Primary Remiel

Name: Remiel

Age: 15

Birthday: June 13th

Male (He, Him)

Species: Angel

Category: Student

Class: High School

Grade: 9

Appearance Description:

With a halo sitting proudly atop his head and a pair of big feathery wings behind him, it's easy to see that Rem is an angel. It isn't, however, always so easy to see that he's a dude. He's got a thin, almost frail form, with blonde fluffy hair that goes down to about his neck. His eyes are blue and stand out fairly well thanks to his nearly pale complexion. He's five feet tall, ignoring the halo.

He's often found wearing a white tunic, a gift that was given to him by a close friend in the past. He's also got a necklace with a compass that's usually wrapped around his neck, as well as a pair of white boots and black pants. He rarely wears hats, even in the winter when it's cold.

Personality Description:

Remiel is a pretty righteous guy, or at least he thinks he is. He's clearly quite proud of the fact that he's an angel and believes that it's his duty to help the lower life forms around him to see the light. This of course often comes off as insulting. He also tends to lecture others when they are acting in a way that he sees as sinful, another trait that can be annoying at times.

Despite how wise he may think he is, he's actually really uneducated. He's spent much of his life learning about the world from his not so amazing mentor and hasn't actually spent any time seeing it for himself. His mentor's teachings are also often incorrect, and allow Rem to get surprised when something doesn't work the way he expected it to. He's adamant that his mentor was an incredible person though, so he will usually approach things being different than he was taught with a sense of stubbornness.

His ego is pretty big most of the time, but if he gets called out for doing something wrong then he can pretty easily get cut down to size. He also has a tendency to put gods on pedestals while having an uncalled for resentment towards demons. He thinks it's downright ridiculous that an imp and a god are supposed to be treated as equals and though he would never downright attack a demon, his line of thinking can be seen through the not so subtle differences between how he interacts with them.

Active Abilities:
  • Wings - Rem can make the big feathery wings on his back appear or disappear whenever he'd like. In order to fly, he actually needs use magic. The flight is activated by flapping his wings and lasts for about a minute before he needs to flap them again. It doesn't take much to stay airborne, but if he's low on magical energy then he can't fly. The flight makes him go about as fast as a pigeon. If the flight is activated, the wings will be painful to touch for the unholy beings, but otherwise they are harmless.
  • Holy Weapon Aegis - Rem can summon a shield he's named Aegis. The shield is capable of reflecting an incredible amount of magic. Though when it comes to physical attacks, it isn't actually all that durable. It would only survive about two average sword swings from a human before poofing away. When it is broken, Rem can't summon it again for a full day. Should also be noted that it is very much a holy item, those who are weak to holy stuff probably shouldn't go touching it.
  • Mini Wings - On top of having his own wings, he can also create up to four other smaller pairs of wings that can be attached to other people or objects. The wings can be used to fly other things around, but will require magical energy just to stay existing. The speed at which he can fly stuff around with the wings depends on the object. Something the same size as him can go about as fast as a pigeon, but that speed will change depending on the mass of the object. The wings won't be able to lift anything heavier than 300 pounds on their own, but they can be stacked to lift 1200 pounds if all four are used at once on the same object. Again, the wings probably shouldn't be touched by those with a weakness to holy junk.
  • Holy Sense - Rem can usually use the halo on his head to tell if someone is a demon, an angel, or a god if they are within several meters of him and he activates it.

Passive Abilities:
  • Magical Magnet Halo - As long as his halo is within two meters of himself, it will be magically pulled towards the top of his head. It's not a strong pull, so if something is resisting it, the magnetic pull will almost always lose. His halo will also regenerate if it is damaged and at least half of it is still intact. This process takes about a year if it's half of the halo, but decreases proportionally to how much was damaged. The halo itself is about as strong as metal.
  • How Long Do Angels Live? - Starting at about his fifteenth birthday, Rem will start aging slower. Then, much later, once he reaches the appeared age of 25, he will stop aging altogether.
  • His Halo - The halo on his head is where his magical energy is stored. If it gets damaged, his powers will become far weaker until it is repaired. If he loses it altogether, he will suffer from headaches and find himself completely unable to do magic. People can basically just yoink the halo away at any time they can reach it, but demons will be burned if they try to do so.


Remiel comes from a group of guardian angels that work to protect and guide those who need them in a world similar but totally separate from the Earth. About 40 years ago, the group had very different goals in mind, essentially just working to rid the world of demons. However, a confrontation with someone visiting the world from Manta Carlos Island sparked a change and after a period of incredibly difficult convincing, the organization was turned upside down. On top of this huge shift in work, rules that had existed for ages were being removed and changed at a very quick pace in comparison to the past.

Unfortunately, the changes didn't come easy for everyone. An angel named Sera, one often looked up to and considered a hero for his work in the past, was especially unhappy with everything. As far as he was concerned, their entire organization had been ruined and with it, his respect for their current leader. He didn't often talk about how much he hated it, but those he did tell all kept their mouths shut.

A while later, an angel fell in battle. When this happened, a new angel would be created to take their place, and this new angel was Remiel. Sera was appointed the mentor, seeing as how he hadn't been doing much lately and the leader figured that he could use a job.

It was during the fourteen years of mentoring that Rem was shaped into who he was. Sera trained him to fight, he educated him and he took care of him like a father figure, but he also taught Rem about the old way and how corrupted the lot of them had become. He really took to Sera's heroic tales of the past and ended up basically following the man blindly, idolizing the man in every way. He wore the clothes Sera gave him, tried to get his hair to match the man's, and spoke highly of him to just about everyone. As a result, Sera actually took to the kid as well. He finally had someone who thought the way he did, even if he caused the thinking.

It only lasted so long though. Rem knew not to announce the things Sera had taught him to the others, but one day he got into an argument with an older angel and some things spilled that probably shouldn't have.

After an interrogation with Sera, the man had an outburst and his true feelings were finally shown to the leader. Realizing their mistake, Sera was separated from the boy at once and never to be reunited.

They weren't exactly sure what to do with Rem, but started by trying to reeducate him. It quickly became pretty obvious that he wasn't going to accept anything they taught him now, so it wasn't long before they switched strategies.

Rem was instead sent to the place where the one who had changed their thinking in the first place had come from, Manta Carlos Island. They told him that he would spend his time there and that when they saw he was ready, they'd allow him to come continue on to becoming a true guardian angel. He was warned that if he pulled something like attacking the demons that existed there, that he'd never be allowed to rejoin them. As a fail-safe, they also lied and told him that if he disobeyed these orders, Sera would be punished as well.


Lives in the school dorms, gets everything from the school.

Artwork is by me.​
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June 13th
He, Him
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