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Primary Soosei "Gemini", Hakushoku

Minor Deity associated with Wealth, Protection, Unattainable Desires.
Manju Baker.​

Appearance Description:
Height: 1.81m (5'11")
Weight: 52kg (114lbs)
Fox Height: 1.02m (3'4") (on all four), 2.04m (6'8") (on hind legs)
Physical Build: Slim
Hair: Gold towards orange
Fur: Golden with white ear and tail tips and white paws, fox form has a white mane with red stripes non-different from a tiger.
Eyes: Mostly Golden
Clothing Preferences:

  • Rarely anything different from what is seen on their appearance.
  • Colors associating with the current season (White for winter, orange or red for fall, green for spring, bright yellow or light blue for summer).
  • Traditional japanese clothes (Hakama, yukata, you name it. Likes wearing them all).
Personality Description:
Soosei can be better described as a lively kitsune with a slightly flirtatious behavior, albeit for nothing more than tease most of the time; a kind deity wiling to help any and forsake her own wealth for the sake of others, or help them in their unattainable desire in an attempt to make it attainable; and a remarkable talent to all kinds of manual skills.

Her tastes comes to classical and traditional music being on the top of her list, as well as traditional cuisine, meat, and sweets; meanwhile things that displeases her are heavy metal and any offense to their cooking, and the sound of fire trucks causes her severe discomfort due to an incident in her past that caused some trauma.

Active Abilities:
  • Heavenly Flames
    A spell of her own creation, allows summoning and control of white flames that may or may nor harm depending on her intent, and "consumes" other flames to grant her control over them as well, although such control can be relinquished. The maximum area under her effective control being no greater than the area of half an Olympic pool and being unable to control flames that are controlled supernaturally by someone else.

  • Fortune Touch
    Soosei can bless the owner of a wallet, purse or money pouch with good fortune (usually pertaining to money and business) that can last from a whole day to a whole week. Stolen wallets, purses or money pouches will instead curse the thief with terrible luck until they return what they have stolen.

  • Shapeshift
    Like other kitsune, she is able to change form at will, taking even on the form of objects and creatures that can be as large as an elephant or as small as a squirrel than herself, but cannot copy their abilities in its entirety, so she could turn into a asian dragon or a kettle but wouldn't be anywhere near as durable as either nor be capable of flight. Her transformations are quick and often accompanied by flash of white light, but sometimes it can happen with shadow consuming her.

  • Hakushoku Awakening
    Soosei becomes capable of splitting themselves in two entities, one which retains all the original traits and one who dons a white yukata and call themselves Hakushoku (Or "Haku" for short). When splitting, their powers are divided evenly, they retain the ability to communicate mentally over kilometers of distance, Hakushoku's gender becoming opposite to Soosei's current gender, and their hair and fur becoming bright white to the point it shines in the dark. Hakushoku can only merge back to Soosei, so it can't be use as a way for Soosei to warp around.

Passive Abilities:
  • Child of the White Tiger
    While not really the "Son of Byakko", Soosei had immense agility, reflexes and strength. To put it in perspective, she can lift twice her weight like it was nothing, keep up with a car at 60 km/h (37.3 mph) or even surpass them. Sometimes one may see light blue electric sparks surge from her, but it poses no threat whatsoever.

  • Divine Healing
    Her body recovers unnaturally fast from illnesses or wounds, or anything that doesn't involve organ or limb loss. Fevers, for one, lasts no longer than an hour, and most cut wounds closes up in a few minutes, and she could sleep one day with a severe cold and wake up fully healed.

  • Beast Language
    Due to having lived a very long time since birth among animals, Soosei learned their language and how to communicate with them as well, in case she needs a bit of natural help.

  • Animal Senses
    Her senses and instinct are vastly superior to that of a human, being able to hear, see, smell, feel contact, run faster and perceive danger better than a human being, as well as improving her performance in a number of tasks requiring those senses.

  • Heat-Proofed
    Soosei's body and fur isolates temperature above 37.5°C (99.5°F), preventing damage from heat and fire.

