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Primary Rowan Alabaster

Rowan died during a magic ritual, when be comes back he'll be half eldritch. As such theres some big changes.

He has a new form, as such I've added in new art with the needed credits and removed his old art as even his human form will be different.

Along with that his personality and bio has been updated.

The biggest thing is his abilities. He's gotten some new ones and his already existing ones have been re-written.
Reworded Rowan's Watch The World Burn Weakness

•Watch The World Burn: He has an urge to burn things, and destroy things with fire. It comes in the form of voices that sound like his dead parents. The voices never go away but come in different levels of intensity throughout the day.
Rowan got a part time job at Fairview Orchards
Got a commission of Rowan. Updated appearance and added new art credit.
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