Quincy Atterton

Quincy Atterton

Name: Quincy Lou Atterton
Apparent Age: 14yo
Gender: Male
Species: Shade (Nightmare/Shadow Creature)
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Build: Lithe-androgynous

Notable Features: Often seen wearing a bunch of colorful hair accessories, along with brightly colored clothing with somewhat mismatching style. Wears sun glasses when outdoors and carries a sun parasol. Also has a mole above his lips.

Physical Quirks: Kinda bouncy on his feet for some reason. Visibly uncomfortable being under light.

Abilities Summary:

  • Has a moving shadow he can use like an extra limb.
  • Can turn into a shadow entirely.
  • Has night vision.
  • A bad luck magnet.
  • Can induce nightmarish illusions at will.

Reputation: Rather unknown; people have seen him around in school wobbling about.

Misc Information: N/A

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