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Primary Neon Moth "NEON"

Online Name: NEON蛾 ("Neon Moth")
Appearance Description:

Made with Phantasy Star Portable 2 Inifnity

Edited from episode screencap of Wagaya no Oinari-sama (Our Home's Fox Deity)

Height:1.88 meters (6'2")
Weight: 57 kg (around 126)
Fox Height: 1.22 meters (4 feet) (all four, ground to shoulder), a little over double that if standing on hind legs (can't balance very well).
Physical Build: Slim
Hair: Neon Green
Fur: White with Neon Green paws, ears and tail tip
Eyes: Neon Green
Clothing Preferences:
  • Often seen with Neon Green projections of fox ears and tail
  • Anything with "Tron lines"
  • Anything black, or white, Or black AND white
  • Nothing (as a fox, that is)
  • A bow attached to the tail or ears (when in fox form or with ears and tail projections), rarely on the neck
  • Anything with green accents
  • Never picky about clothing

Personality Description: Half amnesiac and half not, Neon Moth, known by his online handler NEON蛾 and among friends as just NEON (online) or Neon (offline), has a mischievous personality that often goes towards small tricks and shenanigans, taking full advantage of his nature and abilities to just do what he pleases, as long as he doesn't go overboard. This is a reflection of his persona in online games, where he often tampered with his character's appearance, used illusionary classes and spells and lured low level players into monster dens.

That's all he remembers of his online life. Ever since the incident, he forgot his likes and dislikes, even his fears are obscured to him. But we won't be keeping it hidden, right? Neon has a thing for soy-based products, something that contrasts harshly with his in-game persona (who was more of a junk food eater), really loves toying with others when he has a chance, and sleeps outdoors often, things he does without noticing how it connects to his real self. If there are things Neon hates is having to resort to junk food for more than two meals and warm juice, he finds it so dull that he'd rather eat nothing. As for fears? Well...


Yes, that is right, he fears dying without knowing he already did once. Good luck explaining that to him.

Active Abilities:
In a snap of fingers (or usually a back flip, when it comes to changing to/from fox form), Neon can change forms and appearance, able to shapeshift even clothes to match his desires and even copy another person's appearance, based on what he has seen. This comes with a few limits, such as him being able to imitate looks but not one's strength, powers or weight. To give an idea of the absurd extent of this power, he can even transform into a van or a ten meters (33 feet) long snake! Of course if he turned into a snake he couldn't possibly crush or poison someone, and as a van he couldn't ram someone.

While in fox form, Neon can run up to 100 km/h (62 mph).

Neon's pocket dimension, about two dorms big and everything in there seems to be stuck in darkness, except for a neon glow outlining them in the respective colors. Think of its visual as "what happens when you run a photo through Adobe's Neon Outline Filter". To open a path in there he draws a torii on a surface with his finger, creating a dark gate that leads into it. That same gate can be opened from within, therefore no one is trapped in there, and even blockades on the other side will have this gate projected on it for whoever is inside to leave.

Only one gate to enter can be set at any time, and any gate to leave will disappear if no one else is within. The Neon Dimension defines "someone" as "any living being", so plants and animals counts, and even undead do for some reason. Not a bad place to live in though, one has pretty much anything they need: food, drinks, bed, books... And all is visible in there, regardless of lack of sight.

Neon Moth is capable of producing optical and auditory distortions (illusions) by snapping his fingers and spreading a dust, or breathing out such dust in fox form) that bends light and sound within an area of the size of a classroom (or for more specifics up to 10 meters or 33 feet as long as he is within range) to his will, giving the impression more people are in there, or no one is in there, or that there's a huge fire about.

This ends up causing a clash of information similar to how VR goggles works: you can see and hear things that aren't real, but as soon as you try to touch it you realize it is not there, and the brain starts to assess it is not there at all, allowing the conscious to either ignore or accept the illusion afterwards.

Half an hour after use, Neon needs to either apply it again or simply ignore and move on, as the dust will settle down and vanish afterward.

