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Primary Lyneae

Name: Lyneae
Age: 500 years old
Birthday: February 29th
Gender: Unknown (He/Him/She/Her/They/Them: Depending on there Mood)
Species: Fae Dragon
Category: Citizen

Appearance Description:
Eye colour: Dark Green
Scales: a kaleidoscope of purple constantly shifting and changing
Torso Length: 1'5
Wingspan: 4'5
Build: Slender
Looks like a small purplish tinged dragon with elaborate head frills and small leathery bat-like wings.
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" Art created with Flight Rising - Predict Morphology "

Personality Description:
Lyneae is at times flighty, energetic or mellow and sometimes all in the same moment as a fae trickster they can be capricious but doesn't mean to. If they do seriously hurt someone they'll be instantly contrite till the person forgives them which is when they'll return straight back to their normal chaotic self. Then proceed to prank them again but remembering how far to push it this time. They are also naïve to a fault and is ready to trust anyone new and just loves to call everyone friend. plus they are protective of their friends and will do anything in their abilities to help them.

Active Abilities:
Dream Breath -
instead of breathing fire, ice or any of the other elemental forces dragons normally breath her breath is a lovely emerald hue and slowly creeps towards the target. Which has a range of 2 Metres & when its breathed in its like being put under general anaesthesia. At first, it will make you Drowsy and eventually you will fall asleep where you are. When someone does fall asleep while under the effects of her breath they will Wake up in a dream-like realm made from Lyneae's imagination. Which most of the time resembles the Fae Court they grew up in. In this realm anything Lyneae wants appears except for Sentient Beings. to leave the dream realm you just have to go to sleep and you will end up back in your body but with a profound sense of Freedom and Whimsy for up to an hour less if you're naturally a bit more on the serious side. Also if you were to walk far enough you will hit an invisible Barrier since this realm only has a small amount of space.

Illusions - Lyneae has the ability to cast illusions which depending on how much they pour themself into it can fool people. Small objects like a butterfly take like a second to manifest and look fairly convincing and can stay around indefinitely. Medium-sized stuff like a dog or similar take about 10 seconds to manifest look fairly convincing at a close glance and stay around for a couple of hours and after it disappearing she can't create another illusion for about a minute, Large objects like a car or small boat take around 40 Seconds to manifest and look convincing at a glance and can stay around for like 30 Minutes & she can't create another illusion for up too an hour & Enormous stuff like dragons take 2 minutes to manifest and look realistic from a distance but on closer inspection are transparent and drain her so bad she needs to go to her realm for a day to recover. These illusions can only exist within 30 feet of Lyneae and are unable to move, interact with or Harm real objects.

Passive Abilities:
- Due to their small stature they can't do powered flight for more than a minute which would leave them really out of breath similar to someone who had just run a marathon. but due to their small size and weight, they can glide for ages. for every 5 metres off the ground, they jump from they can glide up to 20 metres more if there is a favourable wind Underneath/behind them

Effective Immortality - Due to their connection with her Fae Court they will live forever and when killed their spirit will go back to her fae court to rematerialize which will take 1 week or 2 and a half weeks if there killed by iron

Natural Regeneration - When around nature of any sort tree's, flowers, bushes, unworked stone they will naturally regenerate 10 times faster than a human does. Cuts, bruises and scrapes disappear before they even form. but it stops when their near pure civilization i.e. inside buildings and the like. Also provides them with the necessary nutrients to function as long as they're exposed to nature for at least 5 hours each week

Imagination Realm - This pocket dimension created solely for Lyneae by their Courts Queen is linked to there emotions and wellbeing. When Lyneae is happy and carefree the realm is bright and inviting but if they're sad the tree's will wilt where as if they're angry it will be a desolate wasteland scorched by fire and full of pitfalls and toxic fumes. If they are feeling drained by using their illusions the realm is affected by how much space is available. At its largest it is 20x20x20 feet as but as they are drained from their it becomes smaller. After a medium-sized illusion the realm shrinks to 10x10x10 feet for the minute she can't create another illusion while after a Large Illusion it Shrinks to 5x5x5 feet for the hour where she can't create another. After an enormous illusion it shrinks to only allow Lyneae in so she can rest for a day."

Iron Weakness:
When exposed to iron their Scales will start to fall off and they will develop really sore blisters where the iron contacts them. and any damage by iron weapons won't be healed by her Regeneration

Truth Speak: They can't say an outright lie when they try to. the lie will get caught in her throat and will make it so she can't speak for up too 5 minutes depending on the severity of the lie. that's not to say her word can be trusted as with most of her Fae Kin she has developed a really good knack to bending the truth to suit her needs or half-truths by withholding information. Like if someone asks her if something looks good on them and it doesn't she could just say it looks good but leaves out on you. but in the example, if they pressed her on it she would have to tell them that it doesn't look good on them.

Biography: Lyneae manifested about 500 Years into a Seelie Fae Court where they formed into a small dragon-like being. There they were raised among the other fae kin pranking humans and other beings who caught their attention. After about 400 years of this, they caught their Queens attention. The queen remembered that they had been born on the 29th of February which is a special day since its the Earth's rotation around the sun is actually corrected in the Humans Calendar. She said "Offspring I've been remiss of not bringing this up earlier but you were born on a momentous day and so you should have a high position in this court from here on out I name you Dreamweaver may you bring joy and laughter into peoples dreams. I also bequeath you a pocket realm of your own where you can play." After some time they realized going to earth was dangerous so they shut the paths to earth. But due to keeping the paths open to some of the other supernatural realms, they came to find out about Manta Carlos. So the Queen decided to send an Emissary and she decided to send Lyneae saying go to Manta Carlos and see if they're friendly towards our kind. The queen then reopened an older path and sent Lyneae to Manta Carlos.

Resources: None doesn't really understand the concept of cash since everything she needs is provided by there natural regeneration & lives inside of their Imagination Realm

Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?
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