Michi Amani

Michi Amani

Name: Michi Rochelle Amani
Apparent Age: 16yo
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Eldritch-Touched)
Height: 5 ft 5in
Build: Average, leaning a bit skinny.

Notable Features: Bit chubby in the face compared to her body. Hair is usually in different shapes of buns. Nothing too particular.

Physical Quirks: Often speaks in a low monotone until something particular happens. A bit withdrawn/formal when around strangers.

Abilities Summary:

  • Magic singing voice that can control the mind.
  • Sturdier than normal human and has faster healing rate.
  • Hears voices in her head so she can get random thoughts from out of nowhere.

Reputation: Island newbie! She spent a few weeks in the islets due to the little incident which gave her abilities.

Misc Information: N/A

a song from beyond
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