This is Neon's capability to drain a person's spiritual energy to varying degrees, as a way to refuel his abilities once spent and rid of exhaustion that neither sleep nor physical nourishment can provide. The absorption happens via prolonged physical contact if he so desires, usually a kiss or hug should do, but simply pinning someone down or being held in place by his victim should do. Those who have had their energy drained will feel lethargic for a varying period of time depending on how much spiritual energy he has drained.

By crafting a threads of glowing blue silk-like substance from his hands or paws, Neon can connect to living beings or electronics, even if they have no I/O connectors, just connects anywhere. Once connected to something or someone, a virtual interface in the form of a holographic screen and keyboard appears in front of him, and the threads that are connected will slip from his fingertips to his wrists instead. This grants to Neon access to data contained within them, and even the ability to transfer these to a physical media like a SD card or HDD, however there are restrictions to consider:
  • "Data" in any living being pertains to their memories, be it neural or genetic, and in such case consent is required and can only be read-only.
  • It is possible to consciously limit what Neon can access, but the subconscious always have a final say in what will be limited (so to say, one may consciously try to suppress a memory, but the subconscious may "think" that Neon should see it if he can somehow help).
  • Electronic Data access is far less restrictive, allowing both read and write permissions, however he can't hack through everything, a well-secured system may still reject his access partially or completely.
  • The maximum length for these threads is ten feet, extending beyond this point runs the risk of snapping it.
  • Maximum number of connections and "VR Terminals" Neon can handle at any moment is five.
  • Override: Firewall
    One of Neon's skills from when he was just a "ghost in the machine", allows creation and control of flames within ten feet from him. The flames created cannot spread nor be contained by any physical means as they are comprised of data (indicated by distinct 0s and 1s in it if one takes a look from an inch away), and possesses a vivid green color that's always visible regardless of absence of any light. As it is created according to his coding, it can have its attributes, like light and heat emission, controlled by his will.

  • RemoCon: Symlink
    Due to strong bonds formed with his son, Neon can remotely connect to him, communicate, even without phones or computers, allowing him to know what his son is feeling, seeing or hearing, but through Overclock he would not be able to comprehend what Symlink is experiencing through those senses in the same way (example: if Symlink is flipping through pages at an alarming speed, Neon would see exactly that. It wouldn't be slowed down for him or anything, nor grant him comprehension on what he is reading). The reach of this ability can extend to a few kilometers, apparently 5, but not without consequences: the farther they are, the more likely is for interference to occur. In fact, it's just telepathic communication with a fancy name and restricted between father and son.

Passive Abilities:
  • Unnatural Immunity
    Due to his unnatural origin, Neon is equally unnatural to conditions that would normally afflict humans and living beings. This means common cold, fever, alergies are extremely unlikely to act within him in any way. Of course, this won't protect him from UNNATURAL conditions, thus Neon can be still be turned into a vampire or a werewolf if he is not cautious enough.

  • Bioluminescence
    If his name is not enough of a hint, Neon is capable of producing bioluminescence, usually in his eyes, hair, parts of the fur and even blood (which, unlike the other cases, is just neon red and warmer than usual). This bites him in the back when he is trying to hide, but also works in that he never gets lost in the dark.

  • Leaking Neon
    This only shows when he is in human form. Whenever he feels mischievous (or when he feels like otherwise), his aura starts to form green glowing ears and tail. If someone sees that, they better run! Or join the fun. Hey, no one ever said who was to be on the receiving end! Anyhow, those feels as fluffy as the real deal and function likewise.

  • Animal Senses
    His senses and instinct are vastly superior to that of a human, being able to hear, see, smell, feel contact, run faster and perceive danger better than a human being. Of course, that is for good and for bad, and the good part is that it makes him much better at tracking someone and at enjoying petting in the fox form.

