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Name: Malakias Volkov
Age: 24
Birthday: Feb. 21
Gender: male
Species: Werewolf
Career: Runs the House of Volkov and the Volkov Mafia.

Appearance Description:

Male model
Veridiano Tesch

- 6'3
- 105 kg
- Well built, muscular
- Golden brown eyes
- Hair is Brindle, grey, black and white with some tan
- tends to wear a beard like in the picture

Personality Description:

Quiet, reserved
Selfless, self-denying - the pack is first and foremost
Sarcastic, dark sense of humour
Slow to anger
Has clear goals, family is at the center, the pack is all important
Doesn't care what others outside the pack think
Athletic, fit

Active Abilities:

Shifting: Malakias can shift fully as well as partially into a wolf at will. Except, during full moon nights when he forcibly transforms and succumbs to his wolf side.

Telepathy: Can communicate with other members of his pack, direct blood family members. His telepathy range is 50 miles for blood relatives, 25 for pack (non-blood members). Malakias needs to think of whom he's wanting to contact. (He does not need to have met the blood relatives, he does have to have met pack members though).

Passive Abilities:

-Strength & Speed: In his human form Malakia can lift around 6 times his own body weight, about 650kg, and run max. 60 mph, and in his wolf form he can run significantly faster (up to 80mph), and lift 5 times his weight.

-Heightened Senses - He has the senses of a wolf, enhanced sight, hearing, and sense of smell, as well as touch. Malakias can sense low vibrations like from an earthquake or a person approaching quietly. His skin is also slightly more durable than a humans. He does not bruise easily, and knife or razor cuts would be only half as deep as ones inflicted on a human's skin.

- Enhanced health - Malakias is immune to human diseases and most poisons (although wolfsbane is deadly to him). heals quickly from most cuts as long as they aren't deep or life-threatening. (1 to 3 hours for normal cuts and abrasions, longer for deeper wounds, possibly a full day, and broken bones 1 to 5 days depending on the type of break, for example, 5 days if it's a thigh bone, 3 for something like a foot, a finger, nose 1 day). Malakias also ages somewhat slower than a human.


Common Magical Items:


- Malakias can speak Russian, English, French, and German perfectly.

- He was born in Russia to a prominent family of werewolves known as the Volkovs. The Volkovs are a mob family that deals in legal and illegal businesses.

- He is the next Alpha male in line and is being trained to lead and head the family. At the moment, he shares power with his twin, Kali.

- Malakias’s mother is actually from the Blake clan. His father, Dimitri, desperate to make sure he had an heir who did not carry the Omega gene, which affected his older sister, made a deal with the Blake’s. One of the daughters from the Blake clan would bear him an heir in exchange for certain business dealings.

He is not aware that Irina, his mother, is not his biological mother. He dotes on her affectionately and confides often in her. His relationship with his mother is very good. The relationship with his father is exactly like that of a wolf's... respectful, but he is just waiting for the winds to change so he can take over the business.

- Malakias grew up respecting family, its traditions, hierarchy and the idea of putting the pack and its members before all else, even his own well-being.“The pack is what makes and keeps the family strong” is what his father always reminded him and made sure he always remembered.

- Groomed from an early age to be the next Alpha male, Malakias learned how to shift at will, hunt, and survive alone in the harshest wilderness and conditions for weeks at a time, relying only on his wolf instincts, abilities and his own resourcefulness. All of which, was a means to make him stronger, build respect among the rest of the pact and its members as well as instill the young werewolf with quiet confidence and self-assuredness that he can handle any situation.

Malakias was sent to Manta Carlos to finish his studies and then expand the family business.

He lives in a mansion with his twin sister, Kalitsa. He has personal wealth he can draw from as well as money from the family and the business.

Additional Information: Is in "business" with Caissa Drago.
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He, him
Owns House of Volkov and runs the Volkov Mafiia
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