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  • Reference Roland Fullbody
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Body: Brown skin. Athletic build. Moles all over his body. Covered in magical tattoos and runes from the neck down.
  • Face: Square eyebrows. Fluffy beard/mustache. Pierced nose and lips. Ear gauges.
  • Eyes: Double-lidded and brown. Glasses.
  • Hair: Puffy, auburn hair that's waist-length when untied.
  • Voice: Calm and almost monotone. Aurelio Voltaire
  • Clothing: Very casual. Usually t-shirts and sweatpants. At work he wears very business casual.

Awkward: Roland is awkward, to say the least. While great at his work, outside of it, he doesn't put in much effort to go out and socialize. He prefers keeping to himself, and when spoken to, some may sense he's distracted based on the plain way he speaks and his relaxed expression. This is further worsened by some of his eccentric traits. When touching upon a subject he's particularly interested in, his eyes brighten and he speaks with a lively tone.

Calm: Roland tends to wear a calm, almost bored expression regardless of the situation. Co-workers have described him as seeming care-free, with some saying he's lazy despite the good work he puts out. Roland's emotions are difficult to read and he only truly opens up with people he's working with or is close to.

Gentle Gentleness is what earned Roland a place as a dorm parent. He doesn't have an interest in violence, fighting, or arguments. He tends to fade into the background to avoid it. He'd much prefer relaxing with calming people and chatting about their day. Additionally, he enjoys taking care of and helping others, whether it be bugs or people in rough places. He has strong empathy that makes it easy for him to understand the feelings of others, while also sometimes making him feel too involved in something he has nothing to do with.

Roland's childhood was a weird mixture of normal abnormal. He had two loving parents, lived in a nice neighborhood, and received an adequate education. The abnormal came from Roland himself. He was obsessed with monsters. Loved them, in fact. In a literal sense. He was also a giant conspiracy theorist when it came to creatures of the unknown. This obsession pushed him away from his parents, children his own age, and others from the neighborhood. There was only one person who understood him: a woman named Zoe Kirby. She would hang out with Roland and humor his weirdness, giving him a place no one else did.

Roland's life should have proceeded more normally as he learned how to hide his obsession. Instead, during his teens, his neighborhood was ravaged by monsters, with him being one of the few surviving members. Before the scouts could alter his memory like the rest of the neighborhood, he was taken in by an agency focused on monster hunting. From then on, he was labeled as a missing, likely dead, person.

It was unnerving, hunting down those he loved so much, but not all of the missions involved killing them. A good amount of his missions involved capturing them and forcing them to work for the agency. It also seemed to be his only way to be close to those he wanted to understand. Unfortunate that the understanding had to come through dubious research methods.

He only found comfort with another woman named Leila Hajji. Not in a romantic way. They both tried to lessen the pain of the "monsters" under their care, and advocated for them to be treated in more humane ways. Most of the time they were ignored, or worse, reprimanded. It taught them to reach the top before trying to change things too much.

Roland broke before he could get there. The first step was him losing his humanity. It may have been from exposure to a specific monster during a mission or him dabbling into the occult while working with maggots to help debride wounds, but something happened. He slowly became more bug-like. His hands sticking onto things, his tongue becoming rougher, a spinneret appearing on his tailbone. What really escalated things was when he attacked a coworker by elongating his tongue and ripping their skin off. The result was him almost being killed, but he was vouched for by Leila and the agency kept him as a weapon.

The second step was, on a mission with Leila, he found the woman he knew from childhood. This time, she was a monstrous sea creature. At least, on the outside. On the inside, she was still a monstrous sea creature, but with a more humanoid form attached to her larger self. They then pulled her out, with a lot of traumatizing screaming from her end.

The agency's plan was to bring back the creature to be researched, but he refused. Knowing she wouldn't be allowed under his care and treated well, he ditched the agency. His friend supported him, seeing no signs of the agency improving its empathy with the supernatural. The outcome was them hiding away from the agency with Leila until Manta Carlos scouts could be contacted.

When they finally made contact, Roland and his friend revealed the agency to them. Roland and Leila were pardoned, with Zoe relocated to a water-based home that he can visit and a reintegration program. After all that, he settled into the community and wiped his hands of his past, now focused on helping others in a similar situation to his. Roland has been living on the island for about 16 years. For most of his time on the island, he worked as a field investigation scout. Now he's been working as a social work scout for a few years and recently signed up to be a dorm parent for Sela.

Active Abilities
Insectoid: Roland has access to multiple insect traits. If his hands and feet are uncovered, he can make them sticky to climb walls. He can summon antennae to enhance his sense of smell to a wolf's level and detect things from the air. He can grow wasp wings to let him fly at around 20 mph.

