Primary Sela

  • All art is by me.
  • Adult Form
  • Child Form
  • Height: 7'2" (Adult); 2'8" (Child).
  • Body: Androgynous. Barely defined body features. Two pairs of arms. Legs transition into clouds. Extremely light.
  • Face: Rounded square head. Bat-like ears with rainbow interiors. Rainbow horns. Right horn is longer than the left.
  • Eyes: Rainbow eyes that look to always be crying.
  • Hair: Cloud-like. Same color as their body. The interior is rainbow.
  • Voice: Voice sounds distant and close as if it's coming from multiple places at once. It also sounds like multiple people of various genders and ages speaking the same thing at slightly different times. The voices match Sela's body, so child form sounds like children, adult form sounds like adults.
  • Clothing: None.

Inconsistent: Sela is a jumbled up being. They can be withdrawn and quiet. Bombastic and filled with energy. Sometimes they can be ditzy and naive, sometimes they'll spout wise knowledge about the world. As their personality changes, their body does too. If they're feeling childish, they'll take on a child's body. If they only want to go off of instincts, they'll look like an animal. If they want to be respected as an adult, they'll use an adult's body.

Childish: Sela was never raised by anyone, only learning lessons and important life experiences from the memories they gathered. The most consistent traits they have are being animal-like and childish. Either they view people as predators or prey, or they follow their emotions and do as they please. Despite this, Sela doesn't really want to hurt anyone. They have a sadism streak for sure, but the small amount of compassion they have makes them aware that hurting people won't score them any points. They're just too used to the life they've been leading to think of anything else. Now that they're on Manta Carlos, they're able to get the food they need much more easily.

Curious: Memories from people Sela eats gives them plenty of information they likely would never have had access to, but it's nothing compared to actually experiencing something yourself. Sela is indirect with their curiosity. After years of needing to hide to avoid getting in trouble, it's easier to shrink themself down and watch people from a corner.

Chaotic Dumbass: Sela is full of knowledge gained from other people. The assumption would be that they're smart, and in some ways, they are. They're very creative and good at noticing things most people would overlook. That doesn't make them good at analysis. Sela has never been trained in logic and how to put their knowledge into action. Their psychology is also different enough from humans that it makes empathizing with them a near-impossible task. If asked to explain the actions of a character in a book, Sela would give a simplistic observation with inconsistent logic that matches their worldviews or what they think the questioner wants to hear.

Sela was born from space as a soul with no body. Fueled by the desire for company, food, and sleep, they created themself a body and wandered aimlessly. Sometimes it took months to meet anything living, sometimes years. Every time they met a creature, they would playfully interact with them before eating. The memories and emotions they gained from their experience turned them from an animal with only instincts in mind to an actual person. While their ability to feel compassion for those they killed was still diminished, they realized they couldn't keep going on like this. People would seek them out to kill them. If they haven't already.

Sela never stopped with their eating, as they had no other choice, but they were more inconspicuous about it, only going for those who were alone and far away from civilization.

But they weren't perfect. They were still sloppy. That sloppiness led to one person they kidnapped trapping them in a bottle. For years they stayed in that bottle, unable to escape, only able to have company in their dream world. When Sela woke up every once in a while, they were often in the hands of someone new. As the years went on, the value of their bottle seemed to have decreased, with people only being able to speculate about what was inside.

It took someone on Manta Carlos opening the body to release Sela. They were barely aware that they were outside of the bottle after being trapped for so long, but when they finally realized they were free, they fled the area. That sense of freedom didn't last long. After spending some time in the forest, they began feeling like it was too small for comfort. They tried to escape the island, but no matter how far they flew to the side or up, they always returned to the island somehow.

Before long, they resigned themself to being stuck on the island. After someone noticed they definitely did not have the mindset of a capable adult and had no home, they were brought to Starlight Academy.

Active Abilities
Spaced Out: Sela can take on any form between the sizes of 1' and 12' but will always retain their colors, patterns, and horns. Their shape-shifting is only cosmetic. Sela may subconsciously shape-shift to match their emotional and mental state. In between their change, they take on an amorphous, gaseous form.

La-La's Land: Sela's body holds an infinite dream dimension where they are all-powerful. This dimension also serves as storage. They simply have to think about what item they want and it comes to them. This can be used to transport people and objects. The entrance is through Sela's body. Pushing into any part of their body will lead to their dimension. Sela must want to store an object in their body. If they don't, it will go through them.

