Lukretia Lex Vexen

Lukretia Lex Vexen


Source: Yasha from Critical Role byAlgiz Art

Name: Lukretia Sumafil Aledri Olmavi Lex Vexen commonly called Lucretia

Age: 250 years old

Birthday: 73rd Moon of the Pale

Gender: Female

Species: Inzi

Category: Citizen.

Career: Head of Security at the Blank Slate

Appearance Description: Lucretia is a rather tall fair-skinned woman standing at 5'8 and a weight to give her a solid look. Her body is naturally muscular looking. Toned from head to toe Lucretia irradiates a martial lifestyle one expects from a person whose life involved violence inherently. Her hair is a long raven black color with the tips of some strands coming off a light brown. Its style is let down to its full length with a few braids thrown in. Lucretia's eyes are heterochromatic during the day, being red and blue and a featureless white at night. The average person may find her stare cold when first locking eyes with her.

In her humanoid form, Lucretia's style is heavily tribal-inspired and she enjoys the tribal designs of many Terran cultures. If given the chance her usual outfits will be sleeveless and fitting. It is also common for Lucretia to be seen wearing symbols made of makeup that stem from her Inzi culture.

Source: Magi by Shinobu Ohtaka

Lucretia has a second form which is her partially shifted form. While in this form Lucretia can stand at roughly seven feet if she so chooses and all of her body begins to resemble her full bestial form. Lacking the fur of her full form she reveals a red and tough hide exterior. Her eyes glow between a mixture of gold, red, or green with no color set in stone for any shift and her ears becoming elongated. Her teeth extend and expand to a more menacing canine appearance, and her black hair becomes a mane running down part of her back. This form also allows her to grow a thick tail that runs long and she usually keeps it slightly elevated off the ground. Lastly, her hands and feet grow sharp claws that appear deadly to the tips.

In her full form her skin or hide will sprout coarse hairs that envelop the entirety of her whole body. Alongside this, her size increases to around 3 meters and her weight increases to match the bulky appearance given off. The color fur an Inzi has in this state is usually the color of their natural hair so in Lucretia's case that would be black with hints of brown littered across. Beneath the fur is, of course, the hide from her partial form which helps to protect her.

Personality Description: Overall Lucretia can be a sly and manipulative woman whose relationship with the syndicate has only allowed her to hone these skills. Be that as it may, she does not come off as such in appearance or mannerism. Lucretia is an old soul in a young body by nature. She carries herself with an air of security in her place in the universe and this gives her a confident appearance to the outside world.

She is not afraid of taking on a challenge if she sees there is some hope in its success and enjoys asserting her opinion on those she thinks are misguided or acting outlandishly. This has had her labeled as motherly by some but this motherhood sometimes projects as harsh words or cold statements. Lucretia's initial attitude with most people she hasn't met is one of indifference. She isn't an outgoing individual who feels weird not saying hello to everyone in the room nor is she prickly in receiving an introduction or greeting from someone else.

Lucretia considers all her friends her family. She will laugh, joke, prank, and tend to those who have burrowed their well being into her mind. However, Lucretia's work makes it hard for her to call everyone a friend and so she isn't as quick to open up about anything in her life unless she feels it will not blowback on her. In other words, her circle of friends is rather small but her limit for acquaintances is much greater. Lucretia has a deep reliance on her friends to help her deal with her own personal issues and, even if she won't admit it, is thankful to have them around.

Active Abilities:

Shifting: Lucretia can shift between three different forms Humanoid, Partial, and Full. The strength of her teeth and nails in the latter two forms are capable of tearing metal apart rather easily.

Hellfire: Lucretia spews a green fire from her mouth that has a range of 10 meters in her humanoid form. While in her partial or fully shifted form the range increases to 20 meters. These green flames are difficult to put out with water and also burns away at the soul of those hit, effectively weakening them. The sound uttered when this fire is let out is synonymous with a chorus of screams or a high pitched screech.

Passive Abilities:

Inzi Physiology:
While in her human form Lucretia is capable of lifting 700 Kg of weight without breaking a sweat. Due to her increased stamina, she can keep a constant speed of 34mph for long periods of time without having to push herself. When she enters her Partial form her height increases to around seven feet and her weight increases to match. While in her partial form her strength increases to 1300 Kg and her speed goes up to 60mph. When fully shifted her speed goes up to 80 mph at full speed.

Soul Eater: Whenever an Inzi kills its prey the soul of the vanquished is devoured by their own to fuel the Inzi's growth. As an Inzi devours more souls they may begin to grow and mutate, sometimes developing heritable new features or powers. When a soul reliant creature is killed by an Inzi there is no hope of revival as they do not exist in any form.

