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Primary Palinus "Linus" "Pool Cue" Perissima

Name: Palinus Perissima. Goes by Linus, or Pool Cue
Age: 23
Birthday: August 11
Gender: Male
Species: Human / were-giraffe
Category: Student, lives in the dorms
Class: College
Grade: 4th year
College Major: Botany
Career: Gardening and other odd jobs, on days off.

Appearance Description:
In human form:
Linus stands at a decent 6'5, with tan skin and short brown hair. His eyes are brown, and his neck is distinctly longer than normal, with the top of his body evoking the image of a dulled pencil.

His body is moderately toned and long, leaning towards lankiness with long arms.


Art is by Nimble Neuron. Character is William from the game Black Survival.

In full giraffe form: He looks like a giraffe without spots. This form is bulky, even considering the odd half-giraffe forms, so Linus rarely takes this form. The giraffe is 18 feet tall, with a neck 9 feet long.

In hybrid (biped) form: Linus has a human body from the neck down, and gains increased muscle mass. His head elongates forward, and his neck extends to full giraffe length. This form makes him tall, and is convenient in concerts.

In hybrid (quadruped) form: Linus resembles a centaur. Despite being generally odd to look at, this form is the least odd of his hybrid forms, and thus gets the most mileage in public. In this form, he is faster at running.

Personality Description: Linus has the patience of a saint. Having been raised by good parents, he has developed a tendency to be very forgiving, and appreciative of others. However, he is not necessarily kind; he just has patience and forgives many things.

Soft would best describe his personality, and he is the kind of person who is easily mistaken for a pushover that is easy to leech off. While this is true, it isn't necessarily because of any generosity, and more a lack of valuing of material things and otherwise.

Underneath, he is extremely passive and lets himself be dragged along by others, hiding the emptiness within. Other than his family, little holds any value to him, and he indulges in nothing of his own volition, content to simply be pulled one way or the other.

As such, he is easy to get along with, but rather difficult to actually be close with.

Active Abilities:
Yes, I'm a Giraffe-Man, What of It:
Linus, as a hybrid of man and giraffe, can alter his form from his full giraffe body to his human form, and to any combination of human features and giraffe features. The transformations take less than half a second. When transforming, Linus is capable of designating any objects on his person as "part of his body," which then disappears into the form he takes. Whenever he shifts, he can release any such objects. The ability is typically used to prevent unnecessarily destroying clothes.

I Ain't Pool Cue For Nothin': By rapidly transforming portions of his body, the rapid pace of transformation lets Linus produce bursts of physical force. For instance, he can rapidly transform his head and neck, causing the extension to culminate in a swift and powerful headbutt. This ability can be used with his limbs as well, but it is typically used with his head for maximum extension potential. At maximum power, Linus can crack or outright shatter concrete.

Passive Abilities:
Herbivores Still Got Kick:
As a were-giraffe, Linus has increased physical capabilities due to his muscle mass being condensed from his full form. He has the triple the expected physical strength of a human male at peak physical condition, simply due to having extra-dense muscle mass. At the same time, it makes him heavier than usual.

I Can Eat Grass All Day: With his herbivore parts, Linus can digest plant matter than humans typically cannot. This has very few practical applications, but when times are tough, Linus can survive on nothing but grass.

Giraffes Don't Hate Silver, But I Do:
As a were-giraffe, Linus exhibits an aversion to silver. The higher the purity of the silver, the worse its impact is, ranging from mild rashes to straight-up third degree burns from pure silver.

Biography: Linus had a fairly uninteresting past. He was born cursed, and yet it didn't bother him as much as the existential dread he had growing up. His parents, and in fact his entire ancestry being cursed in the same way lowered the impact it had on his psyche growing up, as well as allowed him to learn control over his abilities early.

Being born into an average, well-to-do middle class family developed Linus into a well-mannered, well-adjusted, if horribly nihilistic lad. Being well-off, his struggles were less for survival and more for purpose.

Considering his curse, his parents sent him off to Manta Carlos, where they too had pasts, knowing it would be a safe environment where he could find something he wanted to do for a living.

Resources: Linus receives a regular allowance from his parents. While nothing too spectacular, combined with his ability to not need food as grass is common enough if he wants to save, he has a decent pool of funds to draw from.

Additional Information: This entire were-giraffe business was inspired by Kait. I blame them for any issues that may arise.
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August 11
4th year
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