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  • Full Body (Warning for humantaur and light body horror)
  • Height: 8'8"
  • Body: AMAB. Average, leaning on skinny. Upper body is human, lower body is replaced by another human body, like two humans stacked on each other.
  • Face: Oval face. Small round nose. Small round lips. Pink freckles sprinkling their entire body. Sharp teeth. Some kind of animal ears, usually bunny ears. Often has a nervous expression.
  • Eyes: Around 9 eyes at a given time. Pink and double-lidded.
  • Hair: Short afro. Strawberry blonde with a pink hue at the bottom.
  • Voice: Average for a teenage boy. German accent.
  • Clothing: Simple clothing. Usually dresses and long shirts for their upper and bottom halves with pants or leggings for their bottom half.

Nervous: Micha isn't used to being around so many people. They enjoy being given the opportunity to partake in society and make friends, but the whole experience is a big leap from their previous life. Micha often wars a nervous expression and speaks with a stutter when socializing. They aren't shy, but they do get easily shaken from trying to make good first impressions. It doesn't help that despite the island, some still regard the body they are most comfortable as strange or see their family's previous work as reprehensible.

Unphased: Some say they're ditzy, others say they're apathetic, but Micha simply isn't phased by a lot of stuff. Gore, sex, and violence elicit little to no reaction from them. It's not that they have no opinions on those things, they just weren't raised to find them taboo. The island is slowly helping them understand what is considered appropriate and inappropriate to the islanders. They've even managed to learn how to fake emotions to fit expectations.

Intelligent: Micha had a lot of time to develop their academic skills. Raised by two smart men and one smart woman deeply invested in necromancy and body modification, Micha took much after them. They excel in subjects related to biology, chemistry, and math. While literature was not something they were specifically taught, they have a great interest in it. Micha is currently struggling to adapt to the school's system after spending so many years teaching themself. The school is accommodating them by giving them more self-study opportunities in their advanced classes.

Micha's life was unremarkable. They were born of two undead men heavily into body modification. Technically two, as one had two minds living in a body, but Micha considers the other their aunt. With both men unable to biologically procreate, they built a child from the ground up by infusing their magic with the stitched together remains of the dead. The result was Micha, an almost Frankenstein's-monster-esque child without all the stitching.

It took most of Micha's life for the scouts to find their family. They kept far away from society, only occasionally venturing out. All three (four) of the family found mingling with the Narrow Reality difficult when they had to hide or modify parts of their body to appear completely human. Micha's dads, however, were friendly with some witches familiar with the full extent of the supernatural community. They were advised to look into Manta Carlos to better support their child. Happy with what they heard, they moved there on April 16th.

Active Abilities
Change Gear: Micha can rearrange any part of their body without harm to themself and somehow make it work, even if it should be completely impossible. Additionally, Micha can seamlessly attach anything organic to themself, no matter its origin. When absorbed, they look natural for Micha's body. As natural as they can get when they take on traits from other species. Absorbing more of a certain part can give them enhanced qualities, such as adding more muscles for strength or adding extra eyes for 360 vision. Though they can adjust their senses to range from non-existent to enhanced human, if they took on the ears of a wolf, their hearing would adjust to that. They can easily remove parts of their body without damage to themself.

Necromancer in Training: Micha is a necromancer who can bring the dead back to life, as long as they have a good chunk of the corpse's body. People are out of Micha's range, and their attempts at bringing back the dead have left them... broken, to say the least. Not to mention the island wouldn't approve of that. Non-sapient animals up to the size of a horse and plants are able to be resurrected and repaired without issue. Those they bring back are under their control but can be allowed free will. Micha can look into their minds and read their memories and emotions. They can also rearrange minds, such as switching the minds of a bear and wolf.

On the opposite side of things, Micha can cause an area of an organism to rot at an accelerated pace for ten seconds if they get skin-to-skin contact.

Passive Abilities
Parts of a Whole: When Micha looks at an organic lifeform, they instantly understand how it's made, how to dismantle it, how to rebuild it, and how to recreate it from scratch. This does not extend to incomprehensible/eldritch beings. It can be difficult for Micha to view life as anything but parts.

??? Physiology:
  • Those who try to detect Micha's species, no matter the method, will find the results to be randomized. Results are skewed to whatever the one viewing them thinks they are.
  • If Micha dies, their soul will go to one of their resurrected creatures of their picking. In the meantime, their body will slowly reconstruct itself. The reconstruction can be sped up if their dads retrieve their body.
  • Is extremely flexible.

Lives near the Farmlands. Gets a small allowance from their dads. One works as a surgeon, the other at home, occasionally helping with the farms in the area. Sometimes Micha sells drinks and helps neighbors for extra cash or leftover animals/corpses.
First release
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Bioengineered; Monstrous creature
August 4th
They/She/He; Pronouns are fluid based on the occasion
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MEEEEEE BABYYYYYY. Sometimes I use this Picerew by @Alohasushicore on Twitter.

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