Increased Senses: A major trait of the Inzi is their ability to sense and track their prey. Lucretia is capable of smelling partially better than a wolf and can track scents days old if given an object saturated with the target smell. As for her hearing, Lucretia is capable of hearing slightly better than a wolf. Lastly is her sight which is comparable to a wolf in terms of distance.

Durability: Lucretia's skin is quite durable and can take a greater beating before her body really feels damaged. Blunt force and sharp attacks will be resisted leaving minor marks or none at all if the force behind it isn't enough to breakthrough. This durability increases with each form raising the necessary force limit needed to harm her in one shot.

Regenerative Capabilities: Lucretia heals fast and can repair small to medium-sized wounds within minutes or hours if given the chance. All damage done to her carries over to her other forms. This means she does not regrow a hand if it was cut off while she was fully shifted. For injuries like this which can be considered major Lucretia will need days to heal with the range depending on the severity.


The Lubruna Flower:
Native to the world of Ruvenuma the Lubruna flower is a black plant that turns blood-red during the night. Within the fruit of this flower is a juice that when heated can crystallize and be shaped into numerous forms. For the Inzi this sturdy crystal is deadly and vile as its scent is overbearing and the damage it does to their body does not heal unless all traces of it are removed from them. However minuscule amounts of the crystal may push out while the Inzi regenerates if not deeply embedded in the flesh. This flower has been spread across the Union worlds and has been shipped out galaxy-wide as some people use its juice as a cooking and alchemical tool.

Voices of the Past: Reincarnation is a fact of life for the Inzi and for some their ancestor's influence is more apparent. Whether it is exerting control or simply speaking with their descendant an ancestor is an ever-pressing being within the mind of those they inhabit forcing a relationship of some sort. Lucretia's ancestor is named Zeklen and seeks to take control of her body. In states of extreme grief or deep calmness Zeklen can exert some power over her.

Pale Moons: During a full moon on earth the Inzi are prone to being more aggressive and emotional than normal. This can show itself as roughhousing with friends or outright attacking someone. Many Inzi will attempt to fight back the urge for violence through sheer will, sometimes taking out their aggression in more recreational ways. On these nights an Inzi is forced to be physically active in some way that will release vast amounts of energy whether it is exercise, partying, or the easy choice of fighting.


Lukretia's story starts as a small pup beneath the flag of an empire that hates her. Conceived in the prison town of "Aledri '' to Inzi parents the streets were rough and violence a common occurrence to see. Following abandonment by their mother at birth both she and her surviving sibling were placed in "Freeing Centers" where orphaned Inzi are given off to those looking to take in the directionless children. Though with life already being a struggle for most, it came as no surprise when no one took her in. When young Lucretia gained the means she ran away from the faux home choosing to rough it in streets where she could attain some semblance of freedom.

Life was made easier as she began to make friends with others like her, orphans. Unwanted, unloved, and with no one to call family the small pod of Inzi became her Qero. The small gang of kids would subsist together for a number of years before tragedy had them separated. At the age of eight, a simple lookout job would instill terror in her heart and mind. With the speed and efficiency befitting the Unions finer assets, a single night would systematically purge Aledri of a vast number of gangs and leave Lukretia incapacitated and captured.

When she awoke she was no longer in the dirt-covered, foul-smelling pen she called home. The walls around her were a clean white and the floor made of solid metal. An array of lights blinded her from seeing clearly when two figures walked in, surrounding her. Despite trying her best to scramble her body was useless in this lethargic state. Each individual smelled unique and fresh but there was one distinction that she took solace in, they were Inzi.

Known as the Kolim Kril, or in a translated term "The Blood Repentant", this specialized unit of Inzi within the Unions military sole purpose was to hunt down and handle the Inzi epidemic plaguing the Union territories. After years of indoctrination, Lukretia would also bear the same title serving her masters obediently. Years of this took their toll on her both mentally and physically and events would push her to pursue freedom. When her opportunity came she once again would flee her fake home, the planet of Ruvenuma.

Later in life, she would meet friend and future ex-husband Ovidio Vexen who would lead her into the occupation she now held, Enforcer of the Hollow Syndicate. Lukretia now lives on Manta Carlos island where the syndicate's drug operation is run by Ovidio. Holding the position of Head Of Security Lukretia protects the Blank Slate Casino.

Resources: Lucretia has made quite a bit of wealth with her time in the Hollow Syndicate and is financially stable. She owns a nice home on the island where she usually stores local art pieces she finds pleasant. With an extra boost in currency from her job as a security officer she lives comfortably on the island.

Additional Information:
  • Killed one of her three siblings not long after birth.​
  • The yell of an Inzi starts with a guttural howl and ends in a loud rolling shrill.​
  • Has adopted a Russian accent​
  • Wants her own litter one day.​
  • Has the code name "Beatrix" for the time being.​
  • Speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Volk, Auvese, and English​
Lich King
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73rd Moon of the Pale
Heap of Security
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