Michi Amani

Michi Amani

Michi Rochelle Amani

16yo ・ May 17 ・ Female ・ Eldritch-Touched Human
Student ・ 10th Grade, High School



Right off the bat, Michi's most notable trait is her rounded features, with her resting face almost always looking pouty. While her appearance at first glance shows a withdrawn nature, her mannerism display much a light demeanor, almost as if she's scared of destroying anything around her. Michi definitely has mostly rounded features, with her pinkish brown eyes round and adorned with feathery lashes, making them appear larger than actual. She has a fair skintone with a generous dust of pink on her cheeks -- often times she's noted to blush rather easily. Her dark hair reaches past her shoulders, but she usually styles it with a pair of buns at the upper half of it while her fringe is cut to just a little below her brows. On occasions, she changes the shape of her buns to something more fitting of her outfit's theme. Standing at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, Michi has an average build with an slight pear-shape. She seems to lack some body mass, possibly due to difficulty in eating. She doesn't bother accentuating any of her features, preferring to go with street casuals with as comfortable as they go. While she has had a history of performing onstage, she doesn't like catching too much attention when in crowds, thus opting to wear muted to neutral colors on a daily basis. She does have a good sense of style -- just that it doesn't get any use if there's no occasion. As of late, Michi has been seen wearing gloves to hide what is happening to her skin which has been changing into a dark purpleish color starting from the fingertips -- possibly from extended magic use.


Michi's the type to appear withdrawn and a little less social that most of her friends. She's usually quiet, especially around new people, only choosing to speak to people she finds comfort in. She's not a snob -- far from it actually. Michi's a bit conscious about the people around her, and whether it's the influence of the voice in her head or the anxiety she developed during her younger years, she can't say. For people who know Michi past her quietness, they quite know she's an absolute mess. Outwardly, she appears more reserved and rather self-controlled, sometimes speaking in monotone at default but she easily loses composure when she gets emotional. She's frank in her speech and sometimes speaks without thinking. She can be fickle and indecisive, letting her peers lead on with her getting caught into their pace, which sometimes gets her into things she'd regret later. Despite this, she's stubborn about it and would probably make the same mistake over again. Michi tends to keep her troubles to herself, choosing to handle a situation on her own rather than ask for help, but she sure loves shoving herself into situations to help her friends. She always seems self-assured when in truth she's almost always plagued with doubts. Because of this habit of bottling up, she does have a tendency to lash out at her peers during high-stress situations, but she's quick to catch herself, constantly apologizing after. She gravitates towards quieter, more passive people whenever she's not with close friends, though she also seems to have a history attracting more assertive types. Michi's a sweet tooth, absolutely hates bitter and sour things, and is easily bribed by treats -- not that she needs an incentive to do things for people she trusts. She's a typical, cutesy girl, and her love for accessories is probably obvious once she decks out her more eye-catching outfits.


Sorcerer's Apprentice: Rune Magic: Michi, under the tutelage of Adelaida Turley has been learning the arts of rune and arcane magic and has taught her to be able to manipulate the magic flowing within her. Notably, she draws power from her eldritch part, which makes it seem like she has a larger supply. She is capable of casting a wide range of spells based on a formula in the form of rune circles acting as medium. While she has access to the knowledge at the ready, she is not able to cast any spells (aside from her already available abilities specified below) without the proper rune. Application is limited in a variety of ways: 1) Simple runes allow Michi to conjure simple things such as a small fire or light source, about puddle's worth of water or a harmless breeze. Modifying these runes with additional fragments allows her to create modified effects such as conjuring cold water instead of just room-temperature water, or produce a different color of light. These modified runes can be compounded together and allow Michi to conjure larger and/or complex things such environment-sensitive lights or create illusions. 2) As the rune spell becomes more complex with these additions and/or combinations, the greater focus and intricate care is needed with inscribing the runes. Michi cannot invoke the runes hastily as this can cause the rune to fail. Likewise, being in distracting environments can cause her to miscast a spell -- which is a challenge in itself considering one weakness she has yet to overcome includes voices in her head. 3) In terms of creating her own spells, more useful/practical spells require more research and studies on her part to be able to utilize everything available to her. Rune-making in itself is basically having to learn a new language and writing system with but higher stakes. She has trouble making her own spells, resulting in a few miscasts and/or duds. She is not immune to the effects of any spells she casts so she can still endanger herself if she is not careful. Siren's Serenade: Michi's 'gift' from the ritual affected mostly her vocals. Since the incident, she's developed a mind-altering vocal ability that she can use at will. When drawing from her abilities, her singing becomes a hypnotic melody which she can use to control the minds of others, placing them in a suggestive trance. Her ability only works when sung into a melody and spoken words would not have an effect. While best used on only one person at a time, she can also use this on many at once, though the effect thins out by the number of targets. By the time she'd try to use it on about 5-8 people, it's effect is already reduced and would be possible to block out her song. Lyrics play an important role to this ability to direct the listener and Michi must maintain a consistent cadence all throughout the melody. The lyrics don't need to be literal, but it cannot use too much figurative language as this can confuse the listener. It's not impossible to break through the trance, but there will be some difficulty when Michi is at her peak form. On the other hand, once Michi starts to get tired (or sick), it becomes easier to shake her off. Starting from her best state, it only takes 15-20 minutes before she begins to wear herself out and the backlash from using her ability sets in pretty quick from there. Whenever she uses this ability to make someone fall asleep, they can dream up about whatever she tells them. The song must be heard, first and foremost, so the effects of this ability are lessened with noise interference and distance. This ability has little to no effect to those who are hearing impaired.


