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Primary Naisiskhrea

Name: Naisiskhrea (Nightstar).
Age: 450 years (in her humanoid form, she looks 30ish).
Birthday: May 13.
Gender: Female.
Species: Nightmare (Aniceros Nocturne (Night Anicorn) of the Darkine clan).
Category: Citizen.
Career: Unemployed.

Appearance Description:
Hair Color: Black fur with golden mane and tail.
Eye Color: Deep blue with a touch of silver.
Weight: Equineoid - 940 Lb., Humanoid - 170 Lb.
Height: Equineoid - 14.2 hands, Humanoid - 6'2".
Skin Tone: Black.

Her true, physical form is a horse with black ethereal fur, golden main & tail, deep blue eyes with a touch of silver, weighing about 940 Lbs, 14.2 hands high, with black skin and a three-toed hoof.

Her preferred form is a humanoid female with horse legs and hooves instead of human legs and feet. She, also, keeps her tail. Her body, arms, and legs are covered in a very short, very fine black fur. Her head breaks from the human look having a shortened horse like muzzle and horse ears sprouting up through her hair. In this form she is, usually, clothed in a black with a golden trim floor-length gown and a silver belt with an onyx buckle (formed from her mane, tail, and fur). Not for modesty's sake, but to hide her hooves, so she can blend in with humans.

In all her forms, her front left leg or left arm is missing from the shoulder. Also, her horn is nothing more than a tiny golden nub on her forehead. The only time it can be seen is when she is using her magic, then it is a cone shape flame of gold and smoke spiraling out from that nub.

Personality Description:
She is very familiar with terror, using it quite fluently (earning the title: The Queen of Terror). To most, she is cold, aloof, arrogant. Most consider her evil, but the truth is she is far from that. She uses her talent to try and drive people away from the darkness. She acts like that to maintain appearances. To those that actually know her, she can be warm and gentle, willing to bend over backward to help them. Occasionally, some of that nature peeks through. Her arrogance is based on the fact she knows who and what she is and what she can do and never backs down from that belief. She does not brag or make any claims about herself, letting her actions and abilities speak for themselves. Although she tends to be an outsider, she does not like being alone, nor does she like being cast as the villain. She has a dry, almost English style, sense of humor. She longs for the time before the war. She likes the simple things in life such as a green meadow and rippling stream and dislikes braggarts, chaos, and most technology. Although she has dealt with people before, her people skills are pretty bad, something Avax Set tries to improve. She has a dread of small spaces (a product of her imprisonment by Azure).

Active Abilities:
Since she is a living dream, she can morph herself into any form, within reason (neither too large or too small). When she is shape-shifting, she is engulfed in a thick silver-gray fog. After the fog dissipates, she has her new form.
Whatever form she is in when she enters Reality, she is stuck with, until sunrise.

In that Dream Realm, she can affect any aspect of a single dream within an area one hundred feet around herself, only after anchoring herself in it by placing a hoofmark in it (if her hoofmark is removed, she is ejected from that dream and can not reenter it). The only thing she can not control there is the dreamer (although, she can change what he/she looks like). Daylight in the Dream Realm has no effect on her since it is illusionary.

In Reality, without daylight, she is capable of creating an illusional reality out of dreams. But, the effect is localized to about ten feet around her and will disappear with any bright light or when it moves out of her area. She is limited as to what she can create here since she is taking the elements of the Subliminal and bringing them into Reality.

Her magic is in her black blood. If not given, It can be toxic (from indigestion and vomiting to lethal depending on the amount ingested) and caustic (capable of generating first to third-degree burns) to anyone that is not an Anicorn. When given, it becomes non-toxic and non-caustic and capable of satisfying the thirst of a blood-feeder twice as long as normal blood. It can be used to seal a Blood-oath, a binding contract between two people (the ones making the Blood-oath are the only ones bound to it. If they are not an Anicorn, they can ask one for the black blood needed to seal it. If the Blood-oath is violated, the violators have to answer to Avax Set for the violation). It can be used to control her like a puppet if one knows how.

She has an apache tear like disk call Nightstone:
1) It has the ability to help navigate the dangers of the Subliminal and to locate dreams.
2) It can show a person's appearance in either the Subliminal or Reality from the opposite place and if they can dream.
3) Writing one of the words for magic will show if an object is enchanted with that kind of magic.

She has access to the Subliminal's Dream-net (equivalent to the regular internet) through a Dream-net-gate.

Passive Abilities:
She has a lifespan of roughly a millennium.

Her hearing is keener than humans with a broader range of sound (14Hz to 25KHz) and a slightly improved distance.

She has better night vision than most humans.

Her sense of smell is significantly better than that of humans. She can 'smell' magic but only if it is in use and nearby (about 10 feet from her). Although the stronger the magic, the stronger the smell it still requires her to focus on it to smell it. Except for the type of magic she uses, the best she can do is get a general idea of what type of magic it is.

Her powers, in Reality, are the strongest during an eclipse (the solar eclipse is the most powerful). During that time she can open a temporary portal into the Subliminal.

In Reality with daylight, the greater the daylight, the weaker she becomes until she is nothing more than a black mare with a golden mane, tail, and hooves with a white star on her forehead and two white socks on her rear legs. She loses all her magical abilities, which include the ability to speak.

To compensate for the daylight, she has a black choker with a dark-gray moonstone, which cancels out the forced change in daylight allowing her to keep whatever form she had.

If they have her true name, they can affect her illusional reality to the same degree and with the same limitations as she does, against her will.

0: She was the firstborn of the Prime of the Darkine clan. She was named Naisiskhrea (Nightstar) after a bright star that appeared at her birth.

50: She was crowned the Shaman of the clan (where she got her dagger).

100: The night demon-dragon Azure launched an attack on the Anicorns. Her sire took the Heart-song from its hiding place and was going to use it to destroy Azure once and for all. Another prime slew him before he could use it. Naisiskhrea snatched up the amulet and fled through a dream gate before Azure could get his claws on it. Azure has been searching for her and the amulet ever since.

200: Avax Set invites her to live with him in the Subliminal.

423: During a mission for Avex Set, Azure captured her and imprisoned her in his domain. That is when he found out he could not take the amulet, it had to be given.

425: Naisiskhrea created Flutterpip as a companion.

428: Flutterpip helped her to escape Azure's grip.

450: Flutterpip was made a real person and They were sent to Manta Carlos Island (for her, to learn better people skills).

She lives on a two-acre plot with a cottage and stables on the salary given to her by Avax Set.

Additional Information:
The Subliminal is a sealed off dimension/domain of perpetual twilight beyond the edge of a Dream Realm. The occupants of this Dream Realm seem to be constantly changing, which affects the landscape of the Subliminal. As such, it is ever-changing and easy to get lost if you do not have a night-stone (an apache-tear like crystal). To enter the Dream Realm, you must first find where the dream you are interested in is in the Subliminal and go there then go to sleep and dream (just like in Reality). To travel to and from there to Reality, you need a portal. It populated by a vast amount of dream creatures of all kinds, as well as some from Reality that migrated there, but, the dominant species are the Anicorns (Avax Sets children). The subliminal is section off into several domains ruled by different Anicorn clans. In the center is Nighthome where Avax Set resides. Nighthome is unique in that it does not have the chaotic nature of the Subliminal, so visitors do not have to deal with it. It is, also, where all the outside portals end up.
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450 years (in her humanoid form, she looks 30ish).
May 13.

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    Her magic is in her black blood. It can be toxic and caustic to anyone that is not an Anicorn...
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