Several traits are specialized for hunting. He can warp his face to summon mandibles-like teeth sharp enough to easily cut through human skin and meat. In a less insect-like fashion, Roland can change his tongue to have a rougher texture and grow up to 23 inches, allowing him to easily rip the skip off of prey and capture bugs in the air like an extra limb.

Roland Silk: Roland can grow a spinneret on his tailbone that lets him produce 30 ounces of silk every 10 hours if he's getting proper nutrition. His silk is strong enough to ensnare human-sized prey and support his weight if he walks on it. His silk can be sticky or non-sticky silk, yet it will never stick to himself.

Spitting Venom: Roland can produce paralyzing venom in his saliva and can only make around 2 liters a day. Roland can pinpoint his spit to accurately hit a slow-moving target 10 feet away from him. Alternatively, he can inject the venom by biting into a person. The venom must get inside of a person wound or orifice to be effective. It is quick-acting, with paralysis lasting for 5 seconds before the victim gets feeling back. Injecting a mouthful of venom can lead to nerve damage or death, but the injection takes a minute or more.

Magical Tattoos: From the neck below, Roland is covered in tattoos and runes. Each one gives him access to a different spell that changes or enhances himself, and the more complicated ones require a verbal spell to complete. They can be used three times before the tattoo fades away. Afterward, he must get the tattoo re-inked and re-enchanted. These tattoos don't regenerate with him. Activating a broken or faded tattoo is dangerous, if not lethal. Roland must hover his hand over the tattoo, then "pull" it out to cast. Tattoos that make small changes to his body only take a few minutes to recharge, while big changes (such as increasing his durability for a short time) may take hours to finish its cooldown. Two tattoos that work differently than the rest are:
  • Body Magic: These are multiple, inter-connected tattoos. In addition to Roland's hormone replacement therapy, he's able to have a more personalized masculine body. Unlike his other tattoos, these ones are constant and long-lasting, requiring him to get them redone every five years.

  • Memory Magic: This tattoo allows Roland limited memory control. The tattoo is on his palm. By having 5-second direct contact with a person, he can acquire a 10-second memory giving him both the information and emotions from them relevant to what he wants. He experiences the memory like it's his own. With the same length of contact, he can remove the memory of a story or fact, as long as it is already almost forgotten, and help pull a vaguely remembered memory to the forefront of the mind.
The Fly's Nest: Roland has a magical studio on his friend's property. This is where he has complete access to work on potions and other treatments with the ingredients he has gathered. A special trait of this studio is that negative energy cannot enter, such as demons and similarly unholy beings. It can also be used to cleanse people of possession, curses, and similar, as long as they stay in for around a week. Particularly strong magic might take a month or more.

Passive Abilities
A Fly's Intuition: Roland is great at sensing motion and form, allowing him to near-instantaneously react to movement within 10 feet of him.

Friend of Bugs: While bugs are not naturally attracted to Roland, they are naturally friendly to him. They will feel no reason to hurt him. Sapient bugs will warm up to Roland faster when talking to him, as long as he doesn't do anything that would usually make them uncomfortable. Bugs on Roland are also always healthy.

Hemolymph: Roland will not bleed out from wounds up to his major organs, hands, and feet. Bugs will always come from somewhere to regenerate him, even in a closed-off area. If there are no bugs in the surrounding area, or not enough the heal the wound, bugs will come out of Roland's body to regenerate him. The latter is enough of a strain on his body to cause him dizziness or nausea for several seconds. Minor wounds (scratches, bruising, etc.) will heal up within seconds. Major wounds (damages/missing organs, hands, and feet) will take 10–30 minutes based on the extent of the damage.

Myiasis: Roland can only feed on sapient creatures. When faced with an open wound or blood of a sapient creature, Roland will have a strong attraction towards it. It will start with a mild fuzziness of his mind, but if he does not leave the area soon, he will lose control of himself.

Temperature Roland doesn't do well with heat and cold. Around 30°C and 7°C will start to affect him stronger than others. Summoning his insectoid features becomes difficult, and if they're already summoned, they won't function as well, if at all.

Roland Repellent Insectides gives Roland a choking cough, makes it difficult for him to see, and weakens his insectoid abilities. The amount sprayed on or around him can lead to the effects lasting for minutes to a day. Sensing bug spray will repel Roland from the area.

Coffee Addict Coffee has alcoholic effects on Roland.

Lives at the school as Sela's dorm parent and does not care for any other children. His friend/ex-co-worker, Leila Hajji, allows him to use some of her property for his work. In there he has a library filled with religious and occult information. The studio/shed located in her backyard, known as The Fly's Nest, has a maggot incubator.
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