Michi Amani

Michi Amani

Added a new Active Ability bc this long ass thread has been asking for it for a long time:
Sorcerer's Apprentice: Rune Magic: Michi, under the tutelage of Adelaida Turley has been learning the arts of rune and arcane magic and has taught her to be able to manipulate the magic flowing within her. Notably, she draws power from her eldritch part, which makes it seem like she has a larger supply. She is capable of casting a wide range of spells based on a formula in the form of rune circles acting as medium. While she has access to the knowledge at the ready, she is not able to cast any spells (aside from her already available abilities specified below) without the proper rune. Application is limited in a variety of ways:

1) Simple runes allow Michi to conjure simple things such as a small fire or light source, about puddle's worth of water or a harmless breeze. Modifying these runes with additional fragments allows her to create modified effects such as conjuring cold water instead of just room-temperature water, or produce a different color of light. These modified runes can be compounded together and allow Michi to conjure larger and/or complex things such environment-sensitive lights, or create illusions.

2) As the rune spell becomes more complex with these additions and/or combinations, the greater focus and intricate care is needed with inscribing the runes. Michi cannot invoke the runes hastily as this can cause the rune to fail. Likewise, being in distracting environments can cause her to miscast a spell — which is a challenge in itself considering one weakness she has yet to overcome includes voices in her head.

3) In terms of creating her own spells, more useful/practical spells require more research and studies on her part to be able to utilize everything available to her. Rune-making in itself is basically having to learn a new language and writing system with but higher stakes. She has trouble making her own spells, resulting in a few miscasts and/or duds. She is not immune to the effects of any spells she casts so she can still endanger herself if she is not careful
Edited the second line to be all inclusive of all abilities drawing from eldritch part and added a new line on Weakness "The Purge":
Although as of late, the marks have started to remain even after purging, leaving her skin darkening from her fingertips towards her palm.
Probs not need to mention bc it's not a major change in Appearance but it is related:
As of late, Michi has been seen wearing gloves to hide what is happening to her skin which has been changing into a dark purpleish color starting from the fingertips-- possibly from extended magic use.

More updates in the future as this plot develops lmao
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