Primary Sushi

Name: Sushi

Age: 12

Birthday: August 4th

Gender: Male

Species: Merfolk

Category: Student

Grade: Remedial

Appearance Description:

When most people see Sushi, it's hard to tell much aside from the fact that they are just above four feet tall and frail. He's usually wearing a special scuba helmet which covers his whole head. Even the glass in front is tinted, making it hard to see his face unless someone were to press theirs right against it. His clothing is almost always waterproof, typically including an over sized yellow raincoat and rubber boots.

Underneath the layers, some may be surprised to find a teal coloured fish boy. Atop his head is a bush of darker teal coloured hair, with a lure similar to that of an anglerfish's poking out. Though his esca (glowy thing at the end of the lure) is usually not glowing. His eyes are fairly oversized, neon blue in colour and actually glowing when he gets excited. His ears are very similar in appearance to fins and near the top of his neck are a set of gills. His hands and feet are also webbed, and his skin is more on the scaly end of the spectrum.

Personality Description:

It's not always easy to tell what Sushi is thinking. The fish boy has developed a much better understanding of speech than he had when he arrived on the island, but communication still proves to be a weak point for him. That combined with his face usually being hidden are often a recipe for miscommunication. Big words and sayings for example will usually fail to land. Despite his limited vocabulary, the fish boy is very outgoing. He seems to naturally approve of everyone he meets, and likes to be around company, often regardless of how they treat him.

He's a curious lad. Often trying to learn new things about the strange land above the water, and putting effort into becoming better versed with how life works on Manta Carlos. However, he's a naive and gullible young guy. He'll believe just about anything he's told, and has very little reason to go against what people say. His docile nature certainly doesn't help with that either.

Despite his inability to catch lies and his lack of common sense, he is still quite clever. He's good at problem solving and has a knack for puzzles. He's certainly far more analytical than he lets on, which lends itself to his empathetic tendencies.

Active Abilities:
  • Invisibility - Sushi can make himself, anything on him, and up to two other people who are touching him go invisible. While invisible, everything appears to be in different shades of blue for both him and others, but otherwise he's able to see fine. The blue vision only displays what is physically there. He loses control of this ability when he gets nervous or scared and will often go invisible without choosing to. (While invisible, people can't see him but he is still there, people can still bump into him).

Passive Abilities:
  • Scuba Helmet - The helmet on Sushi's head fills with water which it constantly filters and regulates the temperature of. There’s a small section on the top that screws off to allow it to be filled with water or to put food into. When there are sounds outside of it, they will be replayed inside so he can hear them. The same is done in reverse with sounds coming from inside the helmet. Because of this, Sushi sounds like he's talking out of a walkie talkie, and sounds from outside sound like they're coming out of a walkie talkie to him as well.
  • Underwater Breathing - Sushi has gills and can breathe underwater indefinitely.
  • Deep Sea Vision - Sushi can see just fine in the dark.
  • Water Adapting - Sushi's body is capable of adapting between relying on salt water or fresh water. It's certainly more comfortable to just keep using the same type of water, but if he was to be moved from fresh to salt water, his body would slowly adapt rather than just drying out. The process takes several minutes and usually makes him itchy.

  • Dry Skin - If Sushi doesn't wet his body regularly, it will dry out. He will become uncomfortable and itchy.
  • Water Breather - Sushi can't breathe air. He's got about three minutes out of water without his scuba helmet before he starts floating to the top of the tank. Of course he’s usually not in a tank with this happens. He usually just flops over onto the ground.


For as far back as Sushi can remember, he was always just alone in the ocean. He was just another fish, relying on instincts to stay alive year after year. Luckily, he had the ability to go invisible, one that he became reliant on for catching prey and avoiding predators. If it wasn't for that ability, he probably wouldn't have survived as long as he did.

After twelve years of the ocean life, he was discovered by a scientist who was testing out an invention in the water. They took immediate interest in the fish child and ended up catching him and bringing him home.

Originally, the scientist figured they'd discovered a crazy new species and planned to share their discovery with the world. However, that took a turn when she discovered his ability to turn invisible. She then came the realization that the boy was intelligent, further pushing her away from her original plans. She instead chose to hold on to him.

She kept him in a large basin of water in her basement, and worked on teaching the boy to communicate for the following weeks. During this time, she also worked on creating a helmet to allow the boy to get around on land. The lady started calling him Sushi, mostly as a joke, but it stuck and essentially became his name.

Unfortunately, her heart wasn't exactly in the right place with everything she did to help him out. When she finally got him to a point where they could somewhat communicate and the helmet was successfully allowing him to travel on land, she revealed her true motive. She started using him to commit robberies. She needed money to fund her projects and Sushi couldn’t even tell this was wrong.

She actually succeeded a couple times, with Sushi mindlessly following her simple orders to make them invisible or not. But on the fifth job, they got busted by scouts. The scientist was thrown in jail, but Sushi was separated and transported to MCI.

They took several days to try and get him prepped before letting him loose. They improved his vocabulary with a few important words and phrases. They also set up a dorm room for him with a huge fish tank inside to take up about half of the space.


The school takes care of him for the time being.

Additional Info:

The art included in the character app is by me.
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