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Angelo's most obvious feature is his hair. It's blond, extremely fluffy, and falls down past his ass. It's large enough that it's by far the most obvious thing about him. His hair frequently hangs in his face, obscuring his scars and generally making him appear more friendly. He's lost a chunk of his left cheek near his jaw, leaving only scar tissue, and he has two long slashes on the right side of his face. One runs vertical and runs from just right of his chin up past his mouth and narrowly missing his eye, and the other runs horizontal from just beside his right ear all the way to his nose. Off his face, he has plenty of smaller scars, but the most obvious is a large burn scar that runs from his left collarbone down his arm to near his elbow.

Angelo is 6'3" and very muscular. He's fairly broad at the shoulders, and if you can get past all the hair you'll find his eyes are a dark blue. He is often seen in the Manta Carlos police uniform, or in more casual wear. Angelo wears a small cross on a necklace under his clothes.


Angelo is a friendly guy first and foremost, and finding out he was raised as part of the mafia tends to throw people off. Angelo has never gained any enjoyment from violence, and while he grew up in a twisted situation, he's had years of practice to level him out and make him appear mostly normal.

In day to day life, he's outgoing and helpful, tending to put others ahead of himself. He has a reputation for sticking his nose in things, whether officially as a cop or while he's off-duty. He has a pretty firm set of opinions on the world's shady underbelly, strongly disliking those who get innocents involved. As long as criminals keep to themselves, Angelo is mostly content to let them go at it, understanding that there will always be that sort of violence. But if they're bringing in collateral damage, they'll face a very, very angry Angelo.

Angelo is a firmly loyal person, even if it's slightly twisted. His loyalty lies with his family first and his job second, but a part of him still holds that old loyalty to his Family back in New York. Even if he realizes there can be no life for him back there, a part of him is still nostalgic for the life he lead there.

To Angelo, regrets are pointless, and he doesn't let himself dwell on the past very often. He does have a strong distaste for peer pressure, very aware of how it can push people to do things they otherwise wouldn't.

Angelo is religious, having been raised Catholic, but he struggles to reconcile how he was raised with life on the island. He definitely believes in God, but the rules are a bit more vague for him.


Imperceptible: Angelo is capable of preventing people from noticing him. In practice, this is similar to invisibility, but works slightly differently. Those being affected by the aura can still see (or otherwise detect) Angelo, but the part of their brain that would register him will simply fail to go off. Their eyes will simply pass right over him, even if they're actively searching for him. This works on all senses (supernatural or otherwise), but does not work on cameras or other technology. For non-sapient creatures, the closer they are to sapient, the more effective the power will be against them.

Stop and Think: Angelo can stop time indefinitely. Unfortunately, this also effects him, with the exception of his brain. This gives Angelo time to stop and think before he unfreezes time.

Magekiller: Angelo possesses a magical firearm in addition to his normal service weapon. The gun itself uses mundane bullets, but any bullet fired from the gun has a special effect: They disrupt magic and any other supernatural effects. Any magic hit by the bullets becomes nullified, and a backfire effect kicks in, preventing the source of the magic from using any further magic for five minutes. When the bullets hit other supernatural effects, only that specific effect is knocked out. If someone puts up a magic shield and Angelo shoots them, not only will it pass through the barrier and hit them, but the moment the bullet hits the barrier they'll find themselves unable to cast any magic for five minutes.


Unnatural Strength: Once a reaper, Angelo still possesses the supernatural strength that he earned through his work. While a portion of this strength is physical, with Angelo being in his physical prime, but the majority of this is magical in nature. Angelo is capable of lifting around 5000 pounds with effort, can run around 75 miles an hour, is durable enough to shrug off most assault by a normal human, and has stamina to match.

Unnatural Lifespan: Angelo stopped aging at the age of twenty-seven, his lifespan being extended by the act of reaping souls. While he can no longer extend it father, the excess of energy remains, allowing Angelo to live for a few hundred years if he's careful. When injured, Angelo's excess lifespan is burnt in order to heal himself at a visible rate. The amount of energy burnt is comparable to the amount of time it would take for the damage to fully heal. An injury that would take a month to heal would take two months of lifespan. He cannot heal things that a human would not naturally be able to heal (such as regrowing limbs).


