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Primary Sumi no Ookami

Appearance Description:

  • Eyes: Black (Red under strong light)
  • Hair: White with gradient to black locks.
  • Skin: Slightly Pale
  • Build: Slim
  • Height: 1.45 m (4'9")
  • Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Clothing Preference:
    None, anything goes for his human disguise, although it is more often than not that he is seen with white clothes with red major accents and black minor ones, but overall matches those around him. The clothes above are a childish variation of shinto clothes, reflecting his origins, which includes a short sleeveless yukata, a red furoshiki around his neck bound by a single magatama bead a red sash, a pair of white-toed red tabi socks with a painted pattern, red zori sandals, and red cycling shorts that breaks the traditional aspect somewhat. Sometimes is seen carrying a black randoseru backpack.
Personality Description:
An avid artist at heart, Sumi absolutely loves drawing, painting, writing, scribbling, whatever he needs to do to distract himself, except singing or playing an instrument due to his lack of confidence and him being a bit off tone. Despite his childish look, he is smarter than what one may expect of his apparent age and actual age, possessing knowledge of things like anatomy to a surprising detail, as well as being a bit of a critic to fellow artists but focusing on constructive criticism.

Easy ways to earn his trust are to offer meat or sweets, but the former is guaranteed to please him while the later just gets him buzzed for most of the time, but keep anything heavy on salt or citric acid away from him, he simply can't stand very salty or citric flavor. Among things he can't stand are anime cliches (such as the main hero always getting an ultimate power), people who can't recognize the value of art, and absolutely cries like a baby when he reads or watches a sad history (not that he doesn't like it, to be honest).

Always trying to be of help, Sumi uses his abilities in secret to guide others towards what they want, need, or forgot, however people misunderstanding what he hinted them frustrates him a little. Be careful, he is a clingy kid.

Active Abilities:
  • Ink Shift
    Sumi possesses the ability to change into any form, humanoid or animal, between his actual height and a quarter of it as he desires, without gaining nor losing mass. During the Ink Shift, he temporarily reverts to a slime-like form made of black ink, as his body will readjust to the new shapes and colors he will be taking.

  • The World is my Canvas!
    The ink Sumi produces can have any color he desires and has the magical property of lingering on the air, and will stay like so unless someone wipes it off or it is washed away, little to no different from watercolor that hasn't dried, and posing zero threat to anyone. Up to 4 liters (135.25 ounces) can be produced per day if he is well nourished.

  • Word Whisper
    By pointing at a person and focusing on them, Sumi is capable of writing words or whole phrases into their mind, acting as a kind of one-way telepathic communication. However its range is limited to a soccer field in distance, Sumi will glow red with energy while using such ability, and this does not force them to take action.

  • Memory Reel - In an intense desire to never forget his past life as Norai, a new power has awakened within Sumi, granting him the ability to create a blank scroll. Whoever holds this scroll for minutes in their possession will transfer their memories into it, more important memories having a sumi-e image next to the narrative of said event, less important ones being in text only. Even if it is consistently in Japanese, anyone will be able to understand what is in there, and after reading a few lines they will be put into a slumber where they will witness the events they were reading about. However only Sumi and the owner of those memories can enter it, and the scroll can be destroyed without consequences.

  • Painted Reality
    By marking his hand (or paw) on a painting or drawing with a gold-colored ink, Sumi can create a link to a fictional reality based on the art piece, allowing anyone who stares at it for longer than a minute to be pulled into it and live the fantasy within however as they please without fear of coming to any permanent harm. The denizen of Painted Reality won't be aware, but the guest will have a themed mask over their own face, which can be removed to bring them out of it and back into the original reality.
Passive Abilities:
  • Ink Tsukumogami
    Due to his composition, Sumi is capable of regenerating from wounds in seconds, while severing a part of him takes minutes to recover from, assuming he is well nourished. He doesn't need to breath and is immune to illnesses or diseases.

  • Shrine-Born
    Because he was originally "born" in a shrine, Sumi has attained immunity to exorcism spells and is capable of entering holy grounds without restrictions.

  • Animal Senses
    Sumi's senses are comparable to that of animals, having the hearing and nose of a wolf, and sight of an eagle.

  • Spirit Sensor
    Being a spirit given form, Sumi is capable of detecting living beings within half a soccer field, though he can only pinpoint the exact locations of those that he can see.
  • Cold
    Sumi's ink starts freezing at -5°C (23°F), at that point the cold feels painful and slow down his regeneration to the point it can take a minute or so. After being in this cold for at least 5 minutes his extremities may freeze and fall off, and he cannot regenerate a frozen area.

