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Name: Stefan Jogstad

Age: 22

Birthday: May 16th

Gender: Male (he/him)

Species: Demi-God

Category: Citizen

Career: Signed Artist at Wonderville Records


*America from Hetalia. Artist: Mano-Manu

Appearance Description: Standing 5'10" and weighing in at 195 pounds, the blonde haired Stefan is no menacing figure. His ice blue eyes are the star attraction upon his handsome face, followed closely by a lopsided grin that is almost always worn on his face. Although he spends most of his time outdoors, his skin isn't as dark as many would think it should be, but he is far from pale. Sunglasses are never far. If they are not being worn, they are resting upon the top of his head most of the time. T-shirts and jeans are the most common attire Stefan owns and wears.

Personality Description: Stefan is carefree. Sometimes TOO carefree. He tends to be the life of the party wherever he goes, but this also tends to draw unwanted attention. Always able to chat up just about anyone he meets. Stefan is very fluid with how he acts based on who is around him, the burly jock one moment, the sweet and caring shy guy the next.

Active Abilities:
Seiðr (Realty Warping): A gift Stefan inherited from his mother, although his is a little different than hers. Stefan is able to create entire scenes of illusions while he sings them. Everything within a 20ft radius of him is visually altered with "holographic" like visions of the story to compliment the song. It is easily stopped by making Stefan stop singing. Stefan can also "shape" where the story is taking place so that he is able to face and "audience" and sing them a story, effectively engulfing them in the story.

Passive Abilities:
God-like Strength: Stefan has lifted cars over his head and thrown them with ease

Partial-Immortality: Stefan doesn't age, and will not die of old age. He can and does get hurt like a mortal and can be killed like one.

Siren eyes: Upon making eye contact beyond a mere glance, the gazer feels more attracted to Stefan. The attraction is appropriate for the gazers sexuality (if they were normally attracted to males sexually they would be more attracted to him sexually. If not, they feel more comfortable around him such as a good friend or a kindred spirit would).

Weaknesses: Stefan is completely mortal when it comes to being hurt or killed.

Biography: Stefan Jogstad. Love child from a night of unbridled passion between the Goddess Freyja (his mother) and a mortal man (his father). Born in the fields of Fólkvangr, Stefan was an outcast amidst the Valkyries and fallen heroes. Nevertheless, he did his best to fit in. From feats of strength against the Valkyries, to listening to stories of valor from the fallen. Each time he was cast aside as "Freyja's Boy" instead of the individual that he was.

Eventually he decided to set out on his own at the age of 16 to find his father, with his mother's permission.
Years went by in his search, until one day he saw a man passed out in a gutter. Stefan ran to help him, and as the man's eyes peaked open he saw them. Matching ice blue eyes. The same that Stefan had. After helping the man sober up and back home, Stefan left without ever mention his name to the man, his thoughts a whirlwind. How could these two polar opposites, Freyja, the Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, and this....drunkard...have ever been an item? What did his mother see in him? A year later, Stefan decided to be more open to others. Surely everyone had a story, a reason for their past and why they acted. It was that story that Stefan sought, and those stories he used in his travel to get by.

After several run ins with mortal law enforcement (it seems making people see visions while singing has people believing you are an illegal drug dealer or a terrorist), Stefan turned back to his mother for help. She pleaded with him to return, crying tears of rose gold. Stefan refused as he didn't want to be stuck in her shadow forever. That is when she told him about Manta Carlos, and helped him find his way there.

Resources: Not much (besides his mother being THE Freyja). Bit of money in his pocket he was able to earn on the way into town, and a backpack with a couple changes of clothes. Managed to fall in on an apartment shortly after arriving.
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May 16th
Signed Artist at Wonderville Records
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America from Hetalia
Artist: Mano-Manu

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