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  • Angelo was born in New York city to disinterested parents that were both involved with the Genovese crime family.
  • When the current Don had his son, Angelo was quickly attached to him as a 'best friend' who was more of a bodyguard. The understanding was always clear that Angelo was intended to be the responsible one, taking care of the younger boy and going where the Don's guards could not.
  • Angelo's powers awakened when he was twelve, allowing himself to vanish from sight. The don realized how useful Angelo's gift could be, and immediately put him to work.
  • Angelo took his first life at sixteen, but as the scale of his crimes increased, it became harder and harder to go out. He was all but confined to the mansion, and effectively separated from a normal day to day life.
  • When Angelo was eighteen, he received a letter from Manta Carlos, formally reaching out and offering him a place in the academy. While he assumed he wouldn't be allowed to go, the don instead encouraged him to do so, understanding that Angelo's usefulness was at its end.
  • Angelo played catch up on Manta Carlos, experiencing a normal life for the first time in his own life. He was under scrutiny from the island, but stayed firmly on the straight and narrow.
  • When he graduated and applied for the police force, no one was all that surprised. Angelo's knowledge of the criminal lifestyle was a boon, and he excelled at the physical side of things as well.
  • Angelo realized he was a half-reaper at the age of twenty-five, when he accidentally helped an old woman pass on to the afterlife.
Angelo was born in New York city to parents who were indifferent at best. His mother was cold to him, and his father was too busy to show any real affection. His father was a made man for the Genovese crime family, and both of his parents were heavily involved in the Family, eager to move up the ladder. When the don had his own son only a few years after Angelo was born, he was all but handed over to the don, to serve as a playmate for the younger boy. He lived with the don's son and went to school with the don's son. While he was called the other boy's 'best friend', his actual life was closer to that of a bodyguard, always with the implicit understanding that if anything happened, he'd be held responsible.

It was around the time that Angelo was twelve that his powers really came to light. In one particularly eventful game of hide and seek, Angelo discovered that if he didn't want to be found, no one could ever find him. He continued to move into more and more obvious hiding places, trying to make it easier on them... but it wasn't until he purposefully revealed himself that anyone could find him. While no one in the family had any experience with anything supernatural, the don embraced Angelo's 'gift' immediately. From that point on, Angelo almost never saw his parents. Everything but legally, his last name became the family name. He was one of them, and the don had every intention of making use of him.

He became a made man when he was sixteen, killing his target and then vanishing into an alley, the police simply failing to notice him. As long as he avoided security cameras, he could simply turn a corner, be out of sight, and then be passed over like he wasn't there. Of course, that didn't change people actually witnessing his crimes, and it soon became impossible for him to leave the manor where he lived. He was used rarely, only for the most important hits. For the hits where killing someone discretely was simply impossible, and something would have to be done in public.

It didn't last very long. Two years later, Angelo received a very politely worded letter from a place he'd never heard of. Considering that he more or less didn't exist, the letter came as a shock to everyone, and Angelo was ready to discard it when, shockingly enough, the don told him he should accept.

There would be no life for Angelo in New York. The don had been foolish and arrogant, using Angelo's gift without a real thought to the consequences of it. Angelo couldn't be so much as seen in public without great risk, and it had been months since he'd even been outside. As useful as the don was convinced Angelo could one day be, he put the wellbeing of the man he'd raised alongside his own son before it, and sent him off to the islands.

With only one year of school remaining, Angelo had plenty to catch upon. Life on the islands was a very literal whole new world, where he could come and go as he pleased. He could meet new people and explore the island with impunity. While he was (strictly speaking) a criminal back in New York, there had never been a name to the face, and no arrest warrant existed for him. He had never been charged with any crime, and he was free to do as he wished. If the powers at be of the island ever intended to take him to task, they never actually followed through.

When Angelo applied for the police force upon graduating, none of his friends were surprised. If there was any resentment in the police force over his application, it quickly fell by the wayside. Angelo's gift was useful for the force, he had an excellent record on the island, and he had the kind of experience with the criminal underbelly of the world that seasoned officers often took years to acquire. While Angelo didn't doubt for a second he was being watched closely, he took to the job like a duck to water. He had a strong sense of justice, excellent intuition, and more than a little bit of experience with the criminal element.

He was twenty five when he finally came to understand what he was. He'd just arrived with his partner to an apartment complex where an old woman had fallen. She was old, and there was really no question on if she was going to survive. The only question was if she'd make it back to the hospital. While his partner rushed forward to check vitals, Angelo was absolutely convinced the woman was already dead. He knew it in the way that humans so rarely knew things. He could feel her there, lonely and confused, and stepping forward, he ushered her away - guiding her off into whatever came next.

He was a reaper. Or a half reaper. While never part of any unofficial duty, he did his best to help the spirits he found move on, ushering them into the afterlife when he could. For the most part, Angelo never actually sought out souls, but in his line of work there were always souls to help pass on. He accepted the policy of never forcibly trying to help someone pass--he's not even sure if he could--but found that most were willing with only the slightest nudge.


Angelo has a well paying job with the Manta Carlos Police Department, serving as a sergeant. However, the bulk of his living expenses are covered by the Rosales family fund, a large sum of money earmarked to handle the care of the children that Angelo adopted. Angelo uses it sparingly, preferring to leave the money for the children, but he does live in the large mansion the fund paid for. He's careful to keep his own money separate from the fund, and buys personal items from his own savings.


Angelo doesn't actually qualify to be part of the mafia at all. His mother wasn't Italian, and his father wasn't his actual biological father, making Angelo likely 0% Italian.

If someone asks 'Genovese, like the Genovese crime family?', he'll answer yes and leave it at that. He makes no secret of his childhood.

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Angelo's original design is by me. His main reference image is commissioned art by Skele-Tea.

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