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Primary Shrai (Etlaayz)

Name: Shrai (Etlaayz).
Age: 37 years.
Birthday: Estimated June 8.
Gender: Female.
Species: Aquatic mammal (dolphin).
Category: Staff.
Class: College.
Subject/Work: Xeno-biology (Biology: 5 years post-graduate experience, Xeno-biology: the last 2 years).

Appearance Description:
Eye color: Golden.
Skin color: silver-gray belly gradually changing to a jet black stripe down her back.
She is similar to a bottlenose dolphin, except for the coloring. She is approximately 11' from nose to tail and weighs in at a little over 650 Lbs.

She can take on a human form with the help of human shape charm. In this form, she is about 8' tall, weighing about 330 Lbs. Her skin is dark brown, almost black. Her eyes are still golden. She wears a simple sea-blue peasant dress.

Personality Description:
She is quite pragmatic, which served her well with her scientific and personal pursuits but not socially. Ekya was a pragmatic decision to keep the population in balance and nothing more.

She is a strict disciplinarian, not tolerating any nonsense. And not showing favoritism.

She had a deep hatred of the dominant species which spilled over to Ekya. But, with the help of a prince of a fragment of Atlantis, she has come to terms with it. Forgive them - never! But she will try not to judge others.

Active Abilities:
She has a cybernetic bio-scanner implanted in her body, which is hooked into her nervous system. When activated, it takes thermal images, breathing, heart rates, and neuro-electric images of anyone within 5' of her. There are implants in her teeth to do DNA and other biochemical analysis.

She has a human shape charm.

Passive Abilities:
She can telepathically communicate to any aquatic being within 40 feet of her.



Two intelligent species came into being on an Earthlike world: a human-like one on the land and a dolphin-like one in the sea. Shrai was from that dolphin species.

She was calved in the late spring to one of their smaller colony. Since it was so small, it when unnoticed for a long time. During this time, she learned everything they could teach her. She had an interest in other lifeforms and how life works. She studied biology with their masters and was implanted with a bio-scanner.

The purest faction among the dominant species of this world was growing in power and plotted the purging of all other sentient lifeforms, including her species. They quietly located all their colonies, including hers. Then launched a devastating attack using machines of war the likes have never been seen.

She was spared because she was out doing a study of a recently discovered lifeform.

Returning, she saw her colony was destroyed. Unfortunately, there was a raider there hunting down any strays. While she was being chased, another ship, not seen on this world, came out of a mist, scooped up Shrai, and vanished in that mist.

On another world, she was placed in a small sea, where she caved Ekya. She moped around as she mourned the loss of her kin. After her time of mourning, she wanted to resume her life and her education. She was evaluated at the college there and given a Masters of Biology and a position at this world's college. Later she earned a doctorate.

There she experienced things that she could not imagine, such as a world populated by intelligent plants. Even the fish and birds were plants.

When the ruler of this world was arranging for the first ones to join Manta Carlos, her son and herself were asked if they would be in that group. He knew they had reached as far as this world had to offer.

He submitted a detailed resume of Shrai to the Starlight Academy.

She lives in the sea and works at Starlight Academy, receiving a salary.

Additional Information:
First release
Last update
Aquatic Mammal.
37 years.
Estimated June 8.
Field of Study
Xeno biology.

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