  • Personal AG (Anti-Gravity) Field
    An anomaly produced by his presence that only affects those in direct contact with him, whether he wants or not, and to a lesser degree upon himself. The way it works on Neon is that gravity is only 25% efficient on him when he is off the ground, allowing him to jump higher or fall slower, meanwhile those in direct contact with him will have that same gravitational pull reduction except it will also impact their weight as much, making them easier for Neon to carry in return. As soon as they lose contact, the gravitational pull will smoothly return to its normal, thus making it extremely unlikely for them to experience any negative effect.
  • EMP
    As consequence of his origins, EMP blasts can lock Neon in place, unable to react, as if he were paused or glitched in place. That can range from half a minute to a few hours depending on the intensity of the blast. Electricity has similar effect.

  • Very Visible
    Wounded or not, it wouldn't be hard to notice his neon glow in one of his common forms. And he can't shut it off at all. But if he takes on a more unusual form (assuming he will), he can blend in better.

  • Animal Senses
    Explosions, flashes, bad smells, substances that harms his skin all will feel much worse on him than it would on an average human. Yikes.

  • Exorcism or Dispelling Rites
    One can use dispelling rites or exorcism to reveal his true form (the fox), undo his illusions without side effects or even harm him directly.

  • Spells
    Spells in general are almost twice more effective on him, no exceptions.

  • Ceremonial Items
    Sacrifice daggers, ceremonial bells, holy arrows, they all cause him burn on contact and leaves scarred tissue for something from days to a week or even two, causing that area to be extra sensitive to harm and touch until it heals.

  • Yin-Yang Limit
    If Neon hasn't absorbed a significant amount of energy in a week he will be unable to use any of his active abilities. Normally he would need to drain enough energy that would kill a man and a woman, but averts that by draining multiple victims only enough to get them lethargic for a couple days.

  • Squishy Wizard
    Unsurprisingly, Neon is no fighter, therefore he is not cut for engaging into fisticuffs as even an average human is stronger than him. That's what he gets for becoming mainly a support wizard class in MMOs rather than going into combat mage.
Common Magical Items: Nothing Here

  • Parents divorced when he was nine, he stayed with his father.

  • Father passed away when he was thirteen and his mother pretty much disappeared. Was sent to live with his uncle instead.

  • At 15 he repeated a year because he spent so much time playing games.

  • Uncle kicked him out and only would give him enough money to maintain himself in his own dorm when he was 17. He quit school secretly just so he could have more money for games.

  • Won a VR Headset the next year in a MOBA tournament, along with a decent sum.

  • When he was 18, months away from being 19, he died from exhaustion while marathoning an online game while using the VR Headset. In tribute to his achievements, as highest level player, completing every quest up to that day, and honorary GM contributions, NEON蛾 was given a virtual shrine memorial and funeral. His avatar never logged out.

  • A suspiciously interactive NPC started appearing around his shrine months later when he would have been 19, tricking people in many ways, joining parties and disappearing randomly. No one could remove or ban the NPC, attempting to ban only forced his original avatar to log out and never get on again, and soon the "Neon Moth Fox Shrine" urban myth started spreading. The interactions with him always resulted in him claiming he was, in fact, still alive!

  • Through the year the number of players diminished without his knowing why, but fact has been that someone has shown interest in this urban legend and wanted to isolate NEON蛾 to see if there is anything that could be done to save him.

  • One day, the server crashed. The only data lost was his and any attempts to spawn the NPC returned an error as the "Actor NEON蛾 does not exist". But at that same moment he would wake up outside the computer that maintained his existence until now, confused about himself and where he was, unaware that he had been scouted and brought to Manta Carlos already.
Resources: A whole dorm in his Neon Dimension, featuring book cases, fridge, king size bed, stereo sound equipment, microwave, wardrobe, bathroom, a writing desk and a dead laptop.

Additional Information:
  • The VR Headset is nothing special, just your ordinary VR technology like Oculus Rift or PSVR.
Character Development:
First release
Last update
"Cyber Yokai" - Kitsune
20 (Physically Forever 18)
April 4th, 2000
Undefined, identifies male.
Image Credits
Human forms made with Phantasy Star Portable 2 Inifnity
Fox form edited from episode screencap of Wagaya no Oinari-sama (Our Home's Fox Deity)

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