Interestingly Sturdy: Michi's rather sturdy for a human. In any case, she's probably not 100% human at this point. It takes a little more to injure her and injuries heal noticeable faster than normal rate. Consider it like she has a film coating that prevents scratches but not enough to protect from major damage: it's harder to bruise or cause minor incisions to her skin without a little bit of effort. But if someone attempts to stab her, she will get stabbed like any normal human, although the bleeding that follows will stop relatively earlier. Removing the weapon is also a bit hard once the healing sets in. This is about same with repeated blunt force -- she would't bruise from the first couple of hits, but more can and (to no surprise) can even cause bone fractures in extreme cases. If she does get injured, minor injuries heal within seconds, moderate ones take a few minutes up to a few hours, and more severe injuries like broken bones can heal within a day or two. She doesn't catch illnesses easily, and if she does, it would take her a significantly shorter time to purge it out of her body. This only applies to externally inflicted injuries and illnesses, not the ones that was inflicted by her 'gifts'.


Devil On Her Shoulders: Michi always hears a voice from inside her mind. Like. Always. She hasn't had a quiet day since the incident. On a usual day, they're just nonsense mumbling like some persistent background noise following her everywhere. Other times, they're whispers of suggestion, much like intrusive thoughts, but much more audible. At its worst, they're screams. The voices can drown out the sounds from outside her own head when it gets too noisy and it can go from distracting to outright head-splitting. There are days she starts to not be able to tell intrusive whispers from her own thoughts. She hasn't spoken much of this to anyone of her friends as she tries to keep it to herself. She is not immune to mind-altering abilities, but if anyone tries to read her mind, they'll be able to hear these whispers. The Purge: Michi gets a little sick whenever she uses her abilities. (Emeto/Vomit warning.) Every time Michi draws power from her eldritch abilities, she kind of builds up some dark purple gunk that she could feel in her chest, almost like a cough phlegm that needs to be expelled. In minor cases, she can just spit it out -- which she does so on a daily basis, but with any use of her ability means more build-up. A tell-tale sign that its starting to accumulate is that dark veins start to appear on her body. Although as of late, the marks have started to remain even after purging, leaving her skin darkening from her fingertips towards her palm. If she ever lets it accumulate, she'd start to feel the urge to actually vomit it all out. It's physically draining and it's pretty gross. This often gets in the way of eating or generally anything that involves her throat/stomach. Until she recovers, she would find great difficulty to speak, let alone sing.


Ignoring the details on how Michi ever got her abilities, her life was pretty close to normal. She grew up with both her parents, alongside her older sister who was 5 years ahead of her somewhere in the city. She had a bad relationship with her sister, Sahara, which initially only started out as competitiveness that only grew worse over the years. A little around when Michi was 10, her parents divorced and knowing about the sisters' turbulent relationship, the mother moved out with Michi, while Sahara was left with the father. Michi and her mom moved to the countryside and for a while everything was okay. Unfortunately, things weren't going to be okay later on and this was when things stopped being normal. Adjusting to a new group of friends was one thing, but soon after, a new mystery overcame the town. At first, most people assumed it was a serial killer case, but Michi and her friends would later find out the morbid truth about the town's disappearances. For Michi, it started when her friend's parents died in a mysterious fire. Her friend, Rowan barely survived the incident and he was taken in by Michi's mother who felt sorry for the boy. Not very long after that, she woke up one morning in a strange silence. Normally the house would be lively because of her mom getting breakfast ready, but not that day. She moved around the house cautiously, finding no trace of her. A whole day passed and there was still nothing. When evening came, she heard noises in the kitchen. Thinking it could have been her mom who maybe had left for a day without telling, she decided to surprise her. It was not her mom: instead, what she saw was a dark entity stalking about her home. That moment, she felt fear like no other. She ran back to her room, as quietly as she could, hoping she wasn't heard. She woke up the next morning still alive somehow. Michi confided in all her friends about the incident, and the knowledge of her mom missing soon reached the townsfolk. Without any way contact to her only parent left by the local officials, she and Rowan were taken in by a close friend of her mom in the town while investigations happened. People still continued to disappear. Rowan then came forward and told his friends that he'd found a solution to rid their town of the dark entity. Michi was skeptical of where he had received the information but said nothing. Most of them were hopeful for the results anyway; Michi especially wanted her mom back. None of them considered the what the ritual had in store. Just before the entity died in the ritual, Michi heard a deafening screech -- so shrill that it made her too sick to stay conscious. At the corner of her eye, she saw the flicker of the fire that engulfed one of her friends, the others she could manage to see were also down on the ground, writhing just the same. She passed out with the sound still ringing in her ears. She woke up the next day in the hospital with her friends, some in worse shape than the others. There were voices in her head, significantly quieter than the screech she had heard prior to losing consciousness. It was still not in any way comforting. She realized couldn't speak, and for a while, she'd thought she lost her voice. Michi spent her first few weeks since the incident in the islets of Manta Carlos as she dealt with the frequent outbursts from the voices. Whenever that happened she would let out a disruptive screech that didn't even seem to come from her. By the time the voices in her head petered out, her own voice had returned to normal as if nothing happened. She was moved to the academy dorms once she was deemed fit being one of the first from her peers to move out of the islets.


Michi lives in the school dorms, supported by the school and under the supervision of a dorm parent.


  • Her circle of friends just called her "Chi".
  • She is currently using her mother's maiden surname.
  • Michi requested for her father not to be sought out or be contacted when the scouts came in.
  • Art credits @ me.
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