Lyrenae Starbright

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Name: Lyrenae Starbright
Age: 18
Birthday: September 30th
Gender: Female (They/Them)
Species: Outpost Angel
Category: Student
Class: Remedial

Appearance Description:
Eye color: Golden
Skin color: Alabaster
Clothing style: whatever is functional in combat and is cheap
Hair: Long Blonde hair
Height: 6'2
Build: Toned
Extra: Large white wings which can be turned on and off

Personality Description:
+ Honourable
+ Loyal
+ Honest
+ Protective
- Stubborn
- Self Righteous
- Vain
- Callous

Active Abilities:
Flight - Can make white angel's wings appear or disappear at will. Grants flight at the speed of a fast bird.

Aura of Comradeship - if her and anyone else within 15f are cooperating in a task they will work at their peak and want to complete it as fast as possible. requires her and at least one other she can't activate by herself

Passive Abilities:
Enhanced Strength - Can lift and carry up to two tons.

Immortality - Stops aging in their twenties. If killed will respawn in heaven and spend a week there healing before returning to where they died. Can be permanently killed with weapons forged to harm divine beings or by high-ranking archangels or demon lords.

Poison/Disease Resistance - Cannot be physically harmed/killed by poison/disease though still feels effects.

Shadow Magic Weakness - Shadow magic does double damage and halves strength.

Lyrenae was born to loving parents who were both soldiers of there outpost. At an early age was taught to hate demons of any alignment and trained in all kinds of weapons. After countless years of mock battles with her outpost in preparation to be deployed against the hated demons. One day she thought she had been given her chance early but it turned out they had sent her to help rebuild a destroyed outpost, since her unique skill would help speed it along. After they finishing repairing the Officer's headquarters it was attacked again and she was captured. They seemed to want information about the outpost and why they were rebuilding but even if she did know she wouldn't have told them.

After about 10 days of this a new demon came in who vaguely resembled the reports about the Arch Demons son. She tried to spit at him but lacked the strength or even the saliva to do it. The other demon who had come in with him got out a knife that she knew was used to cut souls. She tried not to give them any satisfaction but she let out a bloodcurdling scream after what felt like an eternity it ended. She thought he was just waiting for her to get some energy before he started asking the questions. But instead she saw the dagger being thrown to her. She then used the dagger to open the manacles holding her up and floated to the down so she could get the jump on the guards outside.

After jumping the 2 Guards out the front door she snuck out of the demon outpost. She eventually got out and went back to her old outpost. After being healed and her soul being restored to its full glory. She was informed due to them having to draw her soul out of the same blade she had used to kill demons there were parts of demon in her soul so she was deemed corrupted. She then looked at her wings still a lovely pearly white so she hadn't fallen yet. She then voluntarily elected to exile herself down to earth and hoped to find a way to get rid of the foul demon inside of her. eventually she was picked up by Scouts of Manta Carlos and went there hoping to discover a way to reverse this corruption.

Resources: lives at the school dorms living of the Stipend it provides to students who can't afford anything

Additional Information: Is my response to @Boop wanted advert for an Angel and is using @Saber lore about Outpost Angels
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September 30th
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