Name: Maarab Tselel
Age: 35. Appears mid 20s.
Birthday: December 10
Gender: Male
Species: Shadow Demon/Angel (Fallen)
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: 2nd Year
College Major: Undeclared

Appearance Description:

Commission by Sayutb

Maarab is a tall man, standing at 6'5" with an athletic fighter's build. He could easily pass for human aside from the wings on his shadow and his noticeably pointy teeth. He does have physical wings, large and feathered, but these are completely invisible. Maarab's deformed and shadowy right hand, missing a finger, also stands out but could be passed off as a glove or prosthetic. He has silver eyes, but the left one is missing, and his left hand is permanently wounded and bloody, usually wrapped in bandages. He has bad scarring around his throat. His silvery-white hair is kept short and somewhat spiky.


Commission by TheSpookyWolf

Generally Maarab's style is casual, neutral, and functional, and he has a distinct military bearing. He is usually wearing what appears to be a dark silver crucifix around his neck. This is actually an unholy demonic weapon powered by a shard of angel soul. He has a bad habit of zoning out or grinning at the air, and being sometimes easily distracted, but usually not while he is talking to people. When he's stressed he sometimes produces a few black feathers in the air. He also has a different laugh for nearly every occasion.

Personality Description:
A violent and militaristic warrior, Maarab is determined and disciplined in spite of his tendency to tiredness. He works hard, plays hard, pushes himself to his limits. He is well aware of his physical weakness, doesn't advertise or deny it, but doesn't make excuses. Maarab is not resentful of authority, he craves it. He is obedient to those of higher rank and respectful of superiors who can back it up. But he has a tendency to toy with people he sees as weaker with needless cruelty.

Contemptuous of other people's morality and people who lack self-confidence, Maarab is gleefully indulgent in sex and brutality. He is quite proud of his half-breed status, delighting in his own corruption and that of others. Emotionally he is quite unstable, fluctuating from intense stress and confusion to an almost childlike enjoyment. Not easily angered, he's used to torture as training and murder as a healing method and unable to correlate physical pain with emotional pain. By turns masochistic and sadistic in a physical sense, the half-demon is both troubled by his lack of understanding and easily amused with a peculiarly dark sense of humour. He is not prone to outbursts of emotion, except various degrees of laughter, which works as a coping mechanism for him. Socially Maarab has difficulty relating to people with different experiences. He has spent his entire life as a weapon and is not used to being his own person. He has no experience with other cultures, Earth history, or anything outside his home other than battle. He has no concept of common decency and lacks basic empathy but is sharply intelligent and eager to learn.

Active Abilities:
Life Drain - When he touches a living being's skin with his right hand Maarab can drain their life energy if he concentrates. Numbs any pain for both him and the victim while he's draining, but it doesn't heal, and pain returns at full strength once draining stops. Leaves both him and the victim chilled and shivering during the draining but feeling fades after a few minutes. 30 minutes of sustained contact affects someone as if they were frozen, potentially stopping their heart if they're susceptible to cold, but feeling would fade almost immediately after a break in contact. Gives him a feeling of intense euphoria while he's draining that distracts from everything else.

Shadow knife - Can form a combat knife of pure shadow magic that is as sharp as diamond and can hit intangible beings assuming they have no magic resistance. Will only last 15 minutes with a rest of the same amount of time. Cannot form under direct sunlight. Knife can be disarmed like a regular weapon or dispelled with light magic or holy magic attacks. If dispelled must wait the whole 15 minutes before reforming. Otherwise behaves like a normal knife.

Soul-Powered Weapons -
Unholy Crucifix Sling - Sling can be worn around his neck when not in use. Appears to be a crucifix, but does not register as a holy object. Powered by a piece of angel soul from his mother. Only useable by fallen angels/half-angels. Self repairs in 24 hours unless soul is removed or destroyed, which would also make it a normal necklace. Allows any inanimate object of a pound or less placed on the cross to be thrown as far (~400m), as accurately, and with as much force as a lead sling bullet. Doesn't give him any improvement in skill or aim. Doesn't change the properties of the object itself or add extra damage/magic effects.

Passive Abilities:
Strong and Agile - Can lift and carry one ton (if he could use both arms. Can only carry half that one-handed). Catlike reflexes and agility.

Alert - Just as alert night and day and doesn't get sleepy.

Disease/Poison resistance - Cannot be killed by poison/disease though still feels effects, and can be physically harmed but will always recover fully.

Flight - Wings are invisible, except for casting a shadow, but still present and can be attacked. Can be folded in, but they never vanish completely. Flies 30mph horizontally with diving speeds of 150mph.

