Name: Marian Esperanza
Apparent Age: 17yo
Gender: Agender (She/They)
Species: Human-Shade (Nightmare/Shadow Creature)
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Build: Lean to slender

Notable Features: Surprisingly lighter than she looks, has little to no scent on her, and makes very quiet footfalls.

Physical Quirks: Has a slight unsettling air about her. Almost always constantly smiling. Mild Italian accent, and occasionally slips a few Italian phrases.

Abilities Summary:

  • Can manipulate her shadow to act like an extra limb.
  • Has a human and shadow form she can access; latter is time-limited.
  • Has night vision.
  • Can blend in and travel through darkness.
  • Has an illusory skill that can put targets into having nightmarish hallucinations.

Reputation: Has been in detention as early as her first week of school, so some of the kids who are frequently in detention may know her by face. Her brother Eleazar is a cop, though it's less common knowledge.

Misc Information: She has an alternate (Shade) form she can take, provided that shadows can be cast in the area. It's mostly shaped like a slug that can stand about 6 feet.

a little nightmare
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