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Primary Neon Moth "NEON"

RemoCon: Symlink - Due to strong bonds formed with his son, Neon can remotely connect to him, communicate, even without phones or computers, allowing him to know what his son is feeling, seeing or hearing, but through Overclock he would not be able to comprehend what Symlink is experiencing through those senses in the same way (example: if Symlink is flipping through pages at an alarming speed, Neon would see exactly that. It wouldn't be slowed down for him or anything, nor grant him comprehension on what he is reading). The reach of this ability can extend to a few kilometers, apparently 5, but not without consequences: the farther they are, the more likely is for interference to occur. In fact, it's just telepathic communication with a fancy name and restricted between father and son.
  • Override: Firewall
    One of Neon's skills from when he was just a "ghost in the machine", allows creation and control of flames within ten feet from him. The flames created cannot spread nor be contained by any physical means as they are comprised of data (indicated by distinct 0s and 1s in it if one takes a look from an inch away), and possesses a vivid green color that's always visible regardless of absence of any light. As it is created according to his coding, it can have its attributes, like light and heat emission, controlled by his will.
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