Rosalyn Blake

Primary Rosalyn Blake

Name: Rosalyn Blake
Age: 23
Birthday: April 2
Gender: female
Species: Human
Category: Part time student
Class: College
Grade: 1st year
College Major: Lycanthropy

Appearance Description:
Rosalyn is 5'6. She has long brown hair that she often wears braided and dark brown eyes with a lightly tanned complexion. She often wears clothes and/or jewelry that have a First Nations motif or style.

Face claim is: Shannon Baker

Personality Description:
Rosalyn is strong-willed, fearless and stubborn when she needs to be. Being married to a Blake made her learn to stand her ground and not let others push her around.

She is also observant, resourceful, adaptable, intuitive, bright, determined, and trustworthy.

Rosalyn is also very biased, and somewhat arrogant at times. She believes wholeheartedly that wolves and by extension, werewolves are the superior species, and she is proud to be part of the Blake family and to have been chosen as a suitable mate to her late husband.

Her loyalty is and always will be to her wolf family.

Active Abilities:

Wolf Walker
Rosalyn can see through the eyes of a single werewolf that she forms a bond with, but only when she is asleep and only if the bonded individual is in wolf form. Forming a bond takes an hour and is permanent unless one of the two bonded wishes to break it. Currently, she has no bond.

Passive Abilities: n/a


Rosalyn was born into the Ojibwe Nation in Alberta, Canada. She was homeschooled by her grandmother and other elders from the Objiwe tribe who considered the Blakes, long time friends of her father’s family, to be descendants of Ma'iingan, the wolf brother of the first man created. They were one of the few mundane groups to be aware of the Blakes’ ability to turn into wolves and firmly kept their secret as they had for over a century. Though she did not know it, Rosalyn was touched by the spirit of Ma'iingan.

When she was young, Rosalyn became smitten with a member of the Blake family named Harland. Her family assumed that she would outgrow this young, immature crush and marry someone within the tribe. But her affection for Harland only grew and when she was old enough to decide for herself the two began courting one another. Their romance started like a whirlwind but never seemed to lose steam and finally, Harland asked permission to marry Rosalyn.

Her family relented, seeing her happy with Harland and the two were wed and she became a member of the Blake family, though not a member of the pack. They lived comfortably together until an unforeseen tragedy struck and left her a young widow. Nearly simultaneously, the pack’s hierarchy was upset by the news coming from the island of Manta Carlos: magic was dying. With a new Alpha leading the pack, Rosalyn had two choices: she could return to her blood relatives and her people or she could follow the Blakes to their new home. A sense of love for her late husband and a pull towards the wolves, in general, caused her to decide to go with them.

Resources: Rosalyn has money left to her by Harland Blake. She is living with the Blake family until the family decides where they are settling. She also has an extensive collection of heirlooms that were given to her by her Nation.

Additional Information: Rosalyn has a tattoo of a timber wolf on her left shoulder.
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Face claim is: Shannon Baker

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