Sushi TumblePaw

Primary Sushi TumblePaw

Name: Sushi
Apparent Age: 12
Gender: Male (He, Him)
Species: Fish
Height: 4'3"
Build: Skinny

Notable Features: Usually wearing a special scuba mask, can't see his face when he is. If for some reason he wasn't wearing it, he has teal skin and darker teal hair, with an angler fish lure sticking out, though it usually isn't glowing. Has neon blue eyes, gills on the upper section of his neck, webbed hands and feet.

Physical Quirks: Very quiet, has trouble understanding most words. Super curious, but kinda comes off as creepy given the fact that his face is usually covered and he isn't talking.

Abilities Summary: Can go invisible, breathe underwater, see in the dark, and shift between salt and freshwater.

Reputation: Some people may have heard of a small creepy scuba diver ghost appearing on campus. He's that scuba diver.

Misc Information: Can't breathe without his helmet. Will react to certain words. For example, "poof" will cause him to shift between visible and invisible, "say" will cause him to repeat whatever came after it.
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