Salem "Sally" Hutcherson

Salem "Sally" Hutcherson

Name: Salem "Sally" Hutcherson
Apparent Age: Cannot be determined, behaves like a young adult
Gender: Genderless, appears female
Species: Demon
Height: 2 ft (ish)
Build: Noodley and cartoonish

Notable Features: She's a ragdoll and is made of materials that you'd expect a ragdoll to be made of. Aging is evident and some parts seem to have been replaced over time. She likes dressing fancy.

Physical Quirks: Seems to have a faint English accent for some reason. Rather theatrical in her speech and movements.

Abilities Summary:

  • Telekinetic.
  • Is actually immortal.

Reputation: None at the moment. Is often seen with a young child and probably just looks like a toy.

Misc Information: N/A

dance with the devil
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