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Name: Nathaniel Wright
Age: Seventeen
Birthday: September First
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Category: Students
Class: High School
Grade: Junior

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•Stands at 5'10with an athletic build. Pale skin, red eyes and spiky white hair. His clothing varies quite a bit, he'll often wear plain t-shirts and jeans but also has nicer dress shirts and a suit when he thinks there needed. Generally looks emotionally neutral leaning into being a bit grumpy. Has a pair of white bat-like wings.

Nathan is a damaged person. Raised to hate most of the island's population before becoming one of them he's quite lost. His time on the islets has stabilized him enough to be among other students, but he still suffers from angry outbursts that he struggles to control and violent urges. Between how he was raised and his vampire aspects he struggles to connect with most people, come to terms with the violence his family committed, wondering if he's bound to be same. All of this has left him a bit of a grump, he almost always looks s little angry and sounds a little angry, but if someone was to have a bit of patience they'd find he can be kind, even caring to those he considers friends.

They can turn others into vampires via an exchange of blood, first he must drink directly from them, and then that person must immediately drink some of his blood. The transformation usually takes a week, but can take longer if the person has enhanced healing abilities.
•Bat Shifting: They can shift into a vampire bat, while in this form they have all the natural abilities the vampire bat has. They're able to stay in this form as long as they wish and can still speak like normal while in it.
•Claws/Fangs: They have retractable claws on each of their fingers that are strong enough to rend flesh. They have a set of semi retractable fangs, when not fully extended it looks like he has unusually sharp canines, and they're able to make all their go sharpie they wish.
•Link Journals: A pair of journals that are magically linked. Whatever is written or drawn in one is also seen in the other. Pages torn out are instantly magically replaced by another. The other journal is owned by Amber Black.

•Physical Enhancements:
They're body has been magically enhanced, allowing them to lift two thousand pounds and jump twenty feet.
•Predatory Senses: They're senses are all enhanced to the level of wolves. They have night vision that automatically turns on when it gets dark, they can pick up scents and smells at the level of a wolf, and they can hear noises that humans can't whether its because they're quiet or happening out of the human hearing range.
•Healing Factor: They heal at an accelerated rate. Most flesh wounds heal in a few minutes to a day depending on the severity. Broken bones usually take a few days to a week depending on the severity. Missing limbs usually regrow in a few weeks to a month depending on how much is missing.
•Wings: He has a pair of large bat-like wings that allow him to fly.

Direct exposure to sunlight immediately causes severe burns, if they don't move out of the sunlight they'll burn to ash.
•Silver: The metal silver causes a burning affect on their skin, with the injuries caused by silver healing slowly and often leaving permanent scars.
•Permission to Enter: They require permission to enter a private residence from someone who lives there. This permission can be either spoken or written, either way they'll then be able to enter. Without the permission they're physically unable to enter. They need the permission each time they wish to enter.
•Blood: Like most vampires they need to drink blood daily to stay healthy and survive. If they don't feed properly they'll begin to weaken, and will eventually die. After about a week of not feeding they'll enter a feral state, in which all claws and fangs will be out, all their teeth turn sharp and their eyes turn black. While like this they'll attack and attempt to feed on any living being they can, once fed they'll revert back to normal.

•He resides in the school dorms, living on a school scholarship which includes a small allowance.

•Nathan was born on Manta Carlos, him and his parents being descendants of mages that had migrated to the island long ago. Their family had a long standing belief that immortality was an unnatural curse, this belief continued despite loving among immortals for many years, the family holding a hatred of them though they remained peaceful.
•Because of the family's beliefs Nathan had a hard time fitting in, he was often bullied for his family being what they believed. Making friends was difficult, but as he grew older he began to question his parent's teachings.
•So slowly bit by bit he started to rebel, he started to hang out with immortals, with him particularly falling in with a group of vampires. Unfortunately these vampires weren't kind, they were delinquents who often caused trouble.
•Things got worse as time went on, his parents began to kill immortals using black magic, becoming serial killers, with Nathan being regularly abused.
•Finally a particular troublesome night out ended with Nathan being bitten, with him turning over the course of a month. It was then that things got bad, his parents made him stay home from school, and revealed everything they'd bee doing, horrifying him.
•By this time the investigations lead to the parents, and Nathan became a hostage for them. In the end Nathan's father tried to kill him and Nathan, not used to his new vampire abilities, unintentionally killed him in self defense. His mother gave herself up.
•Nathan would spend a year on the islets, recovering psychologically and being rehabilitated from his family's teachings. Eventually he'd be released back into the school.

•Main icon is fanart of Soul Evans by gone-phishing.
•Suit icon is by Moorzz.
•Physical Description image is official art of Soul Evans.
•Currently refuses to feed off people, only using blood packs.
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September First
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•Art is by @Keen

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