  • Divine Presence
    Her presence is somehow holy, gaining strength by proximity. Scares off minor demons and "evil" by a little, but can be easy to overcome said fear.

  • Animal Senses
    Explosions, flashes, bad smells, substances that harms her skin all will feel much worse on her than it would on an average human, making any pain or discomfort caused by those much worse.

  • Superior Entities (Gods, Major Deities or Demons)
    Gods, Major Deities or Demons can overwhelm her with little to no effort in combat and can suppress her powers from working as they should if they so desire verbally or mentally, causing her to turn into a common red fox or forcing her control on flames to cease. Fortune Touch is the only ability they can't affect unless their ability pertains to luck in general.

  • Alcohol
    Soosei really can't hold her alcohol, even a whiff of saké is enough to get her tipsy, and the smell alone tempts her to drink it. On the upside, her hangover is nowhere near as bad as it should.

  • Life by a Tail
    If her tail is cut off, Soosei will die shortly after, less than five minutes after to be exact. That is due to her life force being concentrated there. Likewise, grabbing or pulling her tail weakens her to the point she can't lift a finger.

  • Soosei originally died before she was born, but the White Tiger Baihu (also known as Byakko), gave her a small portion of their own energy so she could have a chance at life, although that changed her forever.
  • Under an abandoned run down shrine's floorboards is where she and her siblings were born and raised, in one of the Three Mountains of Yamato, without human contact until an arsonist burned their home when she was just 3 years old. Luckily, she survived and was saved by firemen, but also gained a trauma and a desire for revenge against the arsonist.
  • One night she exacted her revenge, saving a poor family on the process, and when she fled the family found an antique chest full of someone's savings, making them believe Soosei saved them and brought them fortune.
  • Soon after the story of Hakushoku, the White Light, led people to worship her as a minor deity and build her a shrine. As a cunning fox, she helped them in secret in exchange for certain gifts to help her learn how to be human.
  • Wasn't long until her fame reached a peak, but soon after came a downfall in the form of Hakujuu, the White Beast, which in truth was her when she was seen coated in white flames to run away from fear of a firetruck.
  • Not long after, people forgot about the two of them, as they prayed so much for protection from the Hakujuu and eventually forgot of Hakushoku altogether once they had no "reason" to pray there anymore, and in loneliness she decided to leave the prefecture of Nara in Japan to go to Manta Carlos, a place other youkai told her would be better for her.
  • Following her departure, miracles continued to those who happened to pray for protection or luck at her shrine, under her name or the name of other deities, and people trekking the nearby area found her shack, but simply assumed it to be a shrine caretaker's shack.

Resources: A custom-made stand to sell her manju at the park, simple residence in the forest, and little money.

Additional Information:

  • Her voice is similar to Yukana's (1) (2).
  • Was actually born intersex, and sometimes returns to that.
  • Soosei's biological father is an arctic fox that was rescued from the fabled "Fox Village" under animal welfare laws.
  • The alias "Gemini" is the name she went by when disguising as a human, she just grew fond of it.
  • Her true name will always be Hakushoku, as that is the name she ascended with.
  • The name "Soosei" (Twins) is the name her mother gave her. Not exactly that, but a close "translation" of it.
  • It's not uncommon to see Soosei in her fox form, specially during the winter
  • Lives in a humble shack in the forest with setups to sate all needs, specially for her skills practice
  • Excels at many mediums of art and has no difficult learning, even if she has never mastered it. Music, cooking, painting, writing, crafting, and that is to name a few.
  • Well-versed in knowledge of all things nature, like natural medicine and poison, detecting springs, knowing the time of the day without a clock, among other things, all learned from observation and experience.
  • Has a fold-up kiosk she made herself to sell her manju at the park.
First release
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Kitsune Yokai
June 9th 1999
Varies, mostly Female
Manju Baker, usually sells at the park.
Image Credits
Kaden from Fire Emblem Heroes by Kusugi Toku (Official Artwork).
Selkie from Fire Emblem Heroes by Enkyo Yuichiro (Official Artwork).

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