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Adult, 100+ | In Earth Time, February 14th | Nonbinary He/They | Alien | Citizen | Escort For Wolfsbane Bordello



Height: 5'7"

Physical appearance: Ruby is a bright red humanoid alien, with a somewhat androgynous body. He has a slightly more feminine waist and hips.

In place of hair, Ruby has two curved horns instead.

He has six, cyan-colored eyes with no irises as will with plump cyan lips. Starting from his lower back, he has a really thick and long prehensile tail.

Ruby has clawed feet and hands. His hands have four fingers while his feet only have three long toes.

Voice: He has a deep and seductive voice. Ruby speaks with a very smooth and delicate tone. When he speaks his voice also echoes faintly. Ex: The Mindflayer

Fashion: Ruby dresses like a classy thot who can't decide if he is from the Star Wars universe or Mass Effect. Either way, he enjoys wearing revealing clothing. Honestly, everything looks good on him, especially the color black.


Extrovert: Ruby is a very outgoing guy. He enjoys having social interactions with people and prefers to get along with any and everybody. He likes being involved in conversations and just being involved in general. If he isn't talking he likes to just listen or just eavesdrop. Sometimes, depending on the context, he will take it as a personal slight if people don't let him in on things or conversations. He's a nosey individual.

Suggestive: Ruby is very flirtatious and likes making a lot of sly innuendos and suggestive remarks.

Flatter: While not being a horny alien, Ruby is out here stroking egos. He's good at making people feel confident or he at least thinks he is. He likes complimenting people and praising them. He prefers building people up rather than breaking them down. It's the easiest way to get people to like you, duh.

Lazy: Ruby seems like an outgoing guy who likes to go live life to the fullest but in actuality, he isn't. He's very lax. Ruby doesn't like doing things that involve having to use too much effort or having any sort of responsibility. He just wants to chill and talk to people. He literally doesn't even walk and uses his telekinetic powers as much as he can to do everything little thing for him.


Ruby can communicate telepathically with anyone he is nearby. The range of his telepathy is within a 20ft radius or if they are in his line of sight.
He can also form a telepathic link with multiple people at the same time which Is like being in a group call. The more people in the link the more mental strain it causes.
Using this ability also allows him to quickly understand other languages.

Ruby can use telekinetic powers that allow him to move things with his mind. He can move most objects with his mind with little to no effort. The weight and size of the object he wants to move determine how much effort and focus he needs to use to move it. For example: Lifting a pen or cup is nothing while trying to lift something like a pickup truck will require a lot of focus. The bigger and heavier the object is, the more mental strain it causes and the more exhausted and tired he will feel. He can absolutely pass out from exhaustion if the object is too heavy. There isn't a limit on how many objects he can lift but he is only mentally able to lift up to 4 tons in total weight.


Alien Physiology:
Ruby's species are telekinetic aliens whose bodies adapt easily to the environment allowing them to survive in various planets' atmospheres and the void of space. Despite lacking a visible nose and ears, he can smell and hear just the same as a human.
Their "horns" are more like an antenna for their psychic abilities. The larger the horns, the stronger their abilities are.

Like many other aliens of his species and part of his telekinetic abilities, Ruby is always floating just above the ground or any surface. His max speed is up to 40mph.

Psychic Resistance:
Ruby's species has a strong psychic resistance to any abilities that could affect their mental state and any sort of emotion or mind reading.

Ruby was originally born "Erossi-Rii" on a planet located in another galaxy that is currently under the control of a Tyrannical Galactic Emperor.

Ruby's early life wasn't as bad as others on his planet but that didn't stop him from wanting more. He wanted to leave his planet but due to governmental restrictions that were near impossible if you didn't have your own ship or friends in high places.

So he got to work. He started doing mercenary work and taking on any job he could. Over time he started taking on jobs that required careful and silent execution. He was a thief, a spy, and many other things.

All his efforts finally seemed to come to fruition when he was offered an extremely high paying job that would definitely cover the costs of getting his own spaceship.

The big job Ruby received was to infiltrate a high profiled party full of government officials and steal something off of one of the attendees. It seemed simple and easy enough to do.

The job would have gone well too if Ruby didn't get third partied. Apparently, there were a lot of people going after whatever it was he needed to steal. The whole thing was a big clusterfuck and turned into a firefight. The target was killed in the process which caused a heavy military response and the capture of Ruby and nearly everyone else who was trying to steal the plans.

They were all loaded up on a prison ship and were being sent off to be interrogated on some prison moon black site. Luckily, the prison ship was intercepted by a group of self-proclaimed "rebels" and freed Ruby along with the others.

Ruby was offered to join the rebels but declined. He decided it would be better if he wasn't associated with them even if he would now have a bounty for Political Assassination. Ruby parted ways with the group and used one of the shuttle ships attached to the prison ship to leave.

Ever since then, Ruby spent the past several years moving from planet to planet to avoid any potential bounty hunters. Eventually, his adventures led him to arrive at The Starlight Observation Station with a brand new identity.

He works at Wolfsbane Bordello as an Escort.
He is currently living with
Evie Everson in her crappy apartment.

Ruby Marz is the current identity Erossi-Rii is using to live on the space station.
It also isn't the only identity he has used.
Erossi-Rii's has a high priority bounty from the Galactic Alo'vaell Empire. He is currently wanted alive for Political Assassination, Identity Fraud, Theft, Escape of Custody, and Seditious Conspiracy.
First release
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February 14th
Escort For Wolfsbane Bordello
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Art by Me

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