Sidney Bowers

Primary Sidney Bowers

Name: Sidney Bowers

Age: 19

Birthday: June 5th

Gender: Female (She, Her)

Species: Moth-Woman

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: 12

Appearance Description:

Regardless of what she may say, Sidney has a height of five feet and three inches. Her hair is completely purple and falls down to the bottom of her neck. On top of the hair, she also has similarly colored fuzz around her neck and wrists. Her skin is light purple, with two black eyes and a small button nose. Sprouting from her head are two dark purple antennae, and sprouting from her back are a pair of large wings with three circle markings decorating each of them. She has two sets of arms, but zero belly buttons.

Almost all of the clothing she owns has been "customized" as she would put it. Pants, shorts and shoes can get out of this customization process most of the time, but all of her upper wear, consisting mainly of sweaters, tank tops, tee shirts and occasionally a jacket, will never resell. She cuts large holes in the backs to let her wings through, as well as usually doing a number on sleeves or the sides of shirts to let her get two sets of arms out. If the neck hole isn't big enough to fit her fluff out, then that also gets attacked. All customization work is done by her with the closest sharp object and as one can imagine it isn't always pretty.

Personality Description:

Sidney is an impulsive tornado of a moth lady that doesn't tend to put a whole lot of thought into what she does or says. She tends to make a lot of dumb decisions and often drags others down with her. Her main goal in life is to have a good time and this is what often gets herself and others mixed up in all sorts of trouble. In general, she does mean well and care about those who are close to her. Just she sometimes fails to properly recognize what is actually best for them.

Sidney's picture of herself in her head is vastly different from the truth, She seems to act as if she's got everything together and is this fountain of all knowing knowledge. But in reality she's all over the place. She tries to cheer up her friends when they've got problems, discouraging moping around. But when she has any big issues of her own, she won't hesitate to hide in a pile of cider and empty pop cans for a week.

When it comes to a given task, the amount of effort going into it is completely reliant on how interested she is. When the task is something like algebra homework, people probably shouldn't expect to get a whole lot out of her. Luckily, she has a strong love for sweet drinks and can usually be motivated with those or food.

Active Abilities:


Passive Abilities:

  • Wings - Sidney's big wings are good for more than just scaring off giant birds, she can fly. She can fly about twice as fast as she can run and will tire out if she does so for more than an hour.
  • Antennae - While her nose isn't actually that good for smelling, her antennae are exceptional at picking up scents, allowing her to sniff out poisons in foods or detect people from hundreds of meters away.
  • Enhanced Vision - Sidney can see well during the day or night. Her eyes also allow her to see about twice as far as a normal human.


  • Bright Lights - Especially when it's darker out, a bright light can cause Sid to go into an almost trance like state where she'll just stare directly at the light. After about ten or so minutes, she'll usually recollect herself enough to shut her eyes. But if she opens them and looks at a light again, the process will simply restart itself.
  • Water - If Sid gets her wings wet, then she won't be able to fly until they are mostly dry. Her wings also make it difficult to swim.


Sidney doesn't really know where she came from, just that a couple of large insect eggs showed up behind a dumpster somewhere on Manta Carlos, they were found by a trash collector somewhere along the line and she was the only one of those to actually hatch. She doesn't remember anything from her first few years, but apparently she was a dumb caterpillar for a while then made a cocoon one day and popped out a week later looking all moth-like. She ended up getting taken in by an elderly human lady, who despite a great deal of effort, was never referred to as "mom".

The lady actually did a decent job taking care of this moth girl in the beginning. But a few years after starting school at Dark Crystal Academy, she fell into a bit of a questionable crowd. Her mother was too old to keep a proper eye on her during this time, so she started getting up to all sorts of shenanigans. She'd sneak out to meet other kids at night, got really into spray painting where she probably shouldn't have been and got around to pulling stupid pranks from time to time.

As time went on, she evolved into quite the little trouble maker. She stopped caring much about her studies and her future altogether and focused on having a good time in the present. She made some close friends with similar goals and they began making unhealthy decisions together. She also got into her first relationship with a spider gal from Starlight, named Aranea. Her time as a seventeen year old certainly seemed to be the best time of her life. It was after her eighteenth birthday that she started to slow down a little. While away at a party, the older woman taking care of her ended up getting very sick. It was a close call, but luckily she managed to phone for help in time.

After that, Sid couldn't help but worry a little for the lady. When she returned from the hospital, Sidney started to become responsible by taking care of her. Which took time away from her other less legal activities. Unfortunately, this only lasted about one week before Sidney was frozen in time.

She was frozen for just over twelve years, during which the world changed quite a bit. That elderly lady passed away shortly after, having completely forgotten that Sidney had ever existed. Her girlfriend was also outside the freeze zone, aging twelve years without her.

Eventually time started again, leaving Sidney with a lot of adjusting to do.


Sid gets everything from the school or mooching off of others.

Additional Information:

-When Sidney offers to mix someone a drink, it's usually a good idea to turn it down, it seems that regardless of what she mixes in, the result is almost always poison (Not actually poison, the drink just tastes really horrible 99/100 times).

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