body is incapable of processing substances that would be harmful at biological level, such as a snake's venom, or a poisonous fish while not preventing his nourishment. Certain substances such as acid, bleach, and the like ARE still harmful for him.

  • Digital Lifeform
    He is half yokai, but his other half is of data, which is why his body was construct with inhuman features such as a robotic piece replacing his ears and a round metal projector that opens in a beak-like shape to project his tail, or why he can interact with digital data as well as change his own to a degree. The projector is capable of displaying his reaction via dense projections that can be physically interacted with, showing for example an interrogation sign when Symlink is puzzled, or an arrow when he wants to point someway. This however in no way prevents him from consuming normal food to gain nourishment, nor prevents him from drowning. In a sense, he's just as alive as anyone!

  • Backup Unit
    Symlink can be backed up in a computer, taking up to half a terabyte of virtual space. However his backup units are encrypted and a 1024 bytes encryption key is required to activate it, and said key is only accessible by his father, Neon. Activating a Backup Unit while one Symlink is already active will cause the backup to send its data to the previous one to restore any damage that can't be undone.

  • Overclock - Should Symlink consume too many sweets, his body will soon enter a state where it will greatly increase activity, granting absurdly increased agility to he point he can just walk 1 meter per 1/100 seconds (giving the illusion of him teleporting around) and heightened thinking speed (which would allow him to, for example, read millions of words in a matter of seconds and understand it all), as it will try to burn off the excess of energy, resulting in him eventually passing out and shutting down for a while before he can return to normal with a headache. While overclocked, his eyes, tail, hair and earpieces turns red, as well any green accent he has in a form other than his normal one, and the overclocked state can last up to thirty minutes.

  • Digital Vulnerability
    While he is within computers or data streams as compressed data, he can risk being hacked, corrupted, altered by unautohrized means, so things like computer viruses, trojans, malware are all harmful for him if he interacts with them somehow. He's cautious enough due to instinct, but caution only protects so much.

  • EMP
    Like father, like son, Symlink can be harmed by EMP blasts, but to a more severe level. Depending on the intensity of the blast, his body can fragment for a while, or he may show some glitches non-different from a game glitch, parts of his body can be blasted out of existence requiring him to reconstruct himself, or in the worst case he may be blasted out of existence.

  • Exorcism or Dispelling Rites
    One can use dispelling rites or exorcism to reveal his true form or even harm him directly. Extends to him being within a data stream.

One day, Neon had a crazy idea: Use one of the school's computers to try and see if his memories were encrypted within himself. Through his Digital Silk, he transferred all the data he could from himself, and his plan was going fine for about half an hour... Didn't take long for the computer to start out spouting errors, then the screen turned ominously blue, random strings of bytes took over the VRAM and... The PC shut down abruptly. Neon desperately tried to turn it back on, and once he thought he may have fried the PC it wasn't long after confessing what he did with sheer guilt in tone until he faced detention.

But what was happening... Went far beyond the physical world. The computer connected to another, and another, random computers had shut down in similarly way, and wouldn't turn back on until about a week later. No technician knew what happened, but the truth was out there... One particular computer managed to compile the packets it received from all others, and with that a child was born in the digital universe.

This child, whose filename was "Symlink", was given only a clue to his origins: Neon. The image of his father and name were all he had to go by, before he found himself wandering outside the school, knowing who to find and pursuing to meet him as soon as possible... But who is his mother? He only knows a string that leads to "her": 75 6D 39 6E 4F 6E. In other words, his mother is a computer, the one Neon accidentally "broke".

Resources: Outside of the usual school material? Nothing worth noting

Additional Information: That pixel art boy was made by me, GrimRPer, yes.
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Half Yokai (Kitsune), Half Data
0 (apparent: 10)
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Yes, pixel art by me, GrimRPer

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