  • Ink Core
    A fist-sized sphere that is pitch black, consistently placed where the heart should be, is what maintains all his form. Sensitive to damage, specially magical damage, this core is slightly more durable than human heart, and treated like one in case it takes any kind of damage.
Common Magical Items: - Null -

  • Centuries ago an onmyoji made ink of several sacred and even forbidden ingredients to be able to create spells that could easily contain any yokai. His name faded into obscurity, as he was just known as the "Tainted Sorcerer" for countless taboos he broke later on and the ink was kept into a shrine's storeroom without the knowledge of any of the carers.

  • Time passed, a mangaka, a manga author, saw the shrine selling out a red urn with a golden dragon painted all around it, but what really sold it to him was when the carer said it was just an urn full of old smelly ink, was used in protective amulets a few times but was no longer needed by the shrine and they even thought of disposing of the ink.

  • The urn was placed on a corner desk in the mangaka's studio, and ever since he felt more inspired to make stories and draw, to the point that he was fulfilling his quota in one third of the allotted time, selling copies in events like there was no tomorrow, and even came up with many One Shots in one year. It was of his belief that the urn made him so inspired.

  • One day, a visitor accidentally knocked the urn, which broke and left a massive black stain covering a large area of the studio's floor, but after the guest left and before he could clean up, what the mangaka saw was no stain, but a boy in white and red clothes with ears and tail. "Sumi-no-Ookami", as he introduced himself, swore to keep his owner's motivation, in exchange for making him exist. The mangaka, but the reason he saw this boy in first place was due to his high spiritual level

  • At first the mangaka feared people would see the boy and believe him to be a monster, but soon he learned that each person saw Sumi as just a normal boy with nothing unusual about him, and he was even able to attend school. To prevent him from accidentally letting people know who he is, Sumi was told that his name would be "KuroSumi" and that they were siblings.

  • Years would pass, nothing seemed wrong, but eventually someone would approach his apartment and knock on the door. That person was a scout from Starlight Academy, who happened to be around Japan for a few days now, tracing rumors of a mangaka that was apparently possessed, they have seen a "monster kid" around him in shrines and temples lately. With the offer of a safer environment for the kid to grow, the mangaka found himself torn: on one hand, he had an important meeting with a publisher, on another he had to decide whether job or Sumi was important. His choice was a third option...

    He trusted the scout to take Sumi no Ookami to Manta Carlos, and promised he would discuss with his publisher about ways to deliver the manga from a new location instead, and wouldn't be able to go with them for the time being, entrusting Sumi to the Starlight Academy's guardianship for the time being. Shouldn't be long until they are together again.
Aside from all the resources that the school provides (Including housing), he possesses a black randoseru backpack that he treasures as the first gift he received.

Additional Information:
  • Sumi's full name means " Wolf of Ink" in a literal translation, other may mistake it when pronounced for "Great Spirit of Ink", and "Kuro" means Black.
  • "Kuro" is the shortened version of the name his big brother gave him: "KuroSumi" (Black Ink). He allows anyone to call him by the nickname, but only his big bro is allowed to call him KuroSumi (he would pretend he didn't hear it, otherwise).
    • In addition, his family name among humans is "Honda"
  • Sumi is a fan of manga, games and fiction in general, specially works in which Akira Toriyama was involved, even if he hates cliches in them.
  • Curiously, he dreams and sleeps like any sentient being. His dreams are often filled with detective drama, romance, action, or in rare cases sheer nonsense.
  • Sumi's voice is similar to Detective Conan ("Case Closed")
Further Development:
Retrieving What is Lost....

In that story is revealed that he was once the child of a Thunder Oni and a Human during the Muromachi Period (1333 to 1568), had physical features that were different like short spiky black hair and yellow eyes, and his black kimono with clouds and lightning in yellow, with an embroidery of a mitsudomoe on the back as an emblem of the oni clan his mother belonged to. Norai, as he was known, lived outside the town, deep in the forest, with his mother Shirogane (the Thunder Oni who has fallen from the village in the clouds and was never allowed to return to, as her leading Raijin forbid her) and his father Yoma (a genius of the mystical arts of the time, who so happened to create the ink from which Sumi was "born")

Norai explained how his mother got hurt trying to protect him from a bakeneko after he ran away from overhearing his mother wanting to return to the clouds, how that was the day he saw her anger surface, and how since he had believed in the oni being angry at him. That was soon disproven by Sumi, as he pointed out how the drums were being played with a mother's passion for life.

However they both knew that the regained harmony and peace to Norai's heart wasn't going to last forever: Yoma will die alone, Shirogane leaves without giving reasons nor destination, and Norai himself is fatally wounded at the age of 31 while trying to protect the village, holding only the memories of his childhood in mind, therefore all else is hazy.
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Yokai, Ink Tsukumogami
17, apparent 12
January 9th, 2004
Technically none, identifies as a boy
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