Mícháel "Ciarán" Delaney

Primary Mícháel "Ciarán" Delaney

Name: Mícháel "Ciarán" Delaney
Age: 19
Birthday: February 7th
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: Remedial

Appearance Description:

Art by TyrianCallows, coloured by me

A slender young man of average height (5'9"), Mícháel looks like a normal human except for the antlers growing from his head and the fact that his one remaining eye is yellow. His hair is straight and brown, and his naturally fair skin is tanned. Mícháel's Irish accent is pronounced. When it comes to clothing Mícháel tends to either stick to what he was familiar with as a teen in the 60s - button down shirts and slacks, or to dress in the style of the fae he became accustomed to - leather pants and a loose shirt. Whatever he wears, as long as it is permitted, he will also be wearing an enchanted sword in a scabbard, though he carries it like someone unfamiliar with the weapon.

Personality Description: Always a daydreamer, Ciarán's time with the fae has left him even more easily distracted, almost detached from the world around him. His head in the clouds, he's usually reading, telling stories, or lost in thought. It doesn't make a difference to him whether people are around or not for the most part. Mícháel enjoys talking but also likes being left to himself.

Mostly Mícháel just wants to be comfortable. He actively tries to avoid conflict, preferring to hide or run away over confrontation. He won't speak up to argue his opinions. He's slow to say them at all, unless they're minor or he's in a group he knows agrees with him. If someone does tell him he's wrong or has a bad opinion, he'll agree at once and do his best to never bring that subject up around them, even if he secretly disagrees with them. To avoid trouble, Ciarán can become manipulative and deceitful, saying what he thinks people want to hear or lying to himself.

As a lower class boy raised Catholic, in the 60s, in Northern Ireland, he has some prejudice and old fashioned ideas. But he's also used to bullies and persecution, so he's wary of letting people know. On top of that, Ciarán believes the island is just another part of the fae's game. He's slow to trust because of this. He has seen some magic, but the more outlandish beings on the island still startle him, as does the openness of Manta Carlos society.

Active Abilities:
Magic Sword (Lugslán) - Blade glows in presence of fae. Always sharp and clean. A strong, well-made sword.

Passive Abilities:
Stay Awake - Does not require sleep.

Cat's Eye - Eyesight as good as a cat's, including at night.

Fae-Touched - Can't taste. Constantly hears music in his head that makes it hard to concentrate.

Mícháel was born and raised in Northern Ireland in the 1960s. He was the youngest son in a proudly Irish Catholic family whose Dad was heavily involved in politics. Outside of home he was often bullied, facing persecution both because of his father and his Catholicism. At home wasn't much better. Wanting to escape the violence and dismal surroundings of the time, as a young teen Mícháel ran off to join the fae. He thought they couldn't be worse and was fascinated by the idea of a magical world far away from the bombings, struggle, and mundanity of human life.

At first the fae were interested in the boy who came to them telling new stories, bringing modern songs, news, and a fresh outlook. They gave him a new name, and so he could better please them, the ability to go without sleep. When he wasn't the entertainment, Ciarán explored, writing, wandering, occasionally talking to people he met. He had to rely on what he could remember to keep the fae's attention since he couldn't easily leave Underhill once they'd taken him in.

Fortunately these fae relied on humans' storytelling abilities, not having that kind of spark of their own. Even so, after a few years Ciarán was running low on stories, the fae found a new plaything, and they grew bored with him. Now that Ciarán was essentially abandoned, some other fae snatched him up to spice up their games, and giving him antlers they marked him as prey. For months he was hunted for sport, allowed to live as long as the fae found their prey entertaining. He was caught more than once, with consequences each time, but the game did not end. The fae enjoyed playing with the boy, doing things like giving him better vision then taking an eye or giving him a sword he has no idea how to use.

Eventually, Ciarán stumbled on a portal that lead to Manta Carlos to find that roughly 50 years had passed outside, 10 for every one in Underhill. Though he was worried about his safety and the apparent change in the fae game, Mícháel ended up getting himself enrolled at Starlight to finish off high school and catch up on his missing years.

Resources: Living in dorms. Receiving school stipend.

Additional Information: Ciarán was what the fae called him, so he's trying to get back in the habit of using Mícháel.
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February 7th
Image Credits
Art by TyrianCallows, coloured by me

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