Immortal/Ageless - Stopped aging in 20s. If killed will go to a shadow hell on death and will spend two weeks healing before respawning where he died. (Missing eye and finger, wound on left hand, and throat scarring do not heal.) Can be permanently killed by weapons forged to kill demons/angels and by higher ranking archangels/demons.

Soul Shard Connection - Two-way telepathic link with whoever is holding the weapon containing a piece of his soul. Currently in the possession of his father.

Corrupted Shadow Arm - Right arm is cold, stiff, slow-moving, and painfully numb with a lack of any other sensation as if it has been frozen. This hand has no fine motor control, can barely grasp anything smaller than an inch around, can't form a fist, and the arm can't lift more than five pounds. Cuts to his right arm/hand feel twice as painful.

Feather Darts - When feeling stressed, produces a small cloud of 5 black feathers that can be used by anyone with angelic blood, who isn't fallen, as darts against beings with demon blood, including himself. They have unerring aim, pierce an inch deep into their target, and can pierce steel. Not a lot of damage but generate magical pain as long as they're in the target, on the level of being continuously stabbed with a needle. Small width, no barbs, easy to remove. Feathers vanish after a couple of minutes if not picked up. Each feather dart can only be used once.

Shadow and Holy magic vulnerability - Both types of magic do double damage.

Body at war with itself - Bruises easily. Blood takes longer to clot. Bones prone to breaking. Low stamina - racing someone of otherwise equal ability he would be exhausted twice as soon. Takes as long to recover after a fight or exercise as an average untrained human, and training does not improve his recovery time.

Shattered Mind/Torn Soul - Easily persuaded/suggestible. Can't resist mental commands even if they usually have a chance for resistance. Has no willpower when it comes to resisting emotional/mental attacks, emotion affecting auras, or mind reading. Life and energy-draining abilities drain him twice as quick. Calming/sedative abilities make him feel tense and anxious.

Life Drain Addiction - Another result of his broken soul, his life drain is now a necessity. Going more than 3-5 days without a satisfying 5-10 minute feeding session will give him cravings, making him agitated and reducing his ability to focus. If he doesn't feed within a day of his cravings starting, his health and strength will rapidly deteriorate until he has fed, and he will need to feed more frequently to go back to normal. This will eventually be fatal in roughly a month.

Weak Constitution - Feels the symptoms of any infection/virus twice as soon and at full strength. Becomes drunk twice as fast and always gets a hangover. Caffeine is poison to him; a cup of coffee is enough to make him feverish and ill; an espresso shot could knock him unconscious. Always has a degree of physical tiredness that sleep doesn't remove.

Born in a shadow demon counterpart to an angelic outpost, Maarab was the son of the head arch demon of his home outpost and a captured angel who was killed after his birth. The other demons treated him well, though he was raised as a weapon and trained to fight as soon as he could walk. Encouraged in his corruption, the other demons were delighted to see the half angel fall quickly and blossom into a demon almost more vicious than his father. Still, life wasn't a picnic for the young half demon. Disobedience was punished harshly, and no demon had it easy. Maarab in particular was expected to push himself, killed whenever his injuries became too severe, usually after being tortured to help increase his endurance since death would heal everything and the waiting took time from his training.

Maarab trained hard, fighting the weakness of his dual nature. He participated in his first large attack at 15 and fought many times since then. This was his life until he was permanently injured by archangels during the destruction of an angelic outpost. After the battle he was murdered as usual, but his eye and hand were still wounded.

No longer quite as useful as a weapon unless he could find healing, Maarab was sent by his father on reconnaissance missions to Earth to find more places to capture. Reports of a flying man alerted the scouts. Unused to the veil, Maarab was found and agreed to go to Manta Carlos. It seemed like a good place to continue his mission. The contact with modern technology and new species opened up a world of possibilities for him and, after reporting to his father, he decided to remain on the island as a student, unless a new outpost was found, keeping his home up-to-date.

He briefly left the island to return home, but things had changed and he ended up punished for it. Has since cut off ties with the outpost as much as possible.

Resources: Living in dorms. Living off school stipend while searching for a job. Hunts occasionally for food or eats at school.

Additional Information:
March's Gift: A small houseplant, whose flowers bloom a small piece of paper each day. Each paper has a unique riddle on it for you to solve.

Heavily trained in the offensive use of his abilities, slings, knife fighting, and hand to hand combat on land and in the air. Missing eye has screwed up his depth perception. Is left-handed and injured in that hand. Right hand is useless for weapon fighting.

Responsible for the deaths of Ishvi's adoptive parents and various other angels from that outpost.
First release
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Shadow Demon/Angel (Fallen)
35, Appears mid 20s
December 10th
2nd Year
Field of Study
Image Credits
(fullbody) Commission by Sayutb,
(headshot) Commission by TheSpookyWolf,
(miniprofile pic) Commission by sammythefurrycat

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