Supporting Myst

  • Creature Forms
  • Humanoid Form
  • Height: 6'3" (Humanoid); 1' or 12' (Creature Forms).
  • Feral Body: Mammalian. Slim. Barely defined body features. Extremely light. Long, cloud-like back of the head and tail.
  • Humanoid Body: Androgynous. Four arms. Has digitigrade legs and paw-like hands.
  • Face: Long, rabbit-like ears. Black holes in his face to mimic eyes and a mouth.
  • Voice: Glitched, masculine voices trying to speak over one another. Sounds distant and close, as if it's coming from multiple places at once.
  • Clothing: Nothing. Wears a shifter tag in all forms.

Free-Spirited: Myst is practically an embodiment of chaos. Sure, he'll follow the rules, but only because it benefits himself, and most importantly, Sela. Otherwise, fuck it. He'll shove himself into any situation for the fun of it, then see how far he can push it towards its breaking point before backing off. His perfect world is one where anyone can do whatever they want. People should live the best version of their lives. If they have an issue with someone else's way of living? Then that will be a fun show for Myst to eat popcorn to.

Rigid: Thoughts that Myst hasn't come to himself practically don't exist at all. When told to change his mind about anything, he loses his cool. He doesn't become angry per se, only frustrated. Sometimes the result is him being loud and confrontational, sometimes it's him being quiet and withdrawn. In the end, he always sticks with what he has chosen. Only a great argument, higher authority, or Jao can make him begrudgingly change his decision.

Sociable: Between him and Jao, Myst is the "fun one." Seeing order everywhere pushes him to go where there's the least amount. People fit both of Myst's needs to communicate and bring about chaos. The dynamic human species is his favorite. One second they live in castles all over the world, next they live in cluttered cities. On an individual scale, they're all over the place. There are infinite layers that he loves peeling back. There's barely anything orderly about them and Myst revels in it.

There's not much to say on Jao and Myst. Soon after Sela came into existence, the emptiness of space suffocated them with loneliness. In their dream, Jao and Myst were born to provide Sela entertainment, advice, and love. Sela referred to them as their guardians, as they were always there when danger was near.

Since the start, Jao and Myst kept Sela out of trouble... until they were captured. Forced to be carried around in a bottle and escape boredom in their dream, the two could do nothing to free them. Their only option was to lift Sela's spirits in their dream. Sela's release did nothing to return their purpose. Instead of the emptiness of space, they were on a busy island full of strange creatures and rules. Jao and Myst did what they could to help Sela by showing them the best steps to navigate this world, but when they were also learning, their advice didn't always work out.

Time and time again Sela failed to integrate into Manta Carlos' culture. With a dorm parent and minder keeping track of their behavior, the rules of society, and the constant cultural clashing, making sense of what was happening around them became near impossible. It didn't take long for Sela to break. Feeling trapped on the island with the only allies in their head, Jao and Myst were given enough power to leave Sela's body and take on their own. From there, they took on a more direct approach with keeping Sela safe.

Active Abilities
Constellation: Sela is the head of a body they subconsciously split. Jao and Myst are akin to their limbs. It's hard to say they're distinct individuals, but they're not the same either. This comes with some benefits:
  • They are mentally connected, allowing them to share memories and telepathically communicate.
  • Senses and bodies can be shared.
  • When Jao/Myst sleep, they return to Sela's dimension. They must leave through Sela to reenter the awake world.
Nebulous: Myst can take on any form between 1' and 12'. His changes are cosmetic only, and he will always retain his natural colors.

La-La's Land: Myst's body is a portal into an infinite dimension where Sela reigns supreme. People and objects can be transported to and fro this dimension. What he summons from the dimension can be specified with a thought, and objects that did not get permission to enter will pass through him. Myst must be asleep or meditating to access the dimension.

Language Manipulation: Myst can choose to see the words that describe an object that he can interact with, overlaying the object in the air. By taking away, rearranging, or replacing syllables in those descriptors, he can alter the actual properties of the item. As an example, Myst could turn a gallon of milk into a galleon of silk, making it a small boat made of silk. Altering mass or numerical properties involves math, which is outside of Myst's domain. Likewise altering sapient creatures is impossible as their descriptors are already chaotic and ever-changing. Likewise larger, more complicated changes that affect the perceptions of more creatures are more difficult to maintain.

Ordered Chaos: By focusing on a specific point in space-time that they are observing, Jao/Myst can see all of the potential points of interference that cause disorderly events. This allows Jao/Myst to determine which events need to occur in order to reach what they would consider an optimal outcome. Whether or not they can achieve this outcome is another matter entirely.

Passive Abilities

Unknown Physiology: Myst is a being of hardened cosmic gas, lacking any sort if internal structure. He is not truly solid, and can be pushed through with enough force, or cut by sharp objects. If cut, his essence will leak, causing his size to shrink and allowing him to be trapped, requiring him to sleep to recover.

Being made of gas, Myst is naturally buoyant, floating just off the ground naturally. He does not walk, instead flying everywhere, and are capable of reaching 60 mph. He cannot submerge himself in water without bobbing to the surface, and any more than a light breeze can blow them away.

Myst's body is ever-changing, capable of taking any shape between 1' and 12' in size. These changes are purely cosmetic: no matter how Myst changes himself, he always has the same general look. His voice is glitched and sounds as if it is coming from multiple places at once. His body also matches his mood: when happy, the stars on his body will shine brightly enough to light up a small room.

Myst's senses are significantly difference from that of a human. While he has excellent hearing, on the level of a predator, and night vision, he has no sense of taste, smell, or touch, except when in a dream world.

Chaos in Order: Myst can see the inherent chaos in even the most orderly and procedural of occurrences. This allows Myst to see in real-time as chaotic events build upon an orderly set of actions and see the chain of failure that will result, such as an individual misfiring in a computer causing it to crash.

Cluster: Reading Myst's species gives no answer or many alien species. Soul-detecting magic will note that Myst has dozens of souls of varying spaces, acquired from Sela's period of eating people. Locating Myst through his soul(s) will also bring up Sela and Jao (if outside of Sela's dimension) as locations.

Figuratively Literal: Words can have many different meanings depending on the context, and these contexts matter for Myst and affect their reality. For example, if someone asks him, "May I have your name?" and they answer affirmatively, then he can easily lose his name to the person in question. Likewise, telling him to, "Have a nice trip," may cause him to actually trip, but be uninjured in the process since the trip was 'nice.' Jao can prevent this by pointing out the true intent of the spoken phrase or by Myst staying hyper-aware.

Dreamy: 50% more vulnerable to mental magic. Can't lift past 50 pounds. Is so light a moderate wind make it difficult for him to stay in place. Moving on the ground is clumsy and slow.

Lives in Sela's dream world. Has access to whatever they have access to.

Additional Credits
Language Manipulation, Ordered Chaos, Chaos in Order, and Figuratively Literal were written by Kada.
First release
Last update
Adult; 100+ chronologically
Image Credits
Feral forms are by Feravyre. Humanoid art is by IWHBYDAdoptables.

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