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Salem "Sally" Hutcherson

Age Unknown ・ Birthday Unknown ・ Genderless ・ Demon
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No one needs to know what the demon actually looks like but to everyone right now, Salem just looks like a regular old ragdoll, button eyes, yarn hair and all. She stands at roughly 2 feet with a head full of red yarn just stopping halfway her noodley legs, in a loose braid. She has black button eyes and the rest of her face is sewn in leaving many to question how the heck does her mouth actually move if it's just sewn in? (It's demon magic, clearly.) She's found with a few rips here and there, sewn rather carelessly in some parts, and a glaringly obvious patch on her right leg when not covered with pants. In terms of outfit of choice, she much prefers suits and pants over the usual dresses that are either heavy or hard to move around in -- unless her owners decides otherwise. Her yarn hair has been replaced over time, appearing newer than the rest of the body if carefully inspected. She looks worn, but it's kind of hard to guess the doll's actual age considering how well Salem has been at her own conduit's upkeep.


Outwardly, the first words to describe Salem is poised, and polite. But once you get to know her, you'll find that outward appearances don't quite align with reality. Salem is arrogant and very full of herself. The years of being tossed around as a ragdoll seemed to have barely made a dent on her ego. She rarely is the type to care for others unless she wants something in exchange or if she would simply benefit from being such. Which is not often as her arrogance makes her believe she is above seeking others for help. Salem is not great at secrets if it isn't her true name or her failures in life (such as how she wound up being a doll in the first place). Otherwise, she has no problem telling people this and that, like how she had managed to inflict terror on a poor human family one time that they moved out of the house, but not before locking her in a glass case for good measure. A lot of good that did. She's rather frank, not caring much whether she'd hurt others' feelings, and she also has no problem admitting she's using people, even up their faces. In fact, she probably has a sadistic streak somewhere up there in that little head of hers. She doesn't seem to have any fears to speak of, nor of interests and particularities, but perhaps that's a few of her secrets. Although, she definitely seems to dislike being belittled simply because of her situation. Salem often boasts about her abilities enough that it could get annoying just being within earshot. She is at the very least classy about her unpleasant topics of discussion, instead of being obscene about it. For the most part she's harmless, if not a little... unsettling. Salem usually doesn't mind others as well as their opinion of her. She has no problem using her abilities to bring harm to those who had wronged her if she's feeling particularly vengeful, but for the most part, she leaves people to their own devices because it's not worth the effort. There hasn't really been a time Salem has genuinely cared for others, but with how she looks after the child that found her washed ashore, it's a bit of a mystery what Salem really does think of her.


Field of Influence: Salem's origins allows her to have some sort of field of influence around her, like a minor telepathic ability, allowing her to manipulate objects and influence the minds of people within her proximity of around 5-10 feet. She can lift objects with the strength twice of an adult human of normal size and even toss them aside with relative force. She cannot explicitly control minds, but she can nudge people to do things, like a small voice at the back of their minds. This could easily be ignored with sheer willpower and with no need for magic. If allowed, she can communicate telepathically to psychics and other demons when they are within this field, and in extreme cases (or for those of weaker minds), she can even explore minds of the person once given access.


Attuned to Magic: Salem's nature allows her to sense magic, auras, astral projections, or spirits, as well as being able to determine whether or not a person is magical when they are within her field of influence. Although, it is possible for her to detect stronger presences/magic even beyond said parameters if there are no interferences (e.g. strong electromagnetic signals nearby, auras abilities near her). Psychic Resistance: Salem is immune to most psychic attacks and her field of influence blocks out anyone trying to enter her thoughts. Most of the time. There is of course an exception for particularly stronger beings that can easily break past her defenses. No Sustenance Required: Partial to not actually having an organic body, Salem does not have earthly needs such as food and drinks. She does though, need to manually maintain her doll body because it unfortunately does not repair itself when damaged. Eternal Being: The demon Salem cannot be killed by normal means. Even if the doll is destroyed, only her connection will be severed, but her true form will continue to exist in her own domain.


Power of a Name: Salem's true name, Azkhalimon, is a well-kept secret among common people but the name itself is recorded in some lesser known texts, which doesn't really make it impossible to discover. When called upon with her true name, she is almost unable to resist commands or summons. Using her true name and the symbol (sigil) associated to her can also allow others to bind her to their will until she is set free or she somehow finds a loophole herself. Remote Controlled: Salem's true form still exists in Hell and does not have access to the physical realm without being summoned. The ragdoll she exists as is actually a conduit, acting as a bootleg portal that allows her to exist and interact with the current dimension in a limited state. For this reason, Salem has always been careful of this doll body to make sure she retains this connection. Destroying the doll severs her connection to the current dimension unless she is summoned again. Just a Ragdoll: Salem's access on this plane of reality is bound to a useless ragdoll. She's made of cotton stuffings and fabric, and her range of control over the body is pretty bad simply because she's not exactly possessing the doll -- It's better described as having a puppet on strings. This body is not indestructible and she can be found with a loose button or yarn-hair out of place due wearing out or mishandling and would need to be maintained like any other doll. She has no access to her full abilities and it doesn't seem like she can release herself from whatever binds her to the doll on her own. She can also be easily thrown around like any ragdoll.


"Salem Hutcherson" or rather, Azkhalimon, in their truest form from Hell is a ruthless demon. They were dauntless and arrogant; deceptive and never willing to bend to others' will. But to how this fearsome demon found themselves bound to a doll, wandering the Earth for Hell knows how long, is a rather long story. But to cut it shortly: Azkhalimon was summoned by a human sorcerer that refused to reveal their name, referred only by the moniker "Dreamcatcher", and they struck a deal, temporarily binding them to him for a time. Well, that was the deal they thought they were agreeing to, but in their arrogance, they underestimated their summoner and unknowingly agreed to terms that would lead to their downfall. Azkhalimon soon realized the had been bound without escape. By that time they realized this, it was... a bit too late. Fast forward to some few decades later, the demon had found themselves passed around like some sort of cursed object and they were pretty sure the sorcerer was laughing at their predicament from somewhere else, even long after they were abandoned by him. Sally, as the demon had come to call themselves to psychic mediums and the like, was being shipped over to some island when the freight ship unfortunately lost some cargo "for some unknown reason": one of which was the crate Sally was put in. She later found herself washed ashore to an unknown beach.


Salem was found washed ahosre by Kadasha Chandra before the island was transported, and thought she was a new doll friend and has been freeloading in the girl's dorm room ever since. She would gladly mooch off other people without hesitation though.


  • Salem's obviously fake name is the name she used when pretending to be a spirit of a deceased child living in the doll and it's stuck to her over the years. She used to be sold in places like Ebay until recently.
  • For obvious reasons, Salem has exceptional skill with sewing.
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