Name: Marissa Porter​
Age: 20​
Birthday: May 11th​
Gender: Female​
Species: Human-Monster Hybrid​
Category: Student​
Class: College​
Grade: Sophomore​
College Major: Criminology​
Career: Barista at Bearclaw Bakery & Cafe

Appearance Description: Marissa stands at 5'9'' and has a toned body. Her whole body is made of silver, slightly reflective metal. Her eyes are a lighter silver. Her curly afro is made of thin, wiry metal. You'll usually see Marissa with some kind of bright paint on her face and body, which acts as her makeup. She usually wears shorts and t-shirts since she doesn't like her skin being restricted.​

Personality Description: The first thing most people think when they see Marissa is "approachable," and they'd be right. She's friendly and charismatic, always trying to make sure that the people around her are in a good mood, whether it be through acting goofy or motivational words. She also knows how annoying that can be for some, so she can tone it down when necessary.​

Marissa is generally able to let negative comments from people she doesn't know roll off her back, with the occasional exception. However, a lot of the confidence she has is a result of her tough body. If someone was to question her ability to do something her tease her because of her body, it would actually embolden her. This is something that used to happen often, so she often perks up whenever she thinks her capabilities are about to come into question because of her body.​

  • Participating in sports
  • Fighting monsters
  • Provoking friends
  • Trying new things
  • Sitting for too long

Active Abilities:

The Living Air - In the underworld of Marissa's planet, the air is sentient, hence its name. The air has the ability to open portals to other dimensions. While she's in a dimension that she's not born in, the Living Air will reside in Marissa's head. This means that she can summon a portal back to the underworld of her world. This takes ten uninterrupted minutes of concentration.​

Passive Abilities:

Metal Body - Marissa's entire body is made of metal, including her skeleton and organs. There are a few main differences between how her body functions and how a normal human body functions:​
  • One Life Source - Although Marissa has blood and organs that function exactly like a normal human's, she doesn't need any of it to stay alive. As long as her brain is undamaged, she's alive. She still feels things like hunger, thirst, and fatigue, though.​
  • Regenerative Properties - Smaller injuries, such as dents and scratches, can be healed in a couple minutes. The more major injuries, such as dismemberment or impaling, usually take around an hour to heal. In the case of extreme hunger, her body becomes more susceptible to breaking.​
Enhanced Durability - Marissa's skin has the durability of steel.​

Enhanced Strength - Marissa has the strength to lift a car with much effort.​

Enhanced Speed- Marissa can run at a top speed of fifty-miles an hour.​

Resistance to Heat - Marissa's melting point is 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat doesn't cause much pain until that point.​


Magnetic Fields - Powerful magnetic fields severely weaken Marissa's body, making it more susceptible to breaking.​

When Marissa was in elementary school, an army of monsters invaded her world. This was the second time it had happened on her world. In the first invasion, whenever the blood of a monster was spilled on a human, the human would develop the monster's power in a way that adhered to the human's body. It would become instinctual, as if they were born with it. In the second invasion, Marissa was one of those affected.​

Over the years, Marissa and everyone else in her age range that was affected honed their abilities together. At first, Marissa was scared of it, but her friends helped her instill confidence in herself.​

There was a program dedicated to training kids with powers at an early age to keep their neighborhoods safe from monsters who still roamed the planet. Marissa joined that program during her last year of middle school and stayed throughout her high school years. Out of everyone that was in the program, she was the one who found the most enjoyment in it, as she loved having the power and skill to protect people.​

Once Marissa's neighborhood program grew large enough that lack of members wasn't a concern, Marissa was advised to take her skills and move into more professional fields. She already knew where she wanted to go: the Manta Carlos islands, which was a popular place for people her age to visit. The method of interdimensional travel on her home world was via something call "the Living Air." The Living Air refers to how the air in the underworld is sentient. It's capable of creating portals to other dimensions, among other things that couldn't be achieved by normal humans. Once Marissa was sure of her choice, she traveled to the underworld via the elevator in a nearby city, allowed the Living Air to access her mind, and locked in her location.​

Marissa learned a bit about the island before ultimately enrolling in Starlight Academy. She aims to eventually enroll in the police academy, and then join the police force.​

Resources: Marissa lives in the academy's dorms and has a job at Bearclaw Bakery & Cafe. If she ever needs to return home, she can invoke the Living Air and create a portal back to her home world.​
First release
Last update
Human-Monster Hybrid
May 11th
Field of Study
Barista at Bearclaw Bakery & Cafe

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