By absorbing a living creature, they can choose to make them a permanent resident of their world. This process is easier and quicker when the living creature is seriously injured or otherwise unable to move. Sela will then take on their memories and every dream they've had without the trouble of them mixing with their own. The same can be done with objects, which they cannot later retrieve. They will have access to the object's "memories" (what the object experienced, they know) and a vague idea of the emotions the object gave living creatures. This information can be stored in their dream world's library, allowing them to experience information for the first time. They can do this to their own memories too. To access this information, they must be asleep or meditating. Sela cannot absorb people who willingly enter their world as a visitor.
    • For those who are not permanent residents, they can leave by simply willing it. The more they want to leave, the higher the chance they'll find a randomized door wherever they are, leading out of Sela's world and out of their body.
    • Injuries can be made or healed in their dream world, but all changes will be reversed upon leaving.
    • Cannot bring anything made inside of this dimension to the outside world.
    • What's brought from the outside world can be changed, but upon leaving their dimension, it will revert to its previous state.
Wild Dreams: Within 1-mile of their body, Sela can sense the approximate location of dream people, enter dreams, and enter daydreams. In half a mile radius, they can sense the approximate location of people in deep daydreams. When in the same room as a dreaming or day-dreaming person, they can get a vague idea of what the person dreaming about. Dreams that are creative and full of emotion are the most delicious to Sela. While this sense is always on, Sela must be focusing on it to retrieve the full amount of information they can get. It's comparable to being in a busy crowd, but only hearing a clear conversation when you're looking for one.

When Sela sleeps or meditates, they are automatically sent to their dream dimension. Their body, however, stays behind, leaving them vulnerable. From this dimension, Sela can open pathways to dreams within 1-mile of where their body is stationed, which takes as long as it does in real life to travel. The closer the body of the one dreaming is to Sela's body, the quicker it is to reach them. Reaching faraway dreams may result in Sela getting lost when returning to their body. They can bring constructs from their dream into the dreams of others and vice versa. With meditation, Sela has some awareness of the outside world, with their senses being dulled heavily. When asleep, they will sleep as long as their body needs to restore energy, no matter what happens to their body.

They can also leave their body and view the awake world as an invisible spirit. They cannot interact with the world in any way aside from telepathy. They speak to one person at a time while allowing the person to speak back mentally. After 30 seconds of no communication, the link is cut. They cannot read minds. Waking up outside of their dimension leaves Sela confused and unwell for several minutes.

Passive Abilities
Dream Physiology:
  • Can fly up to 60 miles-per-hour.
  • Supernatural agility and hearing as strong as a wolf's. Night vision.
  • Voice sounds distant and close as if it's coming from multiple places at once. It also sounds like multiple people of various genders and ages speaking the same thing at slightly different times. The voices match Sela's body, so child form sounds like children, adult form sounds like adults.
  • Their tears are rainbow with the same galaxy look as the rest of their body. They dissipate when they drop from their face.
  • The stars on Sela's body sparkle and glow in proportion to Sela's mood. The happier they are, the brighter they shine, the less happy, the darker they shine. They can shine brightly enough to light up a small radius around them in a dark room.
Keep it Together: Sela is hard gas with no internal structure and no need for most bodily functions. Putting enough pressure on their body where you might push skin near a person's organ will make you slip through them. They reform around anything inside of them.

Sela cannot die and will live forever, but they can be harmed. When something goes straight through their body, they "destabilize" as their body reforms and fills the gap that was made. Reforming doesn't take more than a couple of seconds based on how big the hole is, but during those seconds, most of their focus goes to fixing their body, leaving them immobilized. If more holes are made, they'll be stunned for longer.

Weak Mind. Weak Body: 50% more vulnerable to mental magic. Sela can't lift past 50 pounds and they are so light that moderate wind can make it difficult for them to stay in place. Their movement on their feet is clumsy and slow.

Let Me Go: Sela's horns are their weak spot. Touching one horn subdues Sela by heavily calming them down and tiring them. Touching them both makes them fall asleep. Within 30 seconds of doing this, pointing an open container towards them will suck them inside.

Defunct Senses: Sela's senses, other than hearing and eyesight, are defunct. They can't taste things, nor do they have a sense of smell, but they do have preferences with what they eat. They also can't feel things, only feeling a numb sensation when touched. When in their dream world, they can sense things like a human by giving themself a body that has the necessary organs.

Food Coma: Sela suffers from never-ending hunger and hypersomnia symptoms. They can eat forever without getting full. Their diet revolves around absorbing mental aspects of living creatures. By turning a significant portion of their body into a mouth, they can envelop a living creature in their body to slowly drain them of their emotions, memories, and dreams, dissolving them in the process. Absorbing an object's memories is only a snack and cannot sustain them for any significant period. If they don't eat, they will fall into a deep sleep as an alternative to regaining energy. This can last days.

Lives at the Starlight Academy dorms and gets an allowance from there. Has a minder to keep watch over them for when they're more child or animal-minded.
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Slides between child and adult mentally/physically; 100+ chronologically
Special education
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Art by me.

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