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81, Apparent ~29 | September 1 | Female | Iniquitii
Citizen | Domestic Servant for Hire
Relyssa is as prim and proper as one could imagine, standing just over 5'7" tall with a curvaceous build that she usually hides modestly under well fitted clothes. She porcelain skin accented by her bright blue hair and upward pointing horns. Her eyes are bright ruby pink and sit behind a pair of rounded half-framed glasses that rest on her long, pointed ears. She has a dragon's tail, as blue as her hair and horns, that stretches down to her ankles with a sharp fin-like protrusion at the tip. When she chooses to, she can protrude a large pair of blue dragon wings from her back.

Relyssa is a proper lady and a long-suffering servant who takes immense pride in the work that she does. She does not tolerate others looking down upon her for her choice to serve others, especially other Pride Iniquitii and demons. She has an immense, borderline violent aversion to senseless dirtiness and being touched without her permission. She does revel in violence and bloodshed, and is a regular attendee at the arena, but does not participate in violence directly because she wishes to maintain decorum whenever possible.

Weapons of War
Relyssa is finely attuned to the warfare that humans wage. She is an expert in any kind of modern military weapon and can summon them at will. She cannot summon vehicles, and if the weapon she wants is attached to a vehicle all she will be able to produce is the actual weapon portion protruding from a portal near her person. The weapons themselves are mundane and do have finite ammunition, so if she wants to fire an emptied weapon she must dismiss it and summon a new one. If the weapon is one that she can wield by hands, she must do so. For weapons like tank turrets, the weapon merely fires once in the direction she points it before disappearing. She cannot make anything classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

Aerial Superiority
By growing a large pair of draconic wings from her back, Relyssa is capable of flight that allows her, with ample space, to maneuver like a modern fighter jet. She cannot reach anywhere near their top speed however.

War on Dirt
Relyssa's glasses are a magical charm that allows her natural weapon summoning ability to extend beyond weapons of war to cleaning supplies. She can summon anything used to clean and tidy up as easily as her weapons.

War Never Changes
So long as there is a war being waged somewhere, Relyssa will never visibly or physically age beyond her current form. Likewise, she is resistant to her shape being changed against her will, and will revert to her natural form in half the normal time or 12 hours if the effect is meant to be permanent.

Catholic Iconography
Catholic Iconography, such as crucifixes, holy water, and spoken Bible verses can hurt Relyssa if they touch her or are spoken where she can hear them. Hearing such things gives her a debilitating migraine for several minutes after and being touched by the icons burns her like a hot iron. Likewise, someone wearing a crucifix is effectively immune to her munitions, though the area around them is not.

Relyssa was born seemingly as a direct response to the greatest war in mankind's history being declared.

She grew up in Dis, the realm of the Iniquitii, like the rest of her immediate family trained from a young age to take on the responsibilities of the caretaker of a house.

She served in the home of a couple for several decades, but found over time that they did not respect her or the imperative duties that she performed for them. So she terminated her contract and left, deciding that a change of scenery would be good for her.

She is currently unemployed, and actively seeking new employment, though she is at the moment living off of the good graces of the Manta Carlos government.

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September 1
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Official art of Melusine from Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